Vighnaharta Ganesh 2nd December 2019 Written Episode Update – Evil kartikeya is killed by prabhu parshuram

Vighnaharta Ganesh 2nd December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with rashmiprabha calling bhandasoor while he is thinking why this daughter’s imagination is hurting me so much & stopping while she keeps calling him & he moves ahead for his work to happen while she is insisting him to stop but he thinks no as I am getting disturbed by my daughter’s imagination & has to move fast to see what karitkeya is doing.
The evil kartikeya is challenging the devi’s & mata saying you can’t ever kill me.
Ganesh says I have go to parshuram’s guru or kartikeya may defeat devi’s.
Mata tells kartikeya that your hunger won’t stop this way so she sends her powers through devi’s powers towards him to attack his his fireball weapons to destroy & send back to hit him & return to mata’s mouth to gulp. The evil says this fire might have stopped by you but now you will face more bigger weapon attack from me & laughs.
Kartik says why ganesh has still not returned from parshuram & why he is becoming late.
Ganesh is moving towards parshuram’s guru’s place & he feels some power on his way.
The evil challenges mata saying that now your devi army will get destroyed by sending poison towards them then mata replies him saying you’re a fool who has still not understood that when I can gulp your fireballs then your poison can also get gulped. Mata makes devi vishweriya to immerge to gulp his poison generated & the evil gets shocked.
Rashmiprabha comes in front of bhandasoor saying stop as I am here & he is shocked saying is it true that my daughter rashmiprabha is alive while she asks why are you shocked so he says no as this also might be ganeshji’s trick.
Ganesh says why I felt that guru dattatraya was here but he walks to search him while he sees somebody sitting in between path so tells him you are becoming my hurdle so pleas can you move from here so he explains ganesh to whom to make move from here these sweet animals or these trees or this nature then ganesh thinks so nicely he has explained in so simple words then the person understands what ganesh is thinking & says right what you are thinking so ganesh understands him as guru digamber dattatraya & prays him while he praises him & talks about his appreciation. Ganesh tells him to show your original form & bless me so he comes in his original form for blessing ganesh.
Rashmiprabha is convincing bhandasoor to come near as I am your daughter who is safe but he still is not believing then she holds his hands & he is happy hugging her saying you are still alive as this is the truth & I have not lost you.
Ganesh is thanking prabhu dattatraya for coming in original form & asks him I have a wish so prabhu says not wish but permission that you are asking of killing kartikeya who was already killed & now he has taken life again against the law so why should I won’t give you permission then ganesh says so I have your permission & prabhu says I have permitted & the sound echo’s to parshuram & parshuram immerges near ganesh & prabhu dattatraya. Prabhu directs parshuram that you have my permission but to keep calm on your anger & so he prays & takes leave from prabhu. Ganesh tries to speak with parshuram but he leaves while parbhu dattatraya asks him what happened son ganesh so he tells prabhu that how can parshuram fight without weapons who had given his weapons to mahadev & so how will he face evil baahu.
The evil is saying now I will fight with my weapons & as he tries to attack then devi’s & mata are shocked while parshuram comes so the evil says why has he come here & reminds of his killing from parshuram getting beheaded so he says now I will attack you with my weapons as you are weapon less so parshuram stops his weapons shouting kartikeya now your end has come.
Ganesh goes to ask help of weapon from father mahadev & he gives him & mata paravati tells him to go & return prabhu pashuram’s weapon without delay. Ganesh is happy.
Ganesh comes & gives parshuram his weapon & parshuram fights & destroys all kartikeya’s weapons & also he is killed by cutting all his body parts.

Precap: Ganesh tells mata that bhandasoor has this time woken dashanand ravan & his brother kumbhakarna. Prabhu shri Ram comes for help.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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