Mehrya- Kuch na kaho (Episode 5)

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Hey guys!! Thanks for your support!! Here’s my fifth episode: 😉
After knowing that her family has accepted Vicky’s proposal, Mehek was feeling like she was going to lose something. Something was going wrong. That day, she saw Sonal angry on her for the first time. She was going to lose her best friend, her family, her home and her love………….
Kanta and her family were also with Vicky’s plan. Now finally, she can be happy as Kanta has found a suitable groom for mehek.
Here, Shaurya was becoming desperate to meet mehek. He wanted to tell her not to marry Vicky because…………..i love you!!! He sadly entered the room where he kept those sketches of Mehek. He decided to give them all those as a wedding gift. He said Vicky that he was happy for them but he knew deep inside his heart that something was breaking in his heart. His heart was paining just like that when Vini died in front of his eyes in the hospital.
Vicky told Shaurya that he will get engaged to mehek next Monday. Shaurya congratulated him. Here mehek was also told about her engagement. She said that she was happy to marry a friend like Vicky. Sonal intentionally throws away all the things which Vicky gave her in front of Mehek. Mehek tried to talk to her but she ignored her.

In the evening:
Vicky: Really??!! You did that much. OMG!! Sonal, i bow to you on your acting skills. Did you throw all of them??
Sonal: Yes, but you know what I know my friend. She will preserve them for me. I have known her since we were very small. She will understand.
Vicky: That means I will have kids with extra acting skills. Coz you and i are doing good acting.
Sonal: you know what you are just disgusting, irritating and….
Vicky: And…..??Cute right??!! That i know. That’s why you love me.
Sonal: Huh?! That was ewwwww………..good night and be ready to take him to the mall tomorrow for shopping and nehal and i will take her there too.. ok??
Vicky: Jaisi aapki iccha mere aaka!!( As you wish my lord)
Sonal: And only message me no calling!!
Vicky: Ok my darling. Good night!! Get ready to see me in your dream!!
Sonal: Ha Ha, very funny!! I won’t!!(and blushes)
Vicky: Stop blushing!! Bye!!(cuts the call)
Sonal: What the……..??
Shaurya overhears some part of Vicky’s conversation with Sonal and misunderstands him that he is going to cheat on Mehek.
Shaurya doesn’t say anything to him and enters his room.He now just tell all this to mehek but he had no guts to tell. He was feeling like this will break her heart and he didn’t want to hurt her. He thought that Mehek loves Vicky. But how will she feel when he will leave her for her dearest friend. And how can sonal not stop Vicky to do this to mehek. He wanted to save her. But how??

Next day:
Kanta: Mohit, take mehek to the mall.
Mohit: par maa you know na that i can’t go out today. There is a pimple on my face. If any friend of mine sees me there, he will make fun of me.
Kanta: Oh god!! Kids these days!! Sonal, Nehal can you both go??
Sonal: Why not, chachi!! We will!!
Nehal: Yes, we will take di and buy the best dress for her.
Kanta: Ok then! But come back soon.
Sonal, Nehal: Yes, Chachi!!
They reach the mall. Sonal asks Mehek to try the green lehenga as green suits her. Nehal agrees and asks her the same. Mehek goes to the changing room.
Shaurya and Vicky reach the mall too. Vicky waves at Sonal and tells him that he will come back soon. Shaurya sees them going out of the mall together and finally decides to tell Mehek about Vicky’s true face.
He sees her going inside the changing room. He waits for her to come out. After some time, she comes out with that green lehenga. She was looking stunning in that dress. Shaurya was staring at her constantly. She waves her hands in front of his eyes. He breaks the stare and tells her to come with him. She asks him where he is taking her?? He just remains silent and asks her to just come with him. She says him that she is in that dress and she has not payed for it yet. He goes to the counter and gives the amount and opens the door of his car for her. She sits down silently. Shaurya drives away from there.
Nehal, Sonal and Vicky secretly looks the duo going and give hi-fi to each other for the success.
Precap: Shaurya locks his lips with Mehek’s. She passes out. And Shaurya takes her in his room. Shruti says, no, you can’t take him away from me, you b**ch.
I hope you all will like this episode. Please comment and give me your precious views on my ff. Will update the next part soon…….
Loads of love,

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  1. So sweet,,,
    Very nice,,, really Vicky is too good,,,,,

  2. Possess post next episode soon

  3. Please*spelling mistake

  4. Saxenasapna

    bhut accha yrr…
    Crezy diva… Plz upload next part soon as possible…
    Why u come late evry time…
    Plz yrrr thoda jaldi uplod kiya kro…

    1. Sorry sapna!! i am busy with shooting music videos!! will post next episode tomorrow only!!

  5. Please , update next episode soon . We are eagerly waiting for the next episode.

  6. Post the next episode plesssssssssss

  7. Post the next episode please. It’s too late.You always come back so late. But we are waiting for you and of your ff. So please don’t such too much wait to your ff fans. If you hert to my words then I am sorry.

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