Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd December 2019 Written Episode Update : Anita dreams of money showers

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anu asks Vibhu to get umbrella and it starts raining money, Vibhu wakes Anu and says you are dreaming and destroyed pillow look,Anu says oh no. Anu says but i dreamt in morning so it is gonna be real. Vibhu says okay im sleeping. Anu says clean bed and get me other pillow

Angoori watering plants. Tiwari in lawn, says hear a news, a man was confused about who is his dad and so made his dog his dad. Master walking with his baby, Angoori asks what is his name,Master says Sanskars little brother Adarsh. Angoori says so nice, Tiwari makes fun of Master, Master gets angry and leaves.

Angoori sees Tiwari emotional, Angoori asks whats wrong, Tiwari says i never received love from my father, i dont really kniw who my father is,i miss having a father, Angoori asks who is pandit ramphal then,Tiwari says sshhh go away.

Anu says Vibhu get me coffee, Vibhu lying upset, Anu asks whats wrong,Vibhu says i wanna be a father please understand, Anu says great how will you manage his expenses education and upbringing, Vibhu says im getting coffee.

Tiwari calls buaji, Angoori asks whats up wrong,Tiwari says i ahd called buaji she started abusing me when i said i will ask ama to call you, Amaji walks in, and says pandit ramphal saw tiwaris kundali and suggested one thing for glory, Tiwari we already have lot. Amaji says shutup,so he has to legally adopt someone has father, Tiwari says who will agree for this nonsense,Amaji says just do it.

Boys with girls in garden, Teeka flirting with his girlfriend, Happu walks to them and scolds them and makes them stand aside, Tilu says we were just chitchatting,Happu says this is family place. Tilu says even we were about to make family,Hapu slaps them.

Anu tells Meenal about her dream,and says i hope it comes true. Tiwari walks in. Anu tells him about her dreams,Tiwari says i can fulfill your dreams.

Pre Cap: Anu forces Vibhu to be Tiwaris father says i will charge him per day.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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