Mehrya My version part 79

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Part 79 7/05/2018


The next morning was as usual, al the Khanna’s had their breakfast as usual and added with their morning talks. Mehak and Shaurya didn’t go to White Chilies today as they decided to work from home. Mehak was busy with her notepad and IPad. She was checking on some menus and re-creating her menus and writing it on the notepad. Shaurya busy with his laptop. In between he made some calls and was getting up from his desk and walks to stretch himself. He saw Mehak on the bed lying on her tummy while both her legs swinging in the air. Seeing her Shaurya kneels on the bed and lie next to her as his arm come around her. He asked what you are doing baby. She replied busy, don’t disturb. He smirked with her reply, she tied her hair in a bun secured with a clip. He purposely remove the clip and her alluring shiny locks came loose falling on her face, she gets annoyed and pushed them away and tried to look at Shaurya who is smitten by her gorgeous look. She tries to get up and move away from him she was on her knees sitting on the bed Shaurya hold the notepad and the IPAD. Let me see what you have written so far he started to flip through the pages. He continued to ridiculed for her writing, baby looks like you need some lesson for improving your hand writing as well I can be good teacher for that. I can hardly read how you are writing. How are you going to teach our kids in future he laughed as he says that to her. Mehak exasperated with him and she tried to grab the notepad from him. In between their tussle she fell over him. He took that moment as his chance and locked her below her waist with his long legs and held her both arms in his. Mehak tried to wiggle from his tight hold Shaurya amused with her and said you can do anything baby now you are stuck here with me. You look s*xy nowadays what is the secret tell me, Mehak’s turned beetroot hearing it. People say after marry their attraction and affection will subside or reduce and doesn’t affect anymore who ever says that I should find him and shoot him because he was wrong, you look the same , s*xy , even more beautiful and some hot package item to me he winked saying this. Mehak’s eyes open in wilderment. She stuttered and asked him I think you are becoming cheesy nowadays, you need to be checked by doctor. He denied Na Na doctor is not necessary, you are my doctor, you are my medication and you are my treatment I am your patient for lifetime. Mehak giggled as she can’t control her laughter with his sweet talk. Now I doubt you are even in your sense talking like this, something is really wrong with you Shaurya by the way you saw this at Internet or what you are good in stealing things , now tell me the truth where did you find this. He gets serious Shaurya Khanna the most eligible bachelor Delhi’s hot handsome stud looking guy is praising your beauty you should be taking it as compliment and thankful but in return you are taunting me. Bad girl.


Mehak sniggered hearing him okay now tell me now I am young you are saying all these cheesy stuff will you be like this even when I get old. Shaurya let go of his grip from her hands and hold her by her waist, my love, affection, desire for you it’s for lifetime it won’t change but it will keep increase day by day even when you grow old, when we have kids, we become grandparents and so on. Now don’t doubt on my feelings okay? Mehak cupped his bearded cheeks and caressed with her thumb she rubbed her nose with his and planted a kiss on his forehead and cheeks. You are my baby Shaurya. Shaurya purposely wants to pull her leg Mehak you have put on some weight now move to the side I can’t handle your weight. She move to her side as Shaurya continue to taunt her looks like Kanta chachi over fed you for the past few months and you have put on some weights. I can see and feel it too. Mehak hit on his chest. She turned away from him to get her notepad and IPAD. She ask him to see the list of menus and what is she planning now. He keep distracting her, she pinched him and asked him to concentrate on the ideas. In between Shaurya interrupted her asking her question on the plans and she clarifies him with her suggestions. Later it was noon and Awara knocked their room door whtr to serve lunch now or later , Shaurya asked him to serve the lunch now and he asked where are the rest , he replied they went out will be back in short while.


Mehak took her notepad and IPAD follows Shaurya to downstairs. They had lunch together in between Shaurya feed her lovingly. Once lunch over Mehak ask him to go and continue his work and she will work on the recipe. Shaurya tries to get cozy saying he will help her as well, Mehak shakes her head and said I know very well how you can help , I rather do things on my own not you around me. Shaurya smirked as Mehak push him to the staircase and she heads to the kitchen. She ask Awara for some ingredients and she found them and started her work. She watch some cooking videos via her IPAD and write some notes in between and created some new dishes. Some need to be marinated she did the marinating and place them inside the fridge. She saw a gravy kind of dish and started to search for the vegetable in the fridge and place it on the counter. Then she saw the ingredients list and it needed some herbs but she didn’t have it at the moment, she started to think and gets an idea, she rushes to the kitchen back entrance and walks to the herbs garden. Earlier she and Awara planted some herbs and spices together. So she checked for the substitute herb and pluck few and tries to smell them and some she chew in her mouth to feel the taste. Once she happy with the taste she pluck a few and headed back to kitchen. She started to chop the onions and chilies. Blending tomatoes in between as she singing. Once all ingredients done she started to put oil in kadai and started her cooking.


Shaurya who was in his room finishing his reports, proposals and finished replying his emails. He look at the time it was almost 2hrs gone and he wonders what is Mehak still doing at kitchen as she haven’t come upstairs yet. He decided to check on her and he went downstairs. Mehak was finishing all her cooking and also finish grilled her marinated vegetables in the oven. As Shaurya descended the staircase his nostrils catch the beautiful aroma and he smiles as he knows Mehak does wonders again. He rub his both palms together and hop down excitedly as can’t wait to taste it. He saw as he hides himself behind the fridge. Mehak still singing as she garnish her dishes with chopped cilantro as for the gravy dish she scoop some and dip with her index finger tasting the gravy. She realize the taste is okay but still something need to be added to enhance it, she add few drops of lemon juice and it was perfect, she in her self-talking praised herself Wah Wah Mehak there is no one can cook like you in the entire Delhi. Seeing her antics Shaurya started to laugh loudly holding his tummy Mehak got shocked seeing him and asked when did you came here and what are doing here, didn’t I told you kitchen is my area don’t enter why are you here. Shaurya still laughs which annoys Mehak she ignored him and went to check the oven whtr the grilled food is ready and she wears the kitchen mitten to remove the hot tray. She quickly take it out and leave it cool down. She turned to look at Shaurya who just finish laughing and she asked him are you done laughing, he calm himself and asked what is she cooking and the entire house smell delicious. She went to scoop some gravy in a teaspoon and blow them she feeds Shaurya. He tasted the gravy and his nodded not bad Mrs Khanna after such a long time you manage to cook a good food too I am impressed. Mehak rolled her eyes and replied him Mr Khanna this is not your cooking show and you are not my judge as well. I am your boss now and you better listen to me okay or else it will be very bad for you. Shaurya calms her it’s nice gravy and the aroma also is different than usual gravy what did you add, she explains the ingredient list and move to the grill food platter which already cool down now, she took a bit and dip with the sauce and feed him he chew them and winked at her as a sign is taste delicious, there were some dipping sauce on her fingers which she wanted to wash off Shaurya pulled her hand and bring her fingers to his lips and he licked her fingers and sucked it gently which give Mehak sudden tingling in her nerves, she can’t form any words and her eyes grew wide as saucer. Shaurya didn’t let go her fingers his stare was intense and he saw Mehak is getting red and warm. Mehak fluttered her eye lid and let out a small noise and say Shaurya and ask him to let go her hand as this is kitchen and anyone will come in. He quickly turned her and tighten his grip on her waist moving her hair which falling on her side and he lean and bite her earlobe she hissed and he quickly blow and Mehak felt her knees goes weak as his hot breath brushes her skin. You taste good honey he said as he traces her cheek with his index finger. He took her another hand and bring it to his lips and kissed them slowly. Their private moment interrupted when Dolly maasi calling loudly Awara where are you, where is the rest of the people in house. Mehak ask him to let go as all are here and he finally let go. Mehak went to the kadai and started to prepare the snack she deep fry them and arrange on a plate. Maasi and Maa came into kitchen. They looked Mehak and Shaurya at the kitchen and immediately wanted to leave the kitchen seeing those love birds but Mehak ask them to come in as she is preparing few new dishes and they have to try and tell her how is it as it will be in White Chilies new menu. Dolly maasi saying her cooking aroma filled the entire house. Karuna maa asked Shaurie what you are doing in the kitchen. He replied helping your beti and tasting her he said with a stressed on the word her and continued food as he give her a naughty smile. Mehak’s eye turn big and she hide her face from him and she ask them to go and wait at living area as she will bring the dishes there. Awara came to help her, Shaurya ask him to go and prepare other things and he will help her. Mehak looked at Shaurya and warned him not to try anything. He shuddered his shoulder and ask her tell me what you want me to do I will help you. She ask him to arrange the snacks on the serving plate and she will make chai for all. While she prepare the chai he just looked at her. Awara comes and asked what to prepare for dinner and she said since she already prepare the gravy just prepare some roti and some side dish. He nodded and left. Mehak pour the chai in cups and asked Shaurya to carry that to go the living area while she will bring the others.


They served the tea snack for all. Harish papa face lit up in happiness as the snacks was so delicious and crispy. He keep taking more and enjoying with the chai. Karuna maa and Dolly maasi complimented Mehak. Dolly maasi said lalla you are lucky your wife can cook and we all are very happy. Shaurya who was sitting next to Mehak winked at her and they keep talking in eye language. As the Khanna’s enjoying their tea time Kanta Chachi with Jeevan chachu and Ravi chachu came to visit them. They receive them happily Dolly maasi ask Awara to prepare chai and bring in snacks for all. As they sat and discussing about all their wellbeing Kanta chachi started, Karuna Ji we are planning to go to Rishikesh as I have wished for the Matarani that I will come with family to contribute our prayers there once Mehak gets better. Since Mehak is better and Sonal also already given birth we are planning to go tomorrow to fulfill our prayers. Dolly maasi gets excited and asked Kanta Ji can I follow you it’s been very long I haven’t been there and it seems the temples there are very good and make our wishes comes true. She asked Karuna JI also lets go didi, also she ask Harish papa to come as well because it’s been long time all didn’t go anywhere as family and since bahu is back home our happiness is back to normal lets go and pray to Matarani for her blessings. Harish papa voiced out saying that idea looks good too he haven’t seen Rishikesh for long time so should go and visit. Mehak becomes excited as all are planning to go to Rishikesh as a family trip she looked at Shaurya and he was in real annoyance. He quietly leaves from there as the elders continue to discuss how to go and when to leave. Harish papa started to make arrangement with travel agent for the tour guide and accommodation arrangement, Karuna ma turned around to check something with Shaurya but he was not there, Mehak signed at her that she will go and look for him. In between she ask Kanta chachu , Jeevan chachu and Ravi chachu to stay for dinner they refuse but Mehak and Karuna maa said this is strict request with love and they must stay.  They agreed and Mehak went upstairs to their room and she close the door and went in , she peep thru the balcony door and saw Shaurya sitting on the swing in annoyance checked something and putting his mobile away. Mehak walked to him and asked him what happen why come here half way he looked at other direction. She quickly sat on his lap and clung her arms around his neck as she squeeze his chin what happen Shaurya why you look like this? You don’t like my chachi and Chachus is it, he quickly brush off it’s not that Mehak they are my family too. Then why your face suddenly changed and you came up without saying anything. He said if chachi and chachu wants to go Rishikesh its fine now maasi and papa wants to make it as family trip and now all have to go, I have planned something for us, and Mehak raised her eyebrow and asked where. He continued also we are young couple we should be going to happening place instead all these temples. Mehak lean on his chest, and Shaurya calm down immediately with her single action. Shaurya please agree lets go to Rishikesh and enjoy with all. It’s not always we go with family right? After we come back from Rishikesh lets plan for our trip okay, please baba say yes please I never seen Rishikesh before also let’s go and pray for our family’s happiness. Shaurya melted with her and his hand came around her and cradling her okay now don’t be upset lets go with all okay are you happy now, Mehak lifts up her head and see him in excitement asking Sachi, Shaurya rub his nose on hers and replied muchi. Mehak said thank you patidev, Shaurya replied yaar you are taking advantage on my goodness this is not good, Mehak being naughty replied him if I am your wife cannot take advantage of you who else can do? Only I can do these with you, she pulls his nose. Shaurya sniggered and asked you are the Hum Saath Saath Hain type only always want to sit with family and enjoy with them.  You are what type Shaurya tell me, Shaurya pulls her closer to him and said you should know I am what kind am I? If maasi didn’t interrupt in the kitchen I would have tasted you there, Mehak pushed him and said chee Shaurya don’t talk dirty talks. Why if I don’t talk with you who can I say all these, okay now give me my gift because I agreed to Rishikesh with all. Mehak leaned and kiss on his nose tip. Done she said, Shaurya touched his nose why are you kissing my nose instead the lips you should lower a bit. Mehak pouted at him said today’s quota for kiss done. Please wait till tomorrow, she tries to get up from his lap but Shaurya gripped her tightly she manage to pinch him and gets up from there. She run into the room and asked him to come downstairs as all there and will only go back after having dinner. Shaurya smiles as he gets up and walks with Mehak downstairs.


After having dinner Sharma’s took leave from there, Shaurya and Harish papa said will work out for the Rishikesh trip arrangement and not to worry much. Jeevan chachu said puttar it’s our idea to go but you are taking all the trouble let us to handle , Shaurya side hugged him and said you call me son and ask me to relax how to relax let me do the arrangement. They thanked and leave from there. At Khanna’s Mehak with maasi and Karuna maa listed out the arrangements and what to do and all. Vicky came back from White Chilies gets excited as well. They all planned and excited for their upcoming trip.


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  1. hiii hassenah nice part plz upload next part soon

    1. Haseenah2020

      Tq Aaradhya. Glad u like the update hvfun

  2. Anjali Dahiya

    WOW HASEENAH!!!! I luved it….I m so excited for their Rishikesh visit….luved Mehrya moments…how Shaurya appreciated Mehak n she said those lines cheesy hahahaha….kitchen romance…. waiting for the nxt part pls upload nxt part ASAP….

    1. Haseenah2020

      I am glad you like it Anjali. Will update soon dear you take care and have fun have a blessed day ahead

  3. Hi haseenah Awesome update loved the mehrya moments. Plz update next part soon. Lots of love????

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      Tq Kavya glad you like the update. Yes will update soon have a blessed day ahead

  4. Sorry for late comment. I was kind of busy yesterday
    Awesome episode
    Loved it
    Mehrya moments???
    Shaurya’s teasing mood is always on…..??
    Family trip…?? so exciting
    Post soon dear
    Love u loads❤❤❤
    Have a blessed day

    1. Haseenah2020

      Tq Cindy for your feedback I am glad you like it. How is the prep for your exam coming up? My best wishes to you. will update by today evening. thank you and have a nice day ahead dear

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