Mere Angne Mein 21st January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Mere Angne Mein 21st January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti asking Preeti why did you break house door. Preeti says sounds were coming, I thought thief is there and I broke the lock, I have seen the things messed up. Shanti says you left stammering and making stories. Preeti says I worry for you all, I will not think bad for family, I got food, have it. Nimmi says we are in big problem, we are blamed for Riya’s murder, I know Riya is alive. Preeti asks what, maybe she is not alive. Kaushalya asks what are you saying, don’t scare us, how can she die. Preeti says maybe she died after calling. Shanti asks is this magic show, how can she die suddenly after talking to me, how can police come instantly.

She doubts on someone who had laid the plan. She says I will find out who can be our enemy. Nimmi says Shanti and Sarla have many enemies. Raghav says I hope Shivam finds something. Shanti asks Kaushalya not to cry. She asks Preeti to leave.

Kaushalya asks Nimmi to call Shivam. Nimmi says call is not connecting. Kaushalya says where is he. Shanti asks what happened, why are you awake at night. Kaushalya says I m worried as Shivam did not come. Shivam comes home. Kaushalya asks did you find about Riya. Shivam says her dad’s house was locked, and all relatives are gone. Shanti asks is it still aching. He says yes, a bit. She asks how did Riya call. He says it was PCO number, Riya called, she is not ghost, we have to get her to court, else jail…. Shanti says I will not go jail again.

Kaushalya asks him to have food. Shanti says your wound will heal soon Shivam. Sarla talks to someone and asks is the plan going on as I said, I will tell you what to do ahead. Rani hears her and asks to whom was she talking. She asks did you do this jail planning. Sarla says no, I was also there. Rani asks did Riya do all this.

Shanti sees Riya. Riya says you did wrong, you made me away from my love, you separated me and Shivam, what did I do, Lord will punish you and your family now. Shanti sees this dream and says no, I will not get punished. She wakes up and looks around. She wishes everything gets fine.

Its morning, Shanti makes a man write and publish apology for Riya. Inspector comes and says I m seeing this for the first time, to call someone dead by giving ad, see what I got for you, its written if you don’t give proof that Riya is alive in 3 years, you all will go jail once again, and then get hanged. Nimmi checks papers. Inspector goes. Nimmi says its written in papers, the case is about killing bahus, its on fast track, if we don’t present Riya, they will put us in jail again. Shivam gets shocked.

Shanti asks the man to publish ad. He calls her mad to give ad for dead bahu. Shivam runs to hold him and gets stomach ache. He asks Shanti did Riya tell her where she is staying. Shanti says I was angry and ended call. He asks was any sound coming. She thinks and says shank sound was coming, it was temple sound. Nimmi says how will we find her. Shivam says we will find her and present her in court. He goes. Kaushalya worries.

Lady inspector says don’t worry, they can’t present Riya, they can’t do anything. Nimmi does Shanti’s head massage. Sarla comes crying and tells her problems. Shanti asks what to do of police, I think Riya is doing this intentionally t get revenge, I mean she wants to ruin family. Sarla says I want to secure my children, police has come home, they asked me to get your sign, its written that Sarla and her children are not related to this. Shanti says its true, I will sign on it. Nimmi says no, you won’t sign, fine Sarla is not related, if you sign, it will be like you did the crime. Sarla asks will I frame my mum.

Nimmi says Shanti will accept her crime if she signs on papers. Sarla asks Shanti to sign. Shanti says maybe Nimmi is right, it will look I m involved in this case. Sarla does drama and says no one is asking Shivam, he is Riya’s husband, why is police beating Amit, its big injustice. Sarla cries and goes. Shanti relaxes. Nimmi takes care of her. Sarla calls her. Shivam is outside and looks for Riya. He thinks I m not able to find her, I have to find her tomorrow. Sarla comes and says Amit’s state is bad. Shanti says everything will be fine. Sarla says sign on it. Shanti says I will get trapped if I sign. Sarla asks why are you not agreeing. She acts to cry. She leaves. Shanti says she just comes for her motives.

Nimmi says Shivam will get Riya. Shivam comes home and signs no. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. It’s sarla’s planning. But where is Riya gone? Hope Riya comes back and exposes sarla.

  2. I think sarla is behind the police case, she’s trying to trap shanti. Where is Riya? Hope she comes back and exposes sarla and proves it was shanti and sarla’s planning.

  3. I think it’s all Preeti’s plan. She said she hates all Shanti sadan people and will not.leave a chance to take revenge. The way she said Rita might have died after making the phone call… it shows she’s behind all this

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