Ishqbaazi Reloaded (Vengeance to Ishq) Episode 12

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Episode 12

Mercy of a street light passed them. Ankita glanced him. These unexpected drives are the blessings stuffed in her love life.

“Don’t stare much.”

She smiled softly like she caught red-handed and gazed outside of the car. A light again stroked them and it revealed him smiling while driving the car.

“Waise Batman what is your opinion about their fight??”

Kar: Will be fine tomorrow.

Anu: I don’t think so. Bhaiyya is changing. Woh badal raha hai.

Kar: You are mistaken. He can’t change. Never ever. You are thinking too much.

Anu: Maybe you are right and I’m wrong. I hope so. Anyway it’s our moments I don’t want to spoil.

Kar: Our moments!! Seriously??

Anu: Haan. You are my hmmm my my

She started thinking…

“You are my Karthik.”

Kar: Yeah I’m Karthik… What is the speciality in it??

Ank: And you expected that I will compare you with Shakespeare literature??? Come on yaar. You are unique and I am desiring for a unique love story. Love story KaAn wala love story.

Kar: KaAn??

Anu: Haan Karthik and Ankita KaAn. Apt for our son.

Kar: KarAn.

Anu: KarAn ? ohh no it’s also possible but KaAn is unique. There too Karans. Like Johar, Tacker, Grover…

Kar: Means it is auspicious.

Ankita curved her lips down. Promptly something striked in her mind.

“?KaRan… Son… Auspicious… ?? are you loving me.”

Karthik gifted her a death glare. It is always happening, if somebody would catch him red handed, his gazes secretes sparks of ire. This speciality is solely aware to Ankita

“Okay okay okay don’t……don’t confess.

2 years na yun chala jayega.”

She snapped and winked.

“I’ll be 18+. But please don’t love anyone please. Only me me and me.”

He nodded irritated and concentrated in driving. She safely stuffed her scrapbook inside her handbag. Karthik took a glance.

“What is in it. Even nobody knows anything about your crazy scrapbook.”

She shouted for changing the topic.

“Batman look look golgappa. Please please.”


Chaudhvin ka chaand ho

Ya aftaab ho

Jo bhi ho tum khuda ki kasam

Laa jawab ho…

Cool breeze, full moon at the sky, twinkling stars and the heavenly magic of great great Mohammed Rafi. An adorable drive with your soul mate in a roof less automotive. Think about it. But it was unexpected for Shivaay.

Adi wasn’t conscious at his driving. His continues gazes at his lady love never let him to do so.

“Adi rash driving causes accident.”

Shivaay commented. Adi adjusted the rear view mirror. Shivaay’s lips gently touched Anika’s hand.

“Paapa lemme concentrate.”

Shiv: Shut up.

Shivika poked him abruptly.

“Adi look Appu.”

She showed Karthik to Adi.

Shivaay: Who is Appu??

Kittu: My bro.

Shi: So you have a brother??

Adi: Not only a brother Paapa. She has 2 sisters also. They are quadruplets.

Shivaay: Wonderful!! 4 children in a single delivery. Maan na padega tumhare Paapa ko.

Shivika disdainfully smiled and nodded. She looked far away.

“Hmm anybody can deposit sperms Mr Oberoi. If you wanna salute then salute my mother who led us to the world. If you wanna salute then salute my uncles cz they took our responsibility when our father eloped from it.”

Adi: Saanjh will you please stop this??

Adi stopped the car.

Shi: Why should I?? Whenever I am spotting him near me. It is just like I wanna kill myself.

Anika sobbed, the unwilling movements of head was noticed by Adi.

Shivaay touched on her shoulder.

“Okay okay calm down. I’m sorry.”

Shivika brushed aside Shivaay’s hand and got out of the car. Ankita saw them and waved.


Vivi knocked the door Ruvya’s room. Rudy opened the door with rubbing his eyes.

“Vivi what is this yaar. Only 4 O clock you know ??.”

Vivi: Mama I’m gonna show you something and you will be damn shocked.

Bhavya jumped across them like a lioness.

“Vivi go to sleep and let us sleep.”

Vivi: Aunty it is something serious. I told you na it is something fishy about that Vaani.

Bha: Oh now I got it. You are here for complaining against Vaani right. Don’t forget she is like our daughter.

Vivi: Aunty she is daughter. That’s what I want to tell you.

Vivaan entered inside without Ruvya’s permission.

“Vivi tell us. Look I have an important meeting at early morning.”, Bhavya said while shivering in anger.

“Okay, lemme tell.”

He took a blue white board marker lying in the pen stand and wrote

“Shivaay Anika”

“Shivaay and Anika together known as…??”

Rudy: Shivika

Vivi: Arrey Shivika is engaged.

Bha: What??

Vivi: Na na nothing.

Vivi isolated Shiva from Shivaay and Ani from Anika.

Vivi: ShivaAni is also possible right.

Bha: Correct.

Then Vivi separated

Vaay from Shivaay and Nika from Anika


Vivi: This “Y” is something unfair.

He erased “Y”

Vivi: Now it’s all Okay. Read it.

RuVya: VaaNika ??

Bha: What are you trying to proving for??

Vivi: Remember once we asked about her rare name and she said??

Rudy: “Y” is the hint.

Vivi: Tell me onething. Who showed you Anika Aunty inside the car??

Rudy: Vaani

Vivi: Who is preparing food like Maama??

Bha: Shivaani ??.

Vivi: That’s what I’m trying to prove for.

Vivi drubbed a photo in Bhavya’s hand and left the room. Bhavya looked at the pic and hell shocked, Rudy also.

“Shivaani and Vaanika in school uniforms they are side hugging Anika.”

“Ru Rudy they are…”

Rudra unbelievably sat on the bed. Bhavya kneeled down. She touched on his thigh.

“We always undergone through the grief that we aren’t blessed with a daughter in fact they are close to us. We failed to recognize them. Kitni pyaari hai donon. Don’t know who brought them up. Bhabhi don’t have the ability. Maybe Saahil. But where is he ??

Bha: Let’s ask it to them. In fact we are able to know about Bhabhi’s accident from them. What happened to her?? Who did this??

Rudy: Ohh your Cop mind never take rest. Come let’s go.

Vivi was overhearing everything.

“Wow my game is on. Rudy Mama ab aage aage dekho kya hone wala hai.


Shivaani opened her wardrobe. She picked her car’s key and closed it. Suddenly something has striked in her eyes. Some capsules and one or two tablets. She was dare to check it.

“That’s mine.”

Vaani snatched it.

“I know it belongs to you but for what.??”

Vaani: Paracetamol.

Shi: Bitto maybe you are forgotten I am a physician.

Approaches and shouting of Ruvya forced them to stop the conversation. Bhavya hugged both of them. Both the girls stood numbed until Vivi showed them a thumbs up mixed with an evil grin ?.

“Are you both Bhaiyya’s daughter??”

They said yes, “Toh pehle kehna chahiye tha na.”, complaints from the elder side. Hugs, consoless… Something something happened.

“What happened to Bhabhi Shivaani??” Bhavya’s interrogation discolored the joys of that moments.

“Chachi, woh Paapa was angry on her right?? Saahil Maama is saying that Paapa had sent a goon to kill Mumma.” Said Vaani

Bhavya: How rubbish?? How could he think like that?? Badebhaiyya can’t do such a massive sin.

Shiv: We don’t know. Mama never lies and after meeting Paapa, post witnessing his efforts towards Mumma and his unintentional love towards her.. I am confused.

Bhav: We should talk to him.

Vivi: ?? No Aunty. Don’t you think Anika Aunty deserves this right. Look now she began to walk. Perhaps tomorrow she would be able to talk.

Rudy: At least to Om.

Vivi: No no Mama… Aap kahan aur mera jadaadhaari Maama kahan. Aap toh genius ho. Only you have the courage to hide this truth.

Rudy reached seventh sky within a snap.

Vivi: You are right.

Bhavya tried to hold his hand.

“But Rudy.”

He brushed aside her hands.

“No no no. We will hide this and that’s final.”

Vivaanika and Shivaani gathered at a corner and giggled silently.


Adi called the chaat shopkeeper to a corner. He stuffed a bundle of currencies in his hands.

“Tonight your shop belongs to us. Go.”

Somehow the man left the shop. Thank god nobody except Ankita and Anika saw his lil foul play.

It was a small shop near the seashore. Salty odour from the sea penetrated into their mouths.

“So this cricketer King Kong is your brother.”

Shivika and Anika began to laugh, others also. Karthik gave them a death glare. Anika poked Shivaay for Sev puri.

“Haan why not. Bhaiyya one… Where is the shopkeeper??”

Anu: He is gone Uncle.

Shi: Who are you??

Anu: I’m their Uncle’s daughter. Ankita

Shi: Ohh Mr VVT’s

Anu: No his Chote Mama’s.

Shi: You know what. Your Dad and Badepapa are too weird. Especially that VVT. He is a demon inside and in appearance also.

Adi: Hehe aise koi baat ni Paapa. He is a sweet loving lion.

Shiv: ?? Tell me onething. Suddenly you started loving him like he is your long lost father?!

Adi: Haan

Adi nodded like a stupid. He vomited everything in one go.

“Actually Me and Saanjh met again in Manali. I got to know that she is innocent and patched up with her. She is a genetic engineering student, once coincidentally she did a DNA test of me Mom and Dad for her thesis. It revealed that I am their long long son. I was acquiring the courage to confess everything to you.”

He sighed and shouted for water. Anika wished to say “Phail gaya raayta.” her vocal chords doesn’t let. Lol. Karthik wished to punch him. Shivika gifted him a painless slap.

“Tell him the remaining also?? including I am not carrying your child.”

Shivaay had gone through a dillema.

“Paapa I was trying to say it from the day I am aware of it. But I couldn’t. I know you are feeling bad.”

Shivaay gave him a slight slap.

“You stupid, I’m feeling bad for what?? In fact I am happy that you gained your family, that orphan feeling inside you, it is vanished. But there are too many questions…”

Adi: I know and you will find the answers soon. It is not the right time and don’t think much about Dad, he won’t harm our family. In fact you will thank him once. I’m assuring a big happiness is gonna hug you

Shi: I’m waiting.

Shivaay took look at Anika, Karthik and Shivika who are preparing Paani puri.


Shivika cried in pain… An unknown force forced Shivaay to rush near them.

“What happened……. Burned?? ”

Kittu: Haan ???

Anika showed him Karthik’s hands also. It was filled with the marks designed by knife. Ankita’s timing with first aid box ohh… After all her heart is suffering from pain.

Shivaay thanked and dressed up both of their hands.

“Nothing nothing look it is over.”

He said sometimes, meanwhile Anika fed them bhel poori…

“Anu it is their moments come I will drop you home. I am also wishing to meet Mom and Dad. Bhaiyya bhi gusse mein chala gaya tha na.”

Ankita nodded and they moved aiming his car.

To be continued…….

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