Dard e dill ki sifarish (Episode 7) Updated

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Maheswari mansion
Sanskar was leeing on bed thinking something
Sanskar pov
Uff god ji y only only her face coming infront me oww no no go m not able to sleep idea!!
Sanskar pov ends
He jumps from bed n runs to lucky’s room
@laksh room
Laksh was busy in sleeping
Sanskar comes there
(he jumps on bump)
Laksh wakes up with jerk
Sanskar slap his head
San:shut up idot
San:lucky help me na
Lak:for what
San:lucky u know what i just only see swara in my ball in my gitar in my book every swara n swara
Lak:bhai u think swara
San:as my friend
Lak:thats the problem stop looking at her in that way
San:what do u mean by that
Lak:my work is done
San:urgh thanks but i didnt understand bye
Saying this he leaves from there

A lady n a man was strugling to take havy bags when a girl comes
Girl:untie uncle lemme help u
Man:no beta
Gal:plz uncle plz plz
Man looks at the lady

Lady:ok beta
The girl took their bags
Lady:beta whats ur name
Lady:ur parents have give u good sanskar
Listing this her face become pale
Swa:a untie y u both r carying those havy bags
Lady:woh our car..(cuts)
Man:what to do there was problem in our car n our sons r sleeping in home
Swa:kamal hai how son they r
Lady:Ok beta this our house
Swara stops there n sow a big mansion
She hands over bags to guard
Swa:ok antie m leaving
Lady:no beta u have to come inside
Swa:no antie
Lady to that man:ji say her na
Man:yes beta annapurna right (yup they r dp n ap)
Then they went inside
Ap:beta my son is sleeping till now will u wakes him up
Swa:ha untie but room
Ap:in 2nd floor 5 no room if u not find him there then 9 no room.
She leave from there
@5 no room
She sees a boy facing back n holding a gitar
No doubt that he is sanskar but she cant see his face nor he
Sanskar pov
I was feeling restless so i thought to play my gitar to clam myself
But my restless is incresing
I start to sing….

Lady:ok beta
After sometime girl was infront a big mansion she hands over bags to guards
Gal:ok antie
Lady:what antie ur coming inside
Gal:no no
Lady:ji say na
Man:yes beta annapuran is right (yup they r dp n ap) if u not come we will feel bad
Then they goes inside
Lady:waise beta ur name
Gal:(ya u all r intellgent) swara
Ap:ok beta will u go up n wake my son up he is 9th room
Swa:ok antie
Swara starts to go up
Swa in mind:bapre 9th room

@his room
(Guys he is sanskar)
She sow a boy facing his back holding a gitar but she cant see him nor he can see her
Sanskar pov
Enough just swara her face is coming infront of me n that nikhil’s talk m not able to undersand anything what so i thought to play my gitar to clam myself but now felling more restless y???
Sanskar pov ends
Starts to play gitar n sing a song

He closes his eyes n was just seeing her face on word is wondering him
He finished his singing swara was about to put her hand but sanskar suddenly stands up n turns she was about to fall but he helds her
San:wow chashmish
Swa:what r u doing here
San:my house my room
Swara start to look here n there
Swa:dumbo u sing very well
San:shit bade papa told u that na
Swa:ha ha ha u r very intelegent
San:but u here u know my address
Swa:annu antie n dp uncle bring me here
San:so lets go
Saying this he held her n rans down

Lucky:hey swara u here
Ap:u know her
San:ma she is my friend
Rp comes there
Rp:vaise sanskar beta u bring first a girl home
San:papa stop teasing
Swa:sorry sir
Rp:beta i was just joking n dont call me sir here
Ap:leave all this swara beta seat for breakfast
She nodes
Then they sit for breakfast
Lak:swara where is ragini
Swa:she is in home
“shona”they hear a voice
Swara turns
Swara shout:nandini thum
Nandini runs to swara n pulls her hair
N:idot where tho kaha tha
San:wait wait nandu u know her
Na:bhai i said that when i was in school i had frn
San:nandu u r telling about chashmish
Nandu:ya bhai
Swa:leave that dumbo
Nandu:oho swara u know bhai’s nick name how
Swa:coz he is dumbo
San:u both chashmish kya yar how can u talk like this with me
Swa:aha see na i guess u daily do this with me
San making a lady’s voice:o bacha log eat break ye bachi bhi na ek hotei suru kar dite hai kahani
Swara starts to find something
Nandu:bhai is gone bhai run
Before sanskar could react swara pur full jug of water on him
San:arre yar
Swara gives hifi with ap n nandu
San:bade ma
Ap:what sanskar u were not with us for 10 years but swara was with us 10 year we just didnt regonize her for she now grown up n chainged
Dp:well swara where is shekhar
San:who is shekhar
Suju:sanskar say uncle he is swara’s papa
San:oh they r dead na
Who was looking swara she was having tears
Swa:m coming
Syaing this she run from there
Dp:sanskar who said he is dead
Before dp could speak nandini speaks
Nandu:bhai change ur cloths
San:oh ya m coming
Saying this he runs to his room

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