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A big house is shown.
A lady keeps food in Dining table with the help of maids.
“Still this Lucky didn’t wake up. I have to wake up him before Sanskar wake up”Lady tells herself.
Lady enters into Laksh room.
“Lucky.. Lucky..” Lady shakes him.
“ohh! Annu maa.. why are you waking up me this much earlier..?” Laksh asked Annapurna.
“get ready soon. If Sanskar see you sleeping..”Ap didn’t complete.
“why are taking devil’s name in morning itself Annu maa.. wait I will come…” Laksh yawns.
Annapurna smiles and taps his head.” go and get ready..”
Ap opens his wardrobe and throws a towel to Laksh.
Laksh puts the towel in his head and blinks his eyes innocently and Ap caresses his face.
“Laksh.. get ready. I don’t want to Sanskar taunt you..”Ap said sadly.
Laksh taps Ap cheeks”Arre Annu maa! I can’t live without his taunts.. so now smile..”
Laksh whistles song and get inside bathroom.
Ap shakes her head ,smiles and leaves.
In Another room,
A man is stand before mirror and checks himself.
Annu knocks his room and he said”come in..”
“Sanskar, there is your coffee..”Annapurna said.
“maa, why are you stressing yourself? I will come myself”Sanskar said while smiling.
Ap pulls his cheeks” I don’t know how many days I have this right. Once , my bahu comes means she will take this from me…” Annu said with a pout.
“maa.. don’t start morning itself. I didn’t want to commit in any relationship now…”Sanskar said while combing his hair.
“Sansku, if you love any girl, I didn’t have any objection..you are already 24”Annu said with a pout.
Sanskar smiles”maa.. I am just 24. So relax and let me enjoy my life for some period”
“Both my sons says a single line. Let me enjoy my life for some period” Annu mimics and Sanskar smiles.
Sanskar puts his hand on Annapurna’s shoulder , pushes her from back and both descends in stairs.
Sanskar sees laksh who is eating sandwich.
“Laksh.. today you have to come office. We need your signs.”Sanskar informed.
Dp comes and sits and Annu serves them.
“ no need bhai. I transferred all my shares to your name before two days. So don’t ask me to come office.” Laksh drops a big bomb and silently eats sandwich.
Everyone looks at him in shock.
“Laksh..!” Dp stressed his name with suppressed anger.
“Arre Durga! Let him himself for some days…” Dadi comes to defend Laksh.
Laksh smiles by seeing their face and leaves with car keys.
Dp stands “Maa.. only because of you, he is spoiled this much. Always he spent his time in car racing. I hope one day , he will take his responsibilities but…”
“Arre Durga, he transferred his shares only on Sanskar’s name. if a correct time comes, Sanskar will return it. it’s also good .”Dadi said.
“No dadi. I want him to take his responsibilities as soon as possible. Nowadays I feel he is hiding something and go away from our hands”Sanskar said while worrying about his bhai’s future.
Sanskar sees his watch and signs Dp.
“Maa.. we are getting late for meeting.”Sanskar said and leaves with Dp.
In car,
Sanskar drives the car and Dp sits in front seat.
“Papa, we have to speak to laksh. Last two years, he completely changed upside down..”Sanskar said.
“ I am also thinking the same”Dp assured .
In Race ground,
Everyone cheers lucky..Lucky…
Laksh gives his killer smile to everyone and walks with Attitude.
Laksh sits in his car , Umpire shoots and race starts.
Laksh sits in his car and Race started.
Laksh raises his speed and try to put the brake. But Brake is not working.
“ ohh! Sweety ! very old technic…” Laksh muttered.
Laksh try to control the car but the car flipped and Laksh spoils the tanker and fuel starts to leak.
Everyone is shocked but Laksh steadies the car and raises the speed.
Laksh’s team become tensed by hearing Laksh’s brake is not working.
A pin drop silence occupies the ground and finally Laksh wins second place.
Car is stopped because of loss of fuel.
Laksh comes out and takes his helmet and a little bit blood oozing from his head and falls down unconscious.
In Office,
“Organize everything for meeting. I don’t want any disturbance in meeting.”Sanskar ordered his PA Aman.
Sanskar phone rings and Sanskar attends the call.
“what?” Sanskar stands in shock.
“Cancel all the meetings “Sanskar ordered and PA looks at him shocked.
“Sir, but we may face so much loss. It’s so important” PA try to say the importance of meeting.
“ Do what I say”Sanskar roared and runs from his office.
PA informs Dp and Dp also receives a call about Laksh.
In Hospital,
Laksh is laying on bed and Sanskar taunts him.
“ how many times I told you Laksh ? ok. if you don’t want to get into business, I will agree and even support you . But please stop this car racing. I can’t lose you”Sanskar said while holding Laksh hand.
“ bhai… I am alright.”Laksh replied.
Ap and Dp enter wardroom in hospital.
Ap caresses Laksh face.”please Laksh for me. we already lost Uttara, I can’t lose you .”
Sanskar comes out and wipes his tears.
“Mr.Sanskar Maheshwari, we arrest you for try to murder Mr.Lakshya Sharma” Inspector said while handcuffing Sanskar.
Sanskar looks shocked.
Dp comes out .”Inspector, mind your words. Laksh is my son..”
“ A small change , your friend’s son who was died in accident. You kept him with you just for the shares of your friend. Now you make him transfer his shares to your son name and try to kill him by failing his brake. Even Mr.Lakshya Sharma is said the same in this letter” Inspector justified his decision.
Dadi who comes inside hospital, sees the scenario , informs Laksh about this and Laksh comes out.
Laksh snatches the letter.” It’s not even my handwriting and nor the sign is mine. It’s just fake like your false accusations. Maheshwari mera parivaar and I am their beta. So before blame my family, think many times inspector. Now leave from here “ Laksh roared.
“Sorry sir. We will find the culprit soon”Inspector back off.
“one minute…”Laksh points handcuff in Sanskar’s hand.
Inspector takes it back and leaves.
Sanskar stands frozen by the accusation.
“Bhai..”Laksh put his hand .
“Did you think I can do this?”Sanskar asked in pain.
“bhai..” Laksh hugs Sanskar .” I will trust you more than myself. I am so hungry come we will eat golgappa outside.”
Laksh drags using his left hand as his right hand have a sprain.
Sanskar smiles and go with him.
At outside,
Sanskar feeds golgappa to Laksh .
“bhai you also eat some”Laksh feeds Sanskar by using his left hand.
“ how many days after we are eating like this?” Sanskar recalled his college days.
“Sometimes, we will come out at midnight to eat ice cream.. and Uttara will ..” Laksh stops in middle.
Sanskar puts his hand on Laksh shoulder and turns his face.”hey see there that girl looks so hot…”
Laksh smiled” bhai, I know you choice is always bad but I never think this much worst..”
That girl comes towards them.
“what are you speaking about me?” girl asked and Sanskar looks Laksh to help him.
“Arre Matha ji, two brothers have a lot to talk but how you say that we are talking about you?” Laksh asked that girl.
“you pointed on me”Girl said sternly.
“ohh! Matha ji we didn’t point you. we pointed the buffalo which stand behind you “ Laksh points the buffalo.
Girl get embarrassed and stamped her foot, leaves.
Both Sanlak gives hifi and laughs.
“but bhai, you should know how to handle girls being the great flirt lakshya ‘s bhai. (raised his collar)” Laksh said.
Sanskar taps his head “Dramebazz..”
Laksh smiles” bhai, we have to return home…”
Sanskar smile faded.
“Bhai, don’t worry about mirchi. I will handle him…” Laksh winks at Sanskar both returned home.

In MM,
Sanlak enters, Dp looks them angrily while Ap looks at them helplessly.
“Sanskar, I know Laksh is careless. He forgot about that he was hospitalized .but how could you? you already know there is threat in LAKSH life. But still you ate at road side and even travelled at bus” Dp asked Sanskar angrily and throw angry look Sanlak.
“Arre Dad, just relax. We know how many your mens following us. So don’t worry about our safety. Annu maa, I am full. I will take rest” Laksh yawns and goes to his room by refusing Dp anger looks.
“ I got my Laksh back after so many days..”Sanskar whispered and Dp smiled.
“Papa, what about loss?” Sanskar switch over to office matter.
“ I explained delagates about situation”Dp said.

In Laksh room,
Laksh lays on bed and closes his eyes.
“ I love you Laksh..”Ragini said while locking her eyes with Laksh and clutching Laksh’s collars.
Laksh opens his eyes in jerk and opens his wardrobe.
Ragini and Uttara smiles and Laksh caresses their photo with Love and care.
Laksh door opens and a lady comes inside.
“ you will never change naa Mrs.Maheshwari..” Laksh closes his wardrobe door and sits on his bed.
“what do you think I will fall in your trap”Dadi asked angrily.
“ohh! Sweety. You already falled in my trap. Don’t you realize?” Laksh asked with a smirk .
Dadi looks him shockingly.
“ Mrs.Parvati maheshwari can’t see her grandson with handcuff for five minutes. What will happen if she sees her grandson in jail?” Laksh asked sarcastically.
“Don’t dare..Laksh Sharma”Dadi threatened by raising her hands.
Laksh caught her hands in air.
“ohh! Mrs.Maheshwari. you can’t kill me. If I have a single scractch, your grandson will be in jail. I plotted that much against him. he will be more than ten years in jail. Do you want that happen?” Laksh asked calmly.
“ you can’t do this. You love him so much. I know you are try to threaten me”Dadi said.
“ I can Mrs.Maheshwari. yes, I love him and I treat him as my bhai. that’s why he is still alive, after all whatever you did with me. it’s just a start Mrs.Maheshwari, how you ruined my life, I will do the same with your grandson” Laksh replied.
Dadi looks at him with moist eyes.” No… please I beg you..”
Laksh smirks and sees someone opening door and holds Dadi hands in his face.
“Dadi, see I am ok.nothing happened to me” Laksh said and Dadi gives a confused look.
Sanskar and Ap enters with milk and sees Laksh and Dadi.
Sanskar side hugs Dadi.”Dadi, just relax. Let him take some rest and your lucky is alright. Maa..”
Ap nods and leaves with Dadi.
“Laksh, drink this and I will take your tablets…”Sanskar said while giving milk glass to Laksh.
“Haan bhai..” Laksh said and sits on bed.

Sanskar’s POV
I give tablet to Laksh which I gave him for the past one and half years. He swallowed it without any hesitation.
“bhai.. I hate this tablets” Lucky voice ringed in my mind. still , I curse myself why I let Uttara and Lucky to go Coimbatore.
“bhai..” Laksh hold my hands and he tried his maximum to make his eyes open.
“everything will be alright Lucky..” I said while I caressing his head.
He slowly closes his eyes and a single drop fall from my eyes. No.. I should be strong for my Lucky.
I take ropes and tied his wrists and ankles with bedpost.
Full moon starts to raise on sky. Once, I always waited for full moon day to enjoy it’s coldness but nowadays I hate it.
I come out of his room and slowly walked towards the room which I didn’t go for a year… my uttara’s room.
I switched on the light and Uttara smiles to me who smiles in the photo. I slowly walked towards her photo and takes it in my hand, slowly caressed it and hugged it.
Slowly a scene comes towards me.
Flashback starts…
“ lucky do you want to do this?” I asked Laksh with hesitation.
“ bhai… if Lucky is there, there will be no worry..” Laksh said with his branded smile.
“ why I have to worry if I have a problem maker always with me” I murmured.
“bhai did you say anything?” Laksh asked .
“no not at all. What I have to say” I said.
“don’t lie. I heard it and even you can’t lie a small thing how can you handle your wife. I feel pity for bhabhi”Laksh faked his tears.
“Dramebazz..” I raised my hand with fake anger and he faked as scared.
I smiled and patted his shoulder, he smiled.
“chalean..?” he asked and I nodded.
We both hide our face with mask and slowly peeped into Uttara’s room. She is sleeping peacefully but I can’t see her face.
“Lucky still we have time. Think once..”I said or I can say pleaded.
“Naan oru thadava mudivu senchita, en peecha naanee ketkamattan( if I decided once, even I will not obey my words to step back from that decision)” Laksh said and I tapped his head. he become a fan of tamilnadu superstar nowadays. I don’t know which thing forced him to learn tamil. He also forces me to learn tamil.
“you are not a superstar, Lucky.” I said.
“ I know bhai .now we can concentrate on our work” Laksh said.
We slowly walked towards her bed and Laksh touched her to turn.
“aahhhh!” I see a very worst face which covered in blood and totally destroyed, even little bones are seen out.
Laksh put his one hand on his mouth in shock and touch the body in shivering another hand.
“wooh!” that body opened it eyes and yelled.
“bhai..” Laksh hugged me tightly.
I hugged him in fear and we both hear a laugh sound.
Here that body oops my pyarri Uttara is rolling in her bed and try to control her laugh.
“Uttara..!” I called her name sternly.
“ bhai.. wait..!” she tried to control her laugh but successfully controlled her laugh.
“ I just repayed for your ghost prank. Now what is this? Stealing prank ahh. Grown up guys”she asked us while controlling her laugh.
Both are such a pranksters and I stucked between these two.
“ bhai.. now are you hesitate to execute our plan?”Laksh asked me.
“ no not a little hesitation..” I answered.
“what? What is your plan?” uttara asked us confusingly by seeing our mischievous smirk.
Within a minute, Laksh tied her hand and I tied her ankles.
“ bhai.. lucky both what are you doing?” she asked confusingly and Laksh put a plaster in her mouth.
“ bhai, now we can take her..” Laksh said and take Uttara in his shoulder.
We both come to balcony and Laksh give Uttara in my hands.
Laksh climbed down via pipe .
“uttu..” I called her and freed my t shirt from her clutches.
I throw her and Laksh catched her correctly.
“correct Catch..” Laksh exclaimed and I climbed down via pipe.
Uttara is hell scared and I glared Laksh and he pouts.
We both come out and take our car which is parked outwards.
“Uttu..” I tapped her cheeks worriedly and she opened her eyes.
I take the tape and make her drink water.
She takes long breaths .
“ you idiot, monkey, donkey, witch,…”Uttara start to scold us and Laksh again put tape in her mouth. Still she cursing us.
We all reached our place. I freed uttara and I and Laksh both start to run.
She huffed and start to chase us with a stick which she saw in ground.
“ I will not leave you both …” Uttara start to chase us.
Suddenly she see a light in sky and she see dark sky which is lightened with cracker magic.
“Happy birthday Uttara..” these letters shown in sky with the help of crackers and we both sidehugged her.
“Happy birthday Uttu..” we said unisonly. She also side hugged us and made our heads hit.
“ thanks my dear mental bhaiya’s” she said teasingly and put her head on Laksh shoulder and sees the cracker’s magic in sky which lasted for 10 minutes.
“ how is our surprise ?” laksh asked.
She start to beat us with her hands” how can you throw me from balcony ?” and Laksh hold her hands and pouted “ sorry but it’s thrilling naa”and she beat him fastly. Even though I am her own brother, she shared a special bond with Laksh. sometimes, I felt jealousy but I habituated to it. no one can come in between them except me.
Laksh gifts her whatever she wants without her words and my Uttu knows what is he thinking. Sometimes, I feel blood relationship is not needed to make a bro-sis bond.
Uttu stopped beating and hugged him”thanks bhai..” . only, whenever she become emotional, she calls Lucky as bhai and normal, he is Lucky.
Laksh smiled and hugged her.
She pulled me and we share a group hug.
“ok it’s late. We have to go” I informed and both nodded. We go to house.
Uttara opened and someone blasted party blaster may be Dadi.
“Happy birthday..” maa, papa and dadi wished her.
We all played with blackcurrent with chocolate topping cake.
After our celebrations and cake cutting, we marched towards our room.
“Sanskar, Laksh didn’t take his milk. Give it to him..” maa told me and I nodded.
I walked towards Laksh room and opened it . but he is sleeping with smile. Only someone is blessed to smile even in sleep, he was one of them. I smiled by seeing his smile, murmured”Good night Lucky..” and closed the door without making any noise.
Flashback ends…
“Ragini… don’t leave me… Rajkumari..” a voice filled my ears. I wiped my tears and marched towards Laksh room.
I opened the door and see his face which is so pale and painful. Maa and Papa whom are trying to control him..He is suffering like a worm in fire for the past one and half years. When we saw him like that first, we are shocked even he tried to kill himself. Whenever full moon comes in middle of sky, he suffer like this. It’s just five minutes but it’s enough to make him feel hell. I consulted with the specialists but everything gone in vein. Even we tried to give him sleeping tablets, his pain overpowers it. no I should do anything to save him. I can’t lose my lucky again. Still I curse myself, why I let Uttara to go Coimbatore for study. If I didn’t allow her, she didn’t get introduction of Ragini and she never sacrificed her life just to save her friend. Did Friendship is that much stronger to forget her family and put her life in risk to save her friend?. But she did for her friendship by forgetting us and made Laksh live in this hell.
My thoughts of chain cut by maa’s sobbing and Laksh moan in pain. I sent maa and papa out.
I freed him . his hands and ankles have bruises and some blood marks. I cleaned his blood marks and I put ointment in his hands and ankles. I hugged him and take his head on my lap.
“ I want you lucky… I want my lucky soon” I murmured and slowly falls on sleep while caressing his hair.
The next day morning,
In Railway station,
A train is halted and people comes from out of the train. A girl comes out and inhales the air.
“wow! What a feeling yaar!” girl muttered but others didn’t have patience like her.
A man pushed her while walking and she starts to fall. She closed her eyes tightly.
She felt someone holds her hand and opened her eyes, see few inches from floor . She sees the person and he smirks and left the hold which makes her fall.
“ you Raj monkey, why you left me?” Girl asked while standing and rubbing her right hand.
“Arre what will I do? you know na Shona akka (di), I never left a single chance which make you fall.” Raj raised his collar and Swara slaps his shoulder.
“come take the bags. My friend lend a room to stay there and we should reach soon and I want to join in SM Industries. still I never imagine I placed in SM Industries even experienced one will struggle to get a job here. But I placed being a fresher”Swara exclaimed.
“arre ..”Raj rubs his ears”stop stop. I am hearing this for 100 no 110 no arghh even I forgot how much time I heard the same dialogue.”
Swara sees a tea stall and stops.
“Di, you are getting late. Come .. we have to go fast”Raj hurried.
“Arre Raj. First drink this . you didn’t eat anything from night.”Swara gives tea to him.
“you also. so..” Raj made Swara drinks half and he drinks remaining.
“now come on…”Raj hurried and Swara smiled and goes with him.
In MM,
IN Laksh room,
Laksh wakes up and sees Sanskar. Laksh stands without making any noise and made Sanskar lay properly on his bed and feels irritation in his wrist and ankles.
“ bhai, I am sorry. I don’t know what happen to me in full moon night and even I hurt you yesterday. But I didn’t have any other way bhai to save you and my little family.Dadi did a very wrong thing and we have to repay it. I will try my maximum to not hurt you bhai and I am doing all this to save our family. “ Laksh said to himself.
Laksh takes bath and get ready in formal suit. Sanskar wakes up by hearing water sound in bathroom, go to his room and get ready.
In dining hall,
Everyone surprised to see Laksh in formal suit.
“Laksh..”Sanskar whispered.
“Dad.. bhai.. I want to join in our company.” Laksh said while taking a sandwich in his hand and everyone is shocked now.
“really..”Dp asked amusingly.
“dad.. even you need some rest and I want to help bhai.” Laksh said .
“ok Laksh. I will return your shares and make you as Vice chairman..”Sanskar said hurriedly.
“bhai.. just relax. First I will join under you and get training afterwards we can decide about blabla”Laksh makes faces.
Ap tapped his head and smiles.
Dadi looks Laksh confusingly.
Sanlak goes to office.
Swara gives joining letter to manager and joins as a additional PA for CEO.
“Sir will come within few minutes. You can meet him and Mr.Aman will give you training. Wait a minute ”Manager said and Swara nods.
Manager calls a employee and tell him to take Aman.
Swara comes to aman cabin.
“welcome Ms.Swara, I will help you in training and you are going to work as PA for our ceo. He needs perfection so aware of it” Aman instructed her about her work.
In Sanskar’s cabin,
Sanskar instructs Laksh about business and Aman knocks the door.
“Get in..”Sanskar said.
“sir your new PA is joined. She is smart and she will cope up soon.”Aman said.
“So finally you get freedom naa Amar bro.”Laksh asked with smirk.
“ but it didn’t wrote on my fate. I have to go US as a manager . your bhai never let me to get freedom”Aman said with pout.
Laksh chuckles while Sanskar smiles but hides it.
“ I am happy for your decision Laksh.”Aman said while hugging.
“enjoy your honeymoon with our bhabhi in US , Bro”Laksh whispered in Aman’s ears. Aman blushes little bit but hides it soon.
“ok lets back to work guys. Sent her to my cabin”Sanskar said while Aman get back to work mood while Laksh pouts.”arre bhai, are you a robot or humoniod ? any time work work work..”
Aman hides his smile and comes out, laughs.
“ok. give me that Mehra’s file. I will read it” Laksh said and sanskar gives you are impossible look to Laksh and shakes his head, turns to take some files .
Swara knocks the cabin .
“Get in..”Sanskar said.
Swara get inside and sees Sanlak’s backside ”Good morning sir..”
Sanskar turns and shocks”tum..”
“Neeya..(you)” swara muttered.
Laksh confused to see Sanskar’s shocked face and turns.
Swara sees Laksh and faints, falls on floor.
Both run towards her. Sanskar taps her cheeks.
“bhai did you know her?”Laksh asked Sanskar.
Sanskar nods yes then no fastly.
“bhai..!” Laksh stressed the tone and Sanskar nods yes.
Sanlak stares unconscious swara.
“ bhai, we will speak later. Call Aman bhai..”Laksh said and Sanskar called Aman inside.
“Arre Sanskar. What happened to her? Did you scold her or scared her?” Aman asked sanskar while sprinkling water in Swara’s face.
Swara wakes up by holding her head and feels little bit weak. Aman stands in Swara’s vision by hiding Laksh.
“Aman, call some lady staffs and take her to staff room, make her take rest .” Sanskar said .
Within two minutes, two Lady staff comes inside and take Swara out.
“ now tell me bhai, how did you know her?” Laksh asked while crossing his hands through his chest and raising his one eye.
Flashback starts…
“Aman, we already missed flight and road is blocked due to some accident. Now what can we do? I should attend the meeting tomorrow in Chennai and I got stacked in this Coimbatore.”Sanskar said while ruffling his hair.
“Sanskar.. think.. think…”Sanskar said to himself.
“we can go via train. I will check about the train timing” Aman said.
“Are you kidding? Don’t forget I am Sanskar Maheshwari. Do you want me to travel in train ?” Sanskar asked Aman in stressed tone.
“See Sanskar. I am advise you as a friend and PA, it’s better option. Climate is not good so some flights are cancelled and road is also blocked. I enquired and got to know it will take more than 5 hours to clear. So travelling in train is the better option and this deal is your dream project. So compromising is not bad” Aman said.
Sanskar takes a deep breath.” Ok…”
Aman smiled and said driver to drive Railway station.
In Railway station,
Sanskar waits before train and sees his watch frequently. Aman comes with a girl and a little boy of 19 and 15.
(Sanskar and Aman talk in hindi. I don’t know hindi. So I give in English and Swara and Sahil speaks in tamil and I give in English. San and swahil convo talk in English only to communicate)
Sanskar looks Aman and raises question through his eyes.
“She is Swara and her brother Sahilraj. They also travel with you as your wife and brother and you have to travel with fake identity of Abhi mehra ”Aman said which makes Sanskar shock.
“what the hell Aman? Do you want me to travel with this middle class people” Sanskar exclaimed.
“Sanskar relax.. try to understand. I get this ticket from a broker after so much struggle. You have only two ways. You can travel with this ticket in first class or you can travel with me in unreserved third class compartment. Choice is yours”Aman said and pointed the crowd in unreserved compartment.
“ I don’t know which enmity you have with me, Aman. You are taking revenge now”Sanskar sighed and Aman hides his chuckle.
“it’s situation Sanskar. Go and we will meet again in Chennai. I want to save my seat now”Aman said and run.
Sahil whispers in swara’s ears.”Shona,do you want really do this? I can manage in unreserved compartment. I don’t like him especially his attitude. What will happen if he tried to take advantage on situation”
“Arre Sahil, I have pepper spray more than I have my most over protective brother with me. so don’t worry, he thinks that we don’t know hindi. What he said. He don’t want to travel with middle class people naa. We will teach him a lesson.”Swara said and winks at Sahil.
“haaan Shona akka(di) look at him. he just look like white monkey..Vella Korangu..(white monkey)”Sahil said and Swara chuckles.
“ Arrey Sahil even monkey will smile better than him. don’t insult monkey…”Swara said while Sanskar listening their convo with shock.
“what am I looking like pandhar? What they think about themselves. They don’t know even I know tamil. Thanks lucky for making me learn tamil. Sure, I will teach a good lesson to them..once I reached chennai”Sanskar thinks and smirks.
Sahil waves his hands before Sanskar and Sanskar come out of his thought.
“ hello Vella korangu.. can we go before train departs?”Sahil asked Sanskar.
“Sahil! What will happen if he knows tamil?” Swara asked with smile by hiding her expressions.
“ I don’t care. See him, by his look, we can know he don’t know tamil. He even don’t say anything while I calling him as Vella Korangu..”Sahil also replied Swara with sweet smile.
“what did you called me, young man?” Sanskar asked Sahil with fake sweetness.
“ Vella Koragu means Respected sir. You looks like a big business man. We should give you respect naa..”Sahil said and boarded into train.
Sanskar sighs in disbelief.” Is he a little devil?. I should be careful to this bro sis combo just like uttara and Laksh. wait how did I compare them with my Uttu and Lucky ”
“Vella Korangu.. seekaram ulla vaa..ohh! you don’t tamil naa..come inside soon ..” Sahil exclaimed at Sanskar and Sanskar gets inside.
People start to occupy their respective seat.
Swara sits near window, then Sahil and finally Sanskar. Train start to move.
After a time,
Sanskar hears a sound from front side.
“Shona, sit here. I will see what’s the problem.”Sahil said and walks.
He come within two minute.
“Shona Akka, Ticket Collector caught two persons who travelling with fake identity and asked constable to leave them in next respective station. We have to be careful and explain this to that vella korangu” Sahil said and Sanskar also hears that.
Swara start to speak but Sanskar stops by showing his palm” I know tamil…”
Swahil gives what to do look and gives a relieved sigh.
“See Mr, we want to go Chennai. I am relieved that you also know tamil. So act according to that. I don’t want any flaw”Swara said sternly.
Finally TC comes to their place and checks their tickets. Tc looks Sahil suspiciously .
“Mr.mehra , your brother age is given as 19 but he looks like 15 year aged.”Tc asked while cleaning his specs.
“Actually his growth is affected because of a disease systemborous hyper syndrome and even his mental stability is not stable.” Sanskar said with fake tears and smirks at Swara and Sahil.
Sahil grit his teeth.”Am I mentally unstable? Wait I will make you regret vella korangu.” Sahil said to himself.
Sahil suddenly pushed Sanskar to floor and lays on the long seat and start to sleep.
“Abhi ji, today you will sleep on floor. See your bhai get sleepy and he only sleep in my lap as he considers me as his maa. Otherwise he will go out of control”Swara said innocently.
“beta Don’t worry. I will also stay here to help you both. You are really very sweet, beti. I will come soon after checking ” Tc said and left..
Sanskar shockingly looks Swara and Sahil and both winks at him.
“what the hell?”Sanskar asked in low tone
“See Mr. whatever, you have to sleep there itself. Just imagine, if I say truth to tc, he will let us because I am a girl and he is a kid. But what about you? he will leave you in next station. What will you do? so better , shut your mouth and sleep there itself. It’s our revenge for showing my Sahil as mentally unstable”Swara said in a serious tone.
Sanskar stand in anger.” You..”
“TC uncle…”Swara called.
“beta do you need anything?”Tc asked caringly.
“uncle, don’t mistake me. is there are any unoccupied seats in this coach?”Swara asked while gives a intense look to Sanskar and Sanskar taken aback.
“sorry beta, but the travel is just 7 hours left. So your husband will not have any problem. He can manage..”Tc looks Sanskar.
“I can manage…”Sanskar said defeatedly and lays on train floor.
Swara and Sahil hides their chuckle and Tc left.
Soon, because of train shake, Sanskar starts to sleep in floor itself.
The next day, early morning,
Train halted in Chennai central railway station and Aman gets into Sanskar’s couch and gulped to see him sleep in floor.
Swara yawns and sees Aman.” Tell your friend, don’t dare to insult people just because of they belong to middle class. We just taught him a small lesson.”
Swara said and leaves with sahil.
Sanskar wakes up and sees himself in phone mirror and sees something written in his head.
“vella..korangu..”Sanskar spelled and his face turned into anger and looks Aman who is laughing.
Flashback ends…
Sanskar finished and looks Laksh who is rolling in ground by holding his stomach and tries his best to control his laugh.
“bhai.. don’t say more. I can’t hold my laugh. So a girl make sleep the great maheshwari sleep on train floor and a little boy called him vella korangu.” Laksh stopped by seeing Sanskar’s pouted face.
“ok ok. now I can relate why she fainted? But bhai, you always respected people by their thinking not because of their status. Then why you said like that?” Laksh asked.
“hmm! What can I do lucky? I think at that time shani bhagavan stayed in my tongue and said that. Still whenever I remember them, it brought smile in my face, Lucky. They both are great pair just ..”Sanskar stopped.
“like me and Uttu. Bhai, still my heart says that she will come oneday and she is not dead. Till we didn’t get her and I have the hope one day she will return to me” Laksh said while closing his eyes and leaned to chair.
Sanskar cursed himself .
“Laksh… get back to work. There are mehra files”Sanskar gave files to Laksh and come out, wipes his tears gently and walks towards staff room.
Swara wakes up in staff room and remembers what happened.
Aman sits opposite to her and gives water.
“Ms.Swara, are you feel better?”Aman asked Swara and Swara nods.
“Mr.Aman, I don’t want to work here. I want to resign my job.”Swara said calmly and Aman looks at her confusion.
“Ms.Swara, are you really alright?”Aman asked in disbelief.
“She will be alright Aman. I want to speak Ms.Swara.”Sanskar said and Aman leaves.
Aman comes out of staff room .
“Ms.Swara, I know that we have a clash in past and I ensure that it will not affect our professional relationship. Take leave and think once again. if you still want to resign, I will accept your resignation, tomorrow.”Sanskar said and goes out.
Laksh enters once after Sanskar goes out.
“Ms.Swara, my bhai always keeps professional and personal life separately. So don’t worry” Laksh said and goes out.
“what can I do now? I need this job but Laksh is there, he calls that Vella korangu as bhai. What is his relationship with this company and how he behave me with normally . “Swara holds her head” no I have to know about him. it only help me to know about the reason of my rago’s death and I should keep Sahil away from him” Swara decides determinately.
Aman sits in his cabin thinkingly and Laksh enters his cabin.
“what are you thinking Aman bhai?” Laksh asked while sitting.
“ about Sanskar. He never spoke to any employee other than me and he always remain khadoos. But today..”Aman paused.
“bhai is taking care of Swara unknowingly. He is attracted towards her. Let see what will happen” Laksh said while twirling paper weight.
Swara’s POV
“is Laksh alive? is he didn’t recognized me? what is his relationship with this company?” my mind snapped this questions to me. if I get this answers, I can know what happened that day… that day I lost my everything. but Sahil.. no Swara, After a long struggle, you get your Sahil back. No I can’t lose him again. I should resign this job and go away from Laksh. but another job is not assured and now Sahil needs money for educational expenses. Pillayarappa… now what can I do?. This white monkey (Sanskar ) also seems good and I can’t get like this another offer again. It’s so confusing. I walked towards my boss that white monkey’s cabin and knocked twice. The door is slightly open.
“you are fired. Get lost…” that white monkey roared. I closed my eyes in fear… no it’s not me. he fired some another one. I opened my eyes because of sudden realization and a man come out with sad face.
“May I get in sir?” I asked politely and he signed to come in.
“what is your decision Miss…?” he try to remember my name.”Miss.Swara…” I reminded my name.
“ I will join from tomorrow sir.” I said.
“ok. Miss.Swara but don’t be late. I always expect punctuality and perfection in work. Hope you will gothrough soon. You may take leave half day” He said in a authorative tone.
“ I will sir” I assured him and leave the cabin.
I relased a long breath. I don’t know why I feel I get into lion’s cave . how can I work with him that too full day with him . I think he even don’t know how to smile… always remain stern kanchi(rice water)
In Aman cabin,
Aman comes inside with a sigh.
“this Sanskar naa… again he fired an employee. Now I want to call for interviews”Aman sits his chair with pout face while Laksh laughs.
“Are you laughing? Your bhai always fire any of his employees everyday. I am tired Laksh.”Aman said while leaning towards his seat back and closed his eyes, then open his eyes.
“Laksh, I know I don’t want to say. Just take care of him. he don’t know how to control his anger. Don’t let him to fall in any trouble”Aman said worriedly.
“Aman bhai, just chill. He is just strict to his employees but he also care for them naa”Laksh said while Aman chuckles.
“Don’t say strict. Even that word is can’t describe Sanskar. Khadoos…”Aman said.
“Khadoos?You are fired”a voice comes from behind.
Aman and Laksh turned and see Sanskar who is hiding smile in his face.
Aman see his watch casually.” Sorry ex boss. I already resigned. Now you can’t fire me. Time is now 2 :01 PM”
Laksh chuckled by hearing Aman.
“ohh bhai! you know naa Aman bhai is how much punctual. See him now He is head of London branch and our papa is his boss. Hei naa Aman bhai”Laksh said and both Aman and Laksh gives hi-fi to each other.
Sanskar left a smile with sigh and hugged both, sit in the table.
“what are you doing here? Go and help nishu bhabhi in packing.she is so much anger on you.”Sanskar said and put the call recorder on.
“Sanskar, this is nishu. Tell your friend to arrive home within ten minutes, otherwise I will kill you both to make me stuck in packing alone”Nishu, Aman’s wife yelled in phone and sanskar’s pleadings played in phone which makes Aman face pale.
Laksh controls his laugh but failed. Aman pouts.” Now I am gone…”
They heard a knock sound. Sanskar get down from table and goes out with Laksh. Swara gives a relief.
“Get in…”Aman said.
Swara get inside.”Sir, Receptionist Said that you asked me to come “
“Yes.Miss.Swara, this is CEO sir’s schedule and it’s”Aman gave a list.
Swara takes in her hand and her eyes widened.
“Sir..”Swara shocked.
Aman smiled” Miss.Swara, this is not to do list for CEO Sir. He expects be punctual and perfection in work. Just take care of this list and best of luck”
Swara and Aman have an professional handshake.
“Thanks Sir for your help”Swara said in a professional tone and left the office.
In Sanskar’s cabin,
Sanskar is checking details of his current projects in his laptop while Laksh start to yawn.
“Bhai, I am so bored. Now I will leave. I already asked driver to take my bike here . bye ”laksh said and starts to leave without giving any heed to Sanskar’s voice.
Sanskar sits by holding his head.”suddenly what happened to him?”
After some minutes, his senior manager entered his cabin without knocking.
“what the hell?”Sanskar shouted but seeing senior manager state , he stopped.
“sir, I have to go… family emergency…”Senior manager said stammeringly in tensed state.
“Are you go by own or I will call company driver?”Sanskar asked.
“no sir. I will take care, thanks”Senior manager said in hurry and left.
Sanskar immersed in his work .
At an isolated road,
Senior Manager Devan drives his car fastly. His phone ringed and by seeing his phone display , he get so tensed.
“ I am coming . I will do whatever you say. Please leave my son…” he pleaded while a bullet hit his tyre. He tried to control his car but resulted in failure. Car rolled in road. A man who wears completely black with balck helmet walks towards car from nearby bush. He takes the bullet which hit the car tyre and sees Devan who is lying in the pool of blood and struggles for his life. He broke the windshield of car, drag him out by his har without caring the glass pieces which was piercing devan’s body.
“Aaah!” Devan yelled but due to weakness, his voice comes very low.
Man thrown him in road mercilessly .
Devan see him with widen eyes.”you..!
Man laughed wickedly. “it’s me only “
“please leave me Laksh sir… please… why are you doing this” Devan pleaded.
Laksh looked him with expressionless face.
“ok. give me a single reason to leave you alive”Laksh said while tapping gun at devan forehead and walked around him.
Devan looked at him pleadingly .
“you didn’t get single reason naa. Do you remember how you broken my little family”Laksh asked and postured with his hand little.
Devan looked at him shockingly.” I didn’t lost a single memory which you given”Laksh said while holding devan head and hit it in road floor brutally.
Devan tried to yell but Laksh hold his mouth with his gloved hands.”shhh! don’t scream. Why are you disturbing others?” Laksh pointed the nearby cat and birds which scared by the scenario and putting a finger in his lip and showed not to scream.
Tears starts to flow from devan’s eyes because of pain .”don’t worry. I will not kill you that much easily” Laksh said and hit his head in road again which make Devan knock out fully.
“I will save you and make you live as lifeless body the same way you made me to live without my sahi. SAHI!” Laksh spelled the word and cried loudly.the next minute , his eyes turned reddish “It’s my revenge… it’s Lakshya’s revenge for snatching his sahi from him. I will make everyone life as hell ” Laksh said and laughed loudly , wickedly.
A man who witness it by binaculor , gives a satisfactory smile and leave the place in his bike.
At swara’s side,
Swara enters the room after tiring journey and sees Sahil who is sitting before Laptop.
Sahil turns and sees Swara and walks inside, comes with two cup of coffee .
Swara takes one cup .
“how is your job? Is it ok? “Sahil asked while sipping his coffee and staring the laptop.
“hmm! It’s ok”Swara replied.
“what about your college interview?” Swara asked.
“ I did my best . hope I will get the seat”Sahil said and again immersed himself in clash of clans. A silence starts to occupy the place.
Sahil takes his laptop and goes to terrace .
While climbing stairs,
“ there are some house address which is available for rent. If you are free at evening, we may go”Sahil said and continued climbing.
A sad smile appeared in Swara’s face.
Suddenly , Sahil runs towards her and takes her in his hand,twirls happily.
“di, I get a seat in best medical college in kolkatta…”Sahil said happily and make her stand.
“Arre Raj! You get a seat!”Swara exclaimed in happiness. The previous awkwardness in their surrounding is left. They forget what happened between them in past.
Sahil suddenly left his hold on swara while Swara is holding his hand. Sahil releases Swara hold and get inside the another small room where he kept his bag. Swara looks Sahil with moist eyes.
Sahil opens his bag and takes a photo which was carefully wrapped , hugs the photo.
“Mamu, Rago do you know I get seat in best medical college in merit . my dream is going to be real but I want you both beside me”Sahil said to the photo in which Sahil sits beside Ragini and Laksh, in which Laksh ties the THALLI(Mangalsutra) in Ragini’s neck.
Sahil came out of the room.
“Swara, we have to go search a new rented house. It’s your friend house. As you know, we can’t stay here for a long”Sahil taunted.
Swara smiled while Sahil stared her with little bit anger.
Swara raised her hand in air.
“I will just fash my face. then, we will go.”Swara said without changing smile.
Sahil gave an you are impossible look while Swara refused his look .
After five minutes,
Swara came out without washing her face and searching something.
“what are you searching?”Sahil asked .
“I don’t know where I kept my face wash. Ohh Kalimaa! What can I do? what will happen if I get any pimple? Oh no! pimple in my face… I can’t imagine”Swara exclaimed in a dramatic way while Sahil searched the face wash.
“Oh!”Sahil took out the face wash from luggage.
“Kalimaa Thank you so much ….”Swara folded her hands and raised in air multiple times.
“you can act like Rago di… you are not Rago di…”Sahil mixed poison in his words.
“I know.. I will be ready in five minutes”Swara said with the same smile and got into washroom.
Sahil stared Swara and left the place with painful smile.
In SM industries,
Sanskar had been checking an file while Laksh entered his cabin.
“Arre Bhai…how many hours will you work continuously? Wrap up soon… we will return to house”Laksh said.
“ it’s for an important deal, Laksh. we should grab this deal at any cost”Sanskar said in serious tone.
Laksh sighed.
“hmm! Boring work … I wish to be in car race. Shhhh! Speed.. thrill…”Laksh imagined as he is in car race.
“Laksh… you decided to be trained in Industries work by yourself. Don’t deviate from your decisions.”Sanskar said in a little bit strict tone.
“Ok boss”laksh replied then put his finger on his lips and sit like a LKG Student .
“You…”Sanskar struggled to control his smile.
“you…”Laksh asked then again put his finger on his lip.
“You will never change…”Sanskar smiled and sighed.
“Haan… with this smile , now wrap up your work soon, we will see it tomorrow… let’s go” laksh hurried.
“Haan.. Haan.. give me half an hour. Then we will go.”Sanskar said.
“Ok bhai… only half an hour”Laksh reminded and sat on a chair beside Sanskar and started to play with table weight to kill the time.
On Other side,
Sahil and Swara were walking on the road.
“ we saw more than five houses and three flats. Till now, you didn’t finalized anyone Sahil.”Swara complained.
But ,Sahil didn’t pay any attention and continued his walking by checking google maps.
Swara kicked the ground.
“Aahh!”Swara hold her leg because of pain.Sahil turned and saw the stone,Understood what she did.
A bell sound occupied the place.
Sahil looked the nearby temple which was crowded by people.
“We will sit in this temple for a while”Sahil said and supported Swara to stand.
Swara holded Sahil’s hand .with his support, she climbed the stairs of temple.
Both sit in the temple.
“Swara , sit here . I will buy things for pooja.”Sahil said after looking the surrounding.
“Hmmm”Swara nodded.
Sahil climb down the temple stairs.
Swara looked the surrounding to avoid getting bored and then saw a little kid bumped with an middle aged lady. The lady missed her pooja plate.
Swara walked towards the lady and helped her to collect her pooja things.
“Thank you beta”The lady thanked swara.
Swara returned her a friendly smile and helped her to sit.
“what is your name,Beta?” the lady asked.
“Swara…”Sahil who arrived there and looked her questioningly.
“my name is Swara and he is my choti,Raj..Sahil raj”Swara introduced herself and sahil.
“Pranam aunty…”Sahil said .
“Thank you beta for helping me”the lady said again.
“Arre aunty… we are humans. We should help each other if we can”Swara said.
“Beta,Are you new to this place?”the lady asked.
“how did you know,Aunty?”Swara asked.
“your tone of language is different and I never seen you here before”the lady said.
“Haan Aunty… we are from Tamilnadu . he got seat in xxx medical college and hospital and I am working in…”Swara said but Sahil interrupted.
“Swara, we have to go”Sahil said.
“now again, I have to walk for searching house”Swara sighed.
“if you are searching for house, there is a vacancy . I can refer you if you want . note the address.“that lady said and Sahil note down the address in phone.
“Thanks aunty”Sahil thanked the lady.
“Swara, can we go”Sahil murmured in Swara’s ear.
“Ok aunty. We will meet if we can”Swara said and walked towards Kalimaa’s idol.
“Annu , who is she?”Dadi asked the lady who came at that moment by searching Annu.
“Her name is Swara”Annu explained how she met Swara.
“She is just like our Uttu maa. The same smile…”Annu said while was remembering Uttara.
“Annu…”Dadi hold Annu’s hand supportively.
Annu turned and hide her tears.
“Maa, It’s getting late. We should return now”Annu said and walked towards down.
Dadi looked Kalimaa’s Idol.
“I did the sin, Annu. Forgive me, we lost our Uttu because of me”Dadi murmured.
“Maa…”Annu called Dadi from distance by observing her absence.
“I am coming ,Annu”Dadi signed and walked towards Downside.
At Swara’s side,
Swara and Sahil folded their hands, stood before Kalimaa’s idol .
“Maa, I have already lost my beloved people in my life. “Sahil opened his eyes and looked Swara.
” Please, always keep my di safe and happy. Please …”Sahil prayed.
“Maa, mera chotu start his new phase in his life. Please stand beside him and don’t let our past affect his future. Please maa..”Swara prayed.
“Swara, we are getting late.”Sahil said in a stern tone.
“haan… haan.. now can we go, Boss?”Swara asked while bowing her head.
Sahil suppressed his smile and turned back, started to walk outside of temple.
“Arre, I am also coming , wait”Swara shouted and ran behind Sahil.
“Ouch!”Swara holded her legs in pain,Sahil stopped by Swara’s scream and walked towards her.
“Just before, you hit stone by your leg. How you forgotten this ?”Sahil asked and hold her hands to support her.
“ok.. ok… can we continue our new house hunt?”Swara asked.
“we will continue Tomorrow evening. Now we will return to your friend’s house.”Sahil said.
Both walked towards their residential place.
At laksh’s side,
Sanskar was driving his car towards his house while laksh sat besides him and humming “humma” song.
Laksh opened windows of cars.
“Laksh, close the window. AC will not work, properly”Sanskar instructed.
“then, off the AC bhai”Laksh said and then switched off car’s AC.
“Hmmm… see Bhai, today the air is so moist…. Don’t you feel good while breathing natural Air than AC?”Laksh asked.
“haan… haan…. Mera guru. Now let me drive”Sanskar said while Laksh gives a smile, leaned on seat , closed his eyes.
Flashback starts….
“Sahi… Sahi… please stop here…”Laksh said while running behind Ragini.
Ragini stopped, turned and put her hands on her hip.
“Ohh! Lakshu… Just see the fresh leaves of tree…(inhales the air) how much this air enriched with flower’s scent… I always love this spring season”Ragini said dreamingly.
Laksh hugged her from back.
“is you love only Spring season?” Laksh hissed in Ragini’s ear and kissed her ear lobe.
“Laksh… what will happen if anyone see us like this?”Ragini said while she was trying to remove laksh’s hands.
“Sahi! We are married now and it’s my garden. No one can’t say anything about us”Laksh replied while increasing his grip.
Ragini turned towards Laksh .
“but it’s an open space”Ragini said.
“hhmm? Is it the problem? ”laksh asked while looking into Ragini’s eyes, smiled naughtily.
“hmmm!”Ragini said and realized what she said. Her cheeks turned red because of sudden blood flow.
“Sahi!”Laksh spelled with so much love in his voice.
Ragini slightly raised her head.
Laksh leaned towards her lips while Ragini closed her eyes .
“Mama..(jeju).. Rago…”Two voices are coming from inside house.
Ragini suddenly pushed laksh and ran inside house.
Laksh smiled sheepishly and played with his hair.
Flashback ends…
“screech…” Car stopped suddenly with sound.
Laksh opened his eyes with jerk.
“what happened, bhai?”Laksh asked worriedly by seeing Sanskar’s confused face.
“Someone tried to kill our senior manager. Now only I got information. I have to go SP office”Sanskar said.
“Ok bhai. first we will look into this matter”Laksh said.
“no Laksh. first I will drop you in house. We will reach within five minutes”Sanskar said and started car.
“ok…”Laksh said.
“bhai.. I want to ask something”Laksh said.
“why are you asking permission,Laksh? what is this new habit?”Sanskar asked.
Laksh smiled a little.
“bhai, you said that Rago was an orphan. I had some flashes. In that, not only Rago, there were other two persons… but I couldn’t neither recognize their faces nor remember about them…”Laksh said while holding his head, felt some pain in his head.
“Didn’t you take your tablets?”Sanskar asked while checking the box in car, took a tablet and gave it to laksh.
“Take it”Sanskar handover both Tablet and water.
Laksh swallowed the tablet and had water.
“how many times I told you to not skip tablet”Sanskar said.
“Arre bhai… don’t switch into scolding mode. I already have Hitler in home. Moreover…”Laksh stopped in middle as he observed that they arrived inside house gate.
Laksh came out of car.
“Moreover ..?”Sanskar asked.
“it makes your face like rat”Laksh said
“you.. Laksh…”Sanskar detached the seat belt and acted like to open the car door.
“bhai.. no.. maa…”laksh ran inside.
Sanskar smiled and shook his head, stared the way in which laksh went .
His phone ranged again.
Sanskar come out of his thoughts and attened the call.
“Sir, SP has arrived “one of his employees said.
“I will be there in half an hour”Sanskar answered, drove his car towards district SP office.
At swara place,
Sahil and Swara reached their friend’s house and saw her friend was waiting for her.
“Astra, are you waiting here for a long time? Sorry…”Swara said.
“Arre Swara, I just arrived here. I should informed you first. Then, how is kolkatta?”Astra, Swara’s friend asked.
“it’s very good Astu. Thank you for your help. You helped me a lot”Swara said.
“Ohh! Swara… you are my friend. But you still thanking me. it’s not correct”Astra said.
“you both continue. I will be here after some time”Sahil interrupted and left.
Swara stared the way for a second.
“Kolkatta is a very good place Astu. I am liking this place a lot”Swara diverted Astra’s mind from Sahil.
“haan… you will definitely like this place. I know how much you like sweets and here… this Bengali sweets…hmmm”Astra imagined a plateful of milk sweets.
After a while, at the end of their conversation,
“Swara… haan.. I forgot why I came here. Tomorrow I came here to invite you and Sahil for breakfast. Please come and convince sahil also. I don’t know why you both are refusing to stay here. I made ready this flat just for you . it’s one of best which we have.”Astra complained.
“Haan… I know Astu. But we can’t stay here. You refused to take rent from us. so Sahil decided to stay in another house. You know naa Sahil never changes his decision once he decided. Whatever it is, I am staying in kolkatta only. We can see each other”Swara said.
Astra nodded and left.
In SP office,
Sanskar and Sp was in middle of conversation.
“I hope you will find the culprit soon”Sanskar said .
“Yes Mr.Maheshwari. he is ASP Arjun . He will handle this case”SP said while seeing Arjun entered into room and saluted SP.
Sanskar stood from his seat and had a handshake with Arjun.
“Nice to meet you, Mr.Arjun. incase you need any help, I am happy to help you in this investigation.I hope you will finish this case soon”Sanskar said.
“Definitely Mr.Maheshwari …”Arjun said.
Sanskar left the SP office.
At Swara’s side,
Sahil entered into house.
“where did you go? I am calling you for a long time”Swara worried.
Sahil looked Swara and took kulfi from his bag.
Swara tried to take it from Sahil’s hand but he taken back.
Swara looked him questioningly.
“if you want this, you have to dress your wound”Sahil said strictly.
“but, it will give burning sensation… no”Swara clinged.
“ok… I will eat this”Sahil said while opening the wrapper.
“ok. I will let you dress my wound. But now let me to eat”Swara pleased.
“I know who you are.. cheater cock”Sahil said and took dettol, cotton roll, aimment from his bag , a bowl of water and cloth.
“Sit here…”Sahil pointed a seat.
Swara sat and Sahil cleaned her foot.
“Take this”Sahil handover the kulfi.
Swara started to eat meanwhile he finished the dressing, left the place silently.
Swara observed Sahil’s absence and went to his room, saw he was sleeping, sat beside his bed.
“I don’t know Sahil why you act like changed. You may hurt me sometimes intentionally even though you didn’t wanted to. I don’t know the reason and I don’t need it. whatever it may be, I will get my chotu back . I will go for any extreme…”Swara said while caressing his hair.
Sahil turned in sleep . Swara went out from the room silently.
Sahil opened his eyes.
“I am hurt di whenever I hurt you. I should be supportive to you when we lost. But I have to stay away from you for you… just for you”Sahil murmured and slowly sleep occupied him.
In Hospital,
Doctor entered his cabin where Sanskar was waiting .
“what happened Mr.Maheshwari? you called me at this time”Doctor asked.
“Laksh got flashes about his past. He didn’t take his medicine properly”Sanskar said.
Doctor thought for a while.
“we can’t do anything Mr.Maheshwari. Laksh has a strong feelings for ragini. That’s why he didn’t forgot her even when he lost his memory. The tablets helped us to restrict him from getting his memories. but I don’t think it will help now. “Doctor said.
“what will happen if he get any panic attack? Already he is going through immense pain in full moon days”Sanskar said.
“I tried my best,Mr.Maheshwari. Incase you get know about his past, it may help us to save Laksh .give this medicine if he get into any panic attack. rest is in god’s hands. “Doctor said.
Sanskar didn’t replied, stood from his seat and left Doctor’s cabin.
Sanskar’s phone ringed and shows Annu’s number.
“Maa…”Sanskar said.
“Sanskar beta… it’s getting late. When will you return?”Annu asked.
“I will be there in an hour maa.”Sanskar answered.
“haan beta… come soon… do you observed that our laksh returning to normal? I wish that he will be recovered soon”Annu said.
“haan maa… we will get our old laksh “Sanskar said and cut the call.
“we will get our old Laksh at any cost ,maa”Sanskar said and dialed detective’s number.
“hello Mr.Maheshwari…”Detective said.
“did you find about Ragini’s brother and sister or not?”Sanskar asked.
“Mr.Maheshwari…”Detective started.
“I don’t want any reason. I want their details with in a month. Otherwise, you know what will happen to your career”Sanskar threatened.
“their details should be in your table within a month,Mr.Maheshwari”Detective promised.
Sanskar cut the call.
“I should know what happened in your past, Laksh. for that, I have to find them.”Sanskar said to himself and left the hospital.
Sanskar parked his car and entered MM.
“go, fresh up Sanskar. I will be in dining table”Annu said.
“maa… why are you waiting for me? see, now time is 11 PM”Sanskar said.
“And till now she didn’t eat anything”Laksh said who was coming back from Annu.
“maa…”Sanskar rolled his eyes.
“Laksh also didn’t eat anything”Annu diverted the topic.
“Lucky..!”Sanskar stressed Laksh’s name.
“ohh! Bhai stop staring both of us. Go and fresh up soon. I am so hungry…”Laksh hold his stomach.
“ok… I will be in dining table within five minutes”Sanskar assured.
“maa… come on, we will arrange the food”Laksh said , hold annu by her shoulder, drags her towards dining hall.
“ohh! Laku … I will come”Annu said and smiled.
In dining hall,
Sanskar sat on chair while Laksh sat on table.
Annu served food on Sanskar’s table, then feed Laksh with her hands.
“Laksh, are you a kid to sit on table?”Dp who came that side to take water, asked and walked towards them.
“Durga ji…”Annu stressed her tone.
“My Laksh is always a kid for me…”Annu added.
Laksh started to cough by seeing Dp’s expressions.
Annu tapped his head while Sanskar fed him water.
Laksh raised his eyes secretely towards Dp.
“ I’m ok, maa.. bhai”Laksh said.
Dp shook his head in disbelief and left the place with waterbottle.
Laksh fed Annu while Annu fed him.
Sanskar stared them with some craving.
“maa… can you feed me, today? Actually…”Sanskar searched for words.
Laksh fed him with sweet after Annu fed him a bite of chappati with dal.
“Bhai… sit here”laksh offered a place on table.
Sanskar sat on table while Annu fed them both and both fed her.
After a while,
“Bhai… After a long day, I feel my stomach fulled.”Laksh said .
“Kadothkaj..!”Sanskar said.
“maa…”Laksh complained Annu.
“Sanskar..!”Annu called.
“Kadothkaj..!”Laksh mimicked and shown his tongue out while sanskar stared him with fake anger.
“Go bhai… help maa. I am getting sleepy…”Laksh yawned .
“Laksh, I placed milk in a glass on table. Drink that and go”Annu instructed from kitchen.
Laksh tried to pour the milk on wash basin while Sanskar hold his hand.
Laksh pleaded through his eyes while Sanskar twinkled his eyes and smirked.
“Maa…Laksh is …”Laksh hold his mouth by his one hand and drank milk in one go.
“maa… I finished…”Laksh said while making weird face.
“Tit for tat”Sanskar murmured in Laksh ear and went to kitchen for helping Annu.
In Dp’s room,
Dp opened his eyes by feeling that someone massages his foot.
“Laksh…”Dp surprised.
Laksh smiled to Dp.
“Don’t you get sleep?”Dp asked while sitting on the bed.
“no papa… I just thought to sit beside you “laksh said .
A moment of silence occupied the place.
“Papa…”Laksh started.
“haan Laksh…”Dp responded.
“Papa… Many times, I stood against you. I hurt you even once I left you all. Still, you are supporting me eventhough I am not…“Laksh stammered as he don’t know how to continue.
“you are my son, Laksh my little prince. no one can’t change it”Dp stressed his tone and caressed his hair.
Laksh looked Dp with moist eyes.
Dp opened his hands while Laksh hugged him tightly.
Annu who came that minute, got tears because of happiness.
“Maa..”Sanskar slowly called Annu to not disturb Laksh and Dp and put his hand on Annu’s shoulder.
Annu turned while Sanskar wiped her tears and sidehugged her.
“ here after Only happiness should be remain in our home, maa”Sanskar said in a promising tone.
At the same time,
In Kolkatta Airport,
A young man who is in dashing three piece suit, came out of the airport.
A car stopped before him and a man came out of the car.
“Sir…”Another man came before with fear and respect in his eyes.
The young man hand over his luggage carelessly to another man with an aggressive attitude , walked towards the car. Man took the luggage and carefully put it in
Driver opened the door.
“Key…”Young man said in a authorative tone.
Driver gives the key with a little bit hesitation .
Young man removed his coolers and gave a intense look to Driver.
The young man sat in the driver seat and snapped his finger.
Another man came before him.
“Fire this driver. You can come in taxi.”Young man ordered and closed car screen without waiting for reply, left the airport.
Young man drove towards the House which was in outskirts of kolkatta.
His phone ringed and he attended the call.
“hello…”he answered.
“are you reached Kolkatta?” a lady who is on call asked.
“haan … I reached and don’t worry about me”He answered.
“No one should not be happy in that house… ”Lady said in a venomous tone.
“hmm… I will make them lose their wealth, happiness, each and everything as same as we lost Rago maa”Young man said.
“we will show what is hell to them, Aadi”Ragini, the lady , said .
“Ok Rago maa… I will call you once I succeed in my first step..”Aadi, young man, said and cut the call,drive towards the house which he had in kolkatta.
“Maheshwari, your end is near, very near to you “Aadi muttered.
On other side,
Ragini moved the handle bar of wheel chair to move forward, entered into a room.
A dim yellow light filled the room. She stopped before a portrait of Laksh, caressed it with love.
“Just few days Laksh, I will get you back and I will also punish them for what they did to us”Ragini said.
After some hours,
On other hand in Laksh room,
Laksh was laying on a cot.
Flashback starts…
“I love …”Laksh rehearsed this words.
“chi… even I can’t tell this words correctly. How am I going to propose her?”Laksh asked himself and kicked the ground.
“I love you.. can you be with me till my death as my wife, as my mother, as my everything?” Laksh saw those words which was written in a card.
“Laksh…!”Ragini’s voice filled the void.
Laksh hide the card behind him.
“what is it, Laksh?”Ragini asked doubtfully.
Laksh put the card in ground .
“nothing sahi!”Laksh showed his hand before.
Ragini smiled a bit and walked towards Laksh slowly with a blushing face.
“laksh…”Ragini handed over a card to Laksh hands.
“Sahi..!”laksh muttered in shock and looked Ragini .
Ragini nodded her head and blushed a little.
Laksh tried to smile and succeed in it.
“Laksh, I will come in one minute…”Ragini said and left the place .
Laksh missed the card which flown in air, landed near by laksh proposal card.
“RAGINI WEDS NITHIN”those letters written in the card.
“Sahi!”Laksh spelled Ragini’s name and looked Ragini with pain who was distributing her wedding invitation card to her friends.
Flashback ends…
“Sahi..!”Laksh woke up from sleep.
Sweat marks shown in head even in that Ac room.
Laksh sit properly , tried to remember his both flashes which he had that day.
He walked towards his cupboard and opened it.
Uttara and Ragini smiled in opposite sides in the doors.
“Love is pain… I don’t know who are you. Even I don’t know what is your real name. I get to know your name from bhai. but the truth , I love you . I Love you sahi. Even after I know your memories will give me only pain, I want to remember it. I want to know about you. I want to take revenge for your loss.but…”Laksh punched the wall hardly.
Laksh sits in nearby chair weakly, hold his head.
On Ragini’s place,
Ragini stared Laksh’s photo more than an hour.
“Rago maa”Another girl entered the room with worried face.
“I searched you whole house… come, we will go to your room… it’s already midnight ”the girl said, looked Laksh portrait with hatred.
“Uttu…”Ragini rotated the handle to turn and saw Uttara was yawning and controlling her sleep.
“let’s go”Ragini said, move the handle forward .
“Rago maa… why are you wasting your life for the person who left you? he don’t deserve your love ”Uttara asked.
“no Uttu.. I left him …”ragini murmured and stopped in middle.
“ Rago maa..”Uttara shows shocked face by hearing ragini’s words.
“my laksh is very good.yes, I left him but ..”Ragini stammered, a long tear rolled from her eyes . Uttara hold her hands supportively.
“leave it Rago maa… come, we will sleep. Haan.. Aadi reached kolkatta. Now only he called me ”Uttara said and both headed towards the room.
“ ok Uttu..”Ragini said.
Both reached Ragini’s room.
Ragini hold Uttara’s hand and stand little, sit in cot.
Uttara helped her to lay on bed properly, lay beside her, get into sleep while Ragini hold her mangalsutra tightly, then slept.
The next day,
Sun rises in the east .
In Swara’s side,
“Swara, I am going to college. Return as soon as possible from office. We have to go for searching flat”Sahil said.
“haan Sahil… “Swara said in a hurry while getting ready to office.
Sahil resumed his work for a minute.
“is your office ok? “Sahil asked.
“haan.. everything is ok..”Swara lied.
“ok, then I am leaving…”Sahil came outside of the house.
Sahil took his purse outside and opened it. SwaragLak smiled in the photo.
“Rago akka, Laksh mama, it’s my first day .Your dream become true. I am going to become a doctor. I will fulfil all your wishes, Rago akka”Sahil said to Ragini’s photo, closed it, took a long breath and started travel to his destination.
In MM,
Dp, Laksh,Sanskar are sitting in the dining table.
“Singhania Industries is stepped into Construction industry also . They may become our major competitor.”Dp said.
“Don’t worry Papa. I and bhai here naa. We will take care of it. their presence will never affect us. “Laksh said.
“no Laksh. we can’t underrate anyone in this Industry. But we will make their presence invaluable to us”Sanskar said.
“Stop your business outside the house. It’s time for family not for your business.”Annu complained.
“Annu, where is maa?”Dp asked about Dadi.
“Maa did her breakfast in room itself. Maa said that she wanted to take rest.”Annu said.
“Is maa okay?”Dp asked worriedly.
Laksh stopped eating by hearing Dadi’s name, his face was shown different curve.
“she is okay. But nowadays she is suffering by pain in ankle. I massaged her foot. She will be ok”Annu said.
“Ok Papa. We are leaving to Office now”Sanskar said and stand up from chair.
Laksh followed him and both marched towards the office.
“Durga ji.. Actually I offered two people to stay in our out house. They are very nice like our Uttu and Lucky ”Annu said.
Dp stared Annu for a while.
“Ok Annu. Once they arrived here, give their details to me”Dp said and left the dining hall.

In Medical college,
Sahil stood before the entrance and looked the college with smile in his face.
“Maa… papa… I am going to start a new phase in my life as you wish, rago ka wish. Bless ma maa.. papa…”Sahil prayed and walked inside the college campus.
A man who is in coat suit bumped with Sahil which makes Sahil notes scattered in ground .
“Oops.. Sorry”The man apologized.
“it’s okay”Sahil genuinely accepted the sorry.
The man bended and helped Sahil to collect his notes.
“Are you new joinee? Is it your first day?”the man asked.
“yes. How did you know?”Sahil asked surprisedly.
“you are looking little bit tensed but also excited ”the man replied.
“hmm.. yes. It’s my first day here.”Sahil said while searching his pen.
“where did the pen go now?”Sahil asked himself .
The man smiled and took a pen from his pocket.
“I think you need this now”The man said.
“but it looks costly …”Sahil hesitated to take it.
“you missed your pen because of my mistake. Please take it”the man pleased.
Sahil accepted the pen half heartedly.
“ok. All the best for your studies.”the man said and left.
Sahil marched towards the auditorium for the first year inauguration gathering.
The man’s mobile ringed.
“hello Rago maa…”The man, Aadi , answered.
“did you give the pen to him?”Ragini asked eagerly on the call.
“haan Rago maa… I gave him. “Aadi said and look his pocked where he kept Sahil’s pen after stealing it while bumped with him.
“I wanted to give it by my hand. I want to see his happiness.”Ragini said dreamingly.
“Don’t worry Ragomaa. Soon, we will unite with them”Aadi said promisingly.
During the drive…
Sanskar phone ringed.
“Haan.. ok”Sanskar answered and cut the call.
“Who is on the call, bhai?”laksh asked.
“from Hospital Lucky, I asked doctor to update about Manager’s condition. he informed that he is out of danger. He will get conscious by today’s night. ”Sanskar said.
“why are you look into his matter, bhai? he is just an employee ”laksh said irritatingly.
“no Laksh. he is working in our company from it’s started. Moreover, we should take care of our employees safety.”Sanskar replied and focused on driving while Laksh looked outside and smirked.
In Ragini’s resident,
Uttara entered ragini’s room to call her for breakfast.
“Ragomaa .. Rago maa..”Uttara called but there is no response.
“where is Rago maa? Is she again get into that room?”Uttara thought and turned to go out.
Her vision fallen on a diary.
“is it Ragomaa’s diary?”Uttara asked herself and took it in her hand, opened it.
“Date July 13, 2011…
En iniya Thozhi (my dear friend) Ammu,
Today , it’s college reopening day. Now I am a senior and I can rag my new juniors friendly only friendly. Everywhere in my college , someone are tensed about their exam results while Someone like me, we are enjoying the college days like a bird .Some Lecturers are discussing serious while some other professors cracking jokes in between them. each and everyone’s face having some expression in their face. but he… He didn’t show any expression neither happy nor sad or tensed. How can he ? Human should have any one of expression in their face .but he is an exception. I wished to know about him. but why I want to know about him ? I don’t know.
“I am ragini…”For the first time in my life, I introduced myself to a stranger that too a boy .. He stared me and left the place. Everyone wants to speak with me. but he refused. No…he did not refused even he didn’t consider me and I smiled like a idiot. My heart convinced me that he may be a shy person. I don’t know why I want to know about him? why did my heart tells me to remove the emptiness in his life ? I entered my class and he was sitting in the Last bench. I looked at him while he was swimming in the ocean of digital electronics theory. I thought he is a book worm. I sat in my seat and stared him without getting noticed. He not only refused me . he even refused all others. Is he dumb? No… it shouldn’t be. I prayed kalimaa. Prof entered class and after a boring lecture, he started to take attendance.
“Lakshya Sharma…”Professor called a name and ,”Present sir” he answered. So, he was not a dumb. Wait, is he a north Indian? Yeah , his name was Sharma .he may not be know tamil. May be the emptiness because of home sick and he may be scared of new people . Whatever it is, I will make him speak with me and make him my friend. Ok.. Ammu… Maa is calling me. I have to help her. See you tomorrow.”
Uttara turned the next page .
“Date July 14,2011…
“En iniya Thozhi (my dear friend) Ammu,
I again saw him yesterday that too near my house. Now he is my neighbor. He also studying under the scholarship like me. This estate owner is very good man. He offers scholarship for the good students whose parents are working under him. I want to make him as my friend. Maa asked Sahil to give lander (light) to him as current went off. I also went with him. Sahil knocked the door and he opened.
“Anna, It will take more time for current. My Maa gave it to you .”Sahil said and handover the lander to him, ran to our house.
He raised the lander to see me.
I had seen a friendly smile in his lips but his eyes shined in that yellow light of lander because of tears . Is he crying? I want to some emotions in his face but not tears. I lowered my head. why I can’t see his tears? Why I am feeling for him? no … it’s not correct.
“Nandri…”he said to me. what he know tamil? His tone was different. Leave it. the thing is he know tamil.
“Do you know tamil?” I asked him.
“haan.. I know. I can speak and understand.” he said
“Hmmm..”I said.
“thud..” I heard only this sound. I raised my head. he left without answering me. “wait! he answered you but he didn’t extended the convo.” My heart said to me.
“you are a puzzle , Laksh” I spelled. Yes, he really a puzzle.
“Akka…”Sahil shaked me.
“come on. It’s getting cold here” he said while rubbing his hands. I hold his hands and both walked towards my house. But still, I looked his house several times.

“Uttu…”Ragini’s voice filled the room. Uttara closed the diary and hide it under pillow.
“Rago maa…”Uttara walked nearby Ragini.
“come rago maa… we will take our breakfast. I am waiting for you a long time ”Uttara said normally and pushes Ragini’s wheel chair forward.
“haan haan Uttu… chal..”Ragini said with a smile and move the handle of wheel chair forward.
Uttara hold Ragini wheel chair, walked with Ragini while looking the place where she kept the diary.
“ it will help me Rago maa to reconstruct your life. I will do it at any cost”Uttara thought.
To be Continued….


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