Sasural Simar Ka 21st January 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 21st January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says everything happened well. Roshni says choti ma.. SimSr says you are here?
Roshni says if you don’t mind can I stay here till wedding? Simar says but.. Roshni says I have made a lot of mistakes and I want to rectify them please don’t say no. I would feel like you didn’t forgive me. Simar says its not like that. You are my daughter. Roshni says so will you keep me here? simar says of course. She goes to put her stuff is guest room. Simar says she is so innocent. Vadahi says you are happy that problem solved? Simar says yes I raised her up. I did her home works and helped her with everything.
Roshni calls Rita and says simar easily she can be fooled very easily. Don’t worry everything will go as planned. Simar says let’s go ask Roshni is she asked sumit. Simar comes there. Roshni sees her in the mirror and says yes mama I am very happy Piyush got his love. I have moved on. Simar says I knew roshni would understand. I stayed away from Anjali but I brought Roshni up. I gave her my teachings. You saw she is so happy for you both. I was so hurt when she was. But now everything is good. You should go rest its mehndi tomorrow. You should look fresh.

Anjali says please Mataji I hope result is good. Sanjev’s BP is being checked. SAroj says in heart I won’t let you win although I was sanjev to recover as well. Doctor says I wasn’t expecting but his BP is in control. He is showing progress. Anjali says yess. Everyone is happy. Vikram says Anjali thank you. Anjali smiles. Tao ji says it all happened because of her. Saroj says doctor should there be any changes in meds and food? He says no. He should just rest. Anjali says I am here with papa ji. Anjali says so you are better now. Simar says I told you when intentions are good you find answers. And you found the answer. I am so glad to see that vikram talked to you humbly after so many days. Prem says yes anju you won everyone’s heart. Sanjev smiles too. Prem says I am so proud of you.
Simar comes to saroj and says anajli took care of sanjev like a daughter now you see she has all those qualities. Saroj says this is just one quality. Don’t be so happy. Look those apples are being rotten. Time is slipping out of your hands.

Scene 2
Mehndi starts. Everyone sings songs, Prem sings ‘mehndi laga k rakhna’. Jhanvi says the color would be so good because Piyush really loves Vadahi. Roshni says to Simar this mehndi smells so good. I will apply this one. Simar says this is for the bride. Only she can use it. Uma says lets dance everyone. they all dance. Roshni mixes something in the mehndi. Vadhai senses it. She looks at the mehndi. ROshni is no where. The girl brings mehndi. ROshni says in heart this chemical will show its effect. The girl starts applying mehndi.
Roshni says write Piyush’s name in my hands. Woman says he is the groom why in your hands? Roshni gives her money. she writes Piyush’s names on her hands.
Amar says the women are enjoying. Let’s join them. Roshni says yes I was saying the same. You should all join. The all start dancing. Prem dances on mehndi laga k rakhna. Piyush dances as well. He brings Vadahi on the floor as well. Anjali says in heart what is vikram thinking. They both stand up to dance as well. saroj sees them. She stops Vikram’s hand and says come here.

Precap-Vadahi says my hands are burning. Piyush says wash your hands. Mataji says but a bride shouldn’t be washed. Piyush says I don’t agree to all that. Her hands are burning. Roshni washes her hands. Uma says her fate is this. This was written in kundli.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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