Mafia and Love – Part 13

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Hi friends…

Thank you so much for all your time and support… I hope you’re liking it… Good or bad, please keep commenting, so that I can keep up all your expectations…

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Abhinav: Abhijith… (Acknowledged his presence with a nod.)

Abhijith: Good Morning, brother…

Both the brothers shared a hug.

Abhinav: So…?

Abhijith: We should move to some were private…

Neil: Please… (And guided them to his room.)

The rest followed them.

Neil: (Made Abhinav sit on his chair and smiled. Later, he averted his gaze to Abhijith and waited for him to proceed.)

Abhijith: (Taking a deep breath, he handed an envelope to Neil.)

Neil: (Opened the envelope, making the floor below him to slip.)

Sammy: (Sensing the changes in his eyes.) Neil…?

Neil: (Looking straight into her eyes, his eyes glittered.)

Sammy: (Understood and let out the breath she was holding. Her facial expressions too changed. Walking close to Arjun, she stood holding his palm in between her palms.)

Arjun: (By now understood the harsh truth, his life is f**ked up. He closed his eyes tight and a drop of tear rolled down his closed eyes.)

Neil: (Wanted to very badly wipe of the tear, but stood helpless. He averted his gaze to look at his little girl to see her head hung low. He wished badly that he could change things and make her happy.)

All these were witnessed and understood by the rest in the room. They watched them helplessly. They felt bad inspite of finding the father of the baby and the reason behind is the innocent girl with her head hung low and eyes closed. Out of all, it was only one soul that was merrying, on seeing the broken Radhika and that is Vaishali.

Arjun: (Slowly opened his eyes to look at his lady love with head hung low and a drop of tear rolling down from her beautiful eyes that he had fallen for. He wished that once, just once she lifts her beautiful eyes and look at him.)

Radhika: (Thinking.) No Arjun… Please don’t wish for that… I know, I very well know, you want to see me straight into my eyes… But, if at all that happens, I would fail to hide my emotions terribly… Oh God… Do something, please, I want to get out of this place, before I break down completely…

God had mercy on his child and helped her by sending her saviour. The twins came barging into the room. Seeing all the dropped down faces, they understood. Without any word, Kittu went forward, placing his hands around her tender shoulders, he walked out. On the other hand, Athu walked towards Arjun and hugged him tight comforting him. Without a single word, Arjun gathered the little lad in his embrace. Their hearts were crying loud, but were composed outside, not showing the world how badly they are broken. After a minute, Arjun pulled Athu out of his embrace, ruffled his hair and gestured him to go, to go to his sister. Athu understood and left without any word.

All their trance was broken,

Vaishali: I think you all believe me now…? You people made my life hell…

All were fuming.

Vaishali: I just hope none try to snatch what is mine and give to some whore…

That’s it, a hard and tight slap landed on her left cheek, making her to kiss the floor. All stood still on the effect of the slap.

Vaishali: (Turned around fuming to see the person who dared to slap her. But was shocked to see her father fuming, she expected it to be Arjun or Neil.)

Abhinav: Not a word more… One single word from your dirty mouth, I’ll chop you into pieces… (His words were cold, making her to tremble under his gaze.)

Sammy: (Stepping forward, standing beside Abhinav.) Call her names once again, you’ll see the worst of me… (She walked past her, stopping near the door, turning half-way.) Being a whore yourself, accusing someone else a whore is too pathetic… Next time, I would ripe of your tongue… And I would do that… If you doubt, check on my capabilities… (And walked off without giving anyone a glance.)

Neil: (Clearing his throat.) Uncle Abhinav, you can decide what is to be done now… We’ll accept it without a word… (He spoke looking straight into Arjun’s eyes.)

Arjun: (Gulping the pain.) I will…

Vaishali: (Letting out a sigh of relief.) So when is the marriage…?

All gave her a disgusting look.

Abhinav: (To Neil.) Son, we’ll discuss later… I think, we should give ourselves a break now…

Vaishali: WHAT…? Dad, are you serious…? You people were dying to find the father of my child and now when it is cleared, you want to think…? How pathetic… (She was pulled forcedly to come face to face with her fuming brother.)

Vidanth: I remind you once again, not a word more… Don’t force me to do something that you would look pathetic the next moment…

Abhinav: Vidanth… (Nodded no when their eyes locked to each other.)

Arjun: (Stepping forward, standing in front of Abhinav, with head hung low.) I’ll marry your daughter… Just let me know when and where… (He walked out without a word more.)

Neil: (Was controlling himself from bursting out.)

Abhinav: (Taking a deep breath, to Neil.) Will meet you later, son… I need some time… (And walked off.)

Vidanth: (Followed him after gesturing Vishal to bring Vaishali.)

Vishal: (Dragged Vaishali and followed his father and brother.)

Banerjee Mansion,

The men along with Vaishali entered the mansion. Vidhya was pacing in the hall tensed. On seeing them stepping in, she rushed towards them. But stopped on seeing her husband’s gesture for her to stop. She stood anxiously for someone to speak. But Abhinav walked past her and was about to step on to the stairs, with Vidanth and Vishal two steps behind.

But they stopped in their spot,

Vaishali: Mom, your husband and sons are monsters… Till this date, they were putting me in spot and were harsh on me as I’m wrong… But today, inspite of knowing that my kid’s father is Arjun, they walked out without getting my marriage date fixed… And for whom…? For that cheap…

Abhinav: (Cutting her off, screamed.) ENOUGH…

Everyone shivered at his coldness and fire spitting eyes.

Abhinav: (Moving towards her.) You, young lady, before pointing your dirty finger on others have a look on to your own back… And you know what, only the person with black heart and soul would find others black… And that is what exactly you are… A BLACK SOUL…

Vidhya: (Was taken back by her husband’s harsh words for their own daughter.)

Abhinav: (Continued.) And I’m ashamed to be your father… (Saying this he walked off to his room.)

Vishal: (Had enough of her b*t*hy acts.) And whom you’re talking about…? That innocent soul…? Then hear me out loud and clear lady, if now Neil bro is letting a lady like you near his man then it is only because of that same lady whom you are bad-mouthing… She made sure, that the innocent kid in your womb gets his/her share of parents’ love… Not of any one parent… (Giving her a disgusting look, he walked off.)

Vidanth: (Stepped closer to her.) You called her a whore… Do you want me to remind you, what were you…? Because of this baby, we came to know about your flings… If not…? You would have continued to be a whore that you are…

Vidhya: Vidanth…? Are you even hearing yourself…? How could you talk to your sister like that…?

Vidanth: Really Mom…? Then you please tell me if I can’t speak ill about my own sister, what the hell right she have to speak ill about anyone else’s sister…? (To Vaishali.) We forgave all your mistakes considering as your immaturity, but not any more… It is not your immaturity, but your evilness and I won’t let you to spoil anyone else’s life or name… (Saying this he walked off.)

Vaishali: (Was fuming.) (Thinking.) Radhika… Trust me, I’ll make your life hell…

Vidhya: (Helplessly went to her daughter and caressed her hair.)

Vaishali: (Brushed off her hands furiously and walked past her.)

But in this process and anger, she didn’t notice her mother, who fell on the floor and got her head hit on the edge of the table. Even her cries of pain didn’t reach her ears.

After around a hour, Vishal walked down to see his mother on the floor in a pool of blood.

Vishal: MOM…

His screams alerted everyone and they rushed to the spot. Vidanth and Abhinav were shocked to see the injured and unconscious Vidhya in Vishal’s lap.

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      Hey dear… Relax… All your confusions will be cleared soon… Vaishali is to repent yet…

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