Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 2nd December 2019 Written Episode Update: Amber and Guneet have an argument

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 2nd December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Guneet telling the men helping them that KK left. She says he knew that we were here. KK goes from there while whistling and smiling. They try to catch him, but he escapes. Guneet says he will never be caught again and gets sad. Nia talks to the broker about the tenant and scolds her. She comes to the office and tells that their App’s next idea is to find a perfect tenant. Kabir says it is a good idea. Kajal says their match is 99 percent.

Nia tells Kabir that she wants perfect tenant, who comes to have tea but don’t come to take sugar. She says the tenant shall not interfere, but helps the owner when the latter is in need. Guneet comes there and insists to meet them. Kabir asks Nia to handle her. Guneet tells them that she tried to catch KK with Pinky and others help, but he escaped. She says she is left alone with her mum and has to vacate the house after 2 weeks. She asks for help. Kabir says our company don’t give money. Guneet tells that she needs home and tells that her mum is 67 years. She says where I will take her. Nia gets an idea and asks Guneet about her family. Kabir marks on the paper. Nia asks if her mum wants silent atmosphere. Guneet asks what do you want? She asks if they are fooling her and started new business. Guneet gets broker’s call and attends it. The broker Taj tells that he found a house for her. Kabir tells Nia that Guneet is caring. Nia says she will take care of Dad, if he is in need. Guneet asks Taj when they shall go to see house. Just then Nia and Kabir come to her and tell that they have a house for her. Nia says money and house will be as per your liking.

Guneet ends the call and asks Nia when to come. Nia brings Guneet to her house and asks her to sit. She comes to Amber’s room and asks him to come out, as tenant came. Amber is in the bathroom and says ok. Guneet likes the house. Nia gets Kajal’s call and asks Guneet to sit. Guneet asks her to carry on. She gets up from sofa and checks the CD’s kept there. She hears song playing ek haseena se yuh mulaqat hogayi….in the room. She comes to the room and looks at the tape recorder. She hears the song and enjoys. Amber comes out of bathroom and thinks Nia is standing. He looks at her. Guneet turns and both of them shout. Amber wears shirt and comes out. Guneet picks her stuff and is about to leave. Amber scolds her for coming to her house. Guneet says if I had known then wouldn’t have come. Amber accuses her for trapping his daughter. Nia comes there. Guneet feels bad for Nia. Amber calls her thief. They begin fighting. Guneet tells that she can’t share a roof with him. She says I will die, but will not come here for burial. Nia asks how do you know each other? Guneet hugs Nia and says after meeting your dad, I came to know that my mum is so good. Amber gets angry on Nia for bringing such tenant.

Later in the office, Nia tells Kabir and Kajal about Guneet and Amber’s fight. Kajal says Amber can lose his heart for Guneet. Kabir says if Guneet files official Police complaint then their company and App will be in trouble. Shri comes there. Kabir asks Nia to make Guneet as her tenant or forget about America.

Guneet’s friend calls her and tells her something. She goes home and gets scolded by her mum for going to KK and having coffee, giving 18 lakhs rs to him. Amber says you used to call him your KK. Her mum scolds her for ruining her money. Guneet tells that the money which she lost is her earning and tells that she is doing job since 17 years. Guneet’s friend tells her that Guneet is bearing her and you are not realizing that she is so special.

Amber brings the courier guy inside the house and asks him to sit. Courier guy says he is busy. Amber asks him to sit and have tea with him like friends. He says I will make tea for us. Nia comes there and asks what is going on? Courier guy greets her. Amber tells Nia that he is his friend. Nia says he said that he is a courier guy. Amber says he works there. Nia asks about his name. Amber says I called him my friend. Nia asks her to introduce themselves. Courier guy says you are saying chai chai and talking since 10 mins.

He says you shouts at our delivery boys daily and brought me forcibly for tea, but didn’t give. He says let me go and goes. Amber goes to kitchen. Nia asks what is going on? Amber says I can befriend human and have this talent. He says he don’t want any tenant. Nia says you are stubborn. Amber says when I am making friends then you have problem with it. She says you have problem with Guneet, but she is a good lady and is in trouble. Amber gets upset and cuts his finger. He asks her to go and worry for Guneet. Guneet tells her friend that she is very worried. Her friend asks if she talked to the girl, who will help her with the house.

Precap: In the hospital, Amber sees Guneet crying and gives her handkerchief.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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