swasan – A complicated love story (47)

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@Swara’s ward–

Swara is conscious now..

Rp, sujata, adi , pari n their baby priya are present there..

Sujata is sitting beside swara on stool.. Rp is standing just behind her.. all others are scattered in room.. their emotional talks are going on..

Sanlak are watching swara from outside only..

sujata- swara puttar…(emotionally, having tears in eyes) u never take care of yourself na??.. see what have u made of yourself..?..(roaming her hand on her hairs n she was lying on bed)

swara- m. ma.,maa .. m .. m to de.. see.. i.. i m fit .. n f.. fine.. s.. sher puttar hu na m aa..aapki…(stammering due to weakness)

sujata-yeah! that i can see how much u r??.. (fake anger) (again got emotional) dont do like this beta.. see how much all r in tenson seeing u in this condition on this hospiytal bed… (wiping her tears) ok fine.. now u take rest.. and get well come n come home.. n now u will not stay here..!!.. we are going back amritsar with you… untill u become totally fine , i will not let u go anywhere..

swara- par.. par m,. ma.. m amritasr kyu?? i mean.. i can be fine staying here too na..? (m yha rhe kar ..b..bhi th.. theek ho jaungi na ma..)

sujata- now i dont need any clarification.. i have said once means its final..(aab koi bhes ni… ek bar bol dia to bol dia..)

swara- .paa..papa ji.. yo.. you plz make maa understand na…. h.. ho.. how c. can i come back amrittsar.. and i need to complete my internship too.. oh yes..!.. in..in ternship se yaad aaya.. ..where is raginii ??
i mean.. i i need to take care of her na.. she .. she is pregnent..
(got excited telling about sanky lucky n ragini) you.. you know maa ma.. they are very nice..
ragini is just like my elder sister.. sometime si think i m not taking care of her instead she takes care of me.. n lucky jiju.. he .. he is soo sweet just like karan bhaiya..
you know papa ji.. sanky na.. he is oo khadoos.. n u know i used to call him sankii n sadu.. n he always make faces listening his name.. i like to irritate him sooo much..
Still he is soo cutee.. it is just that anger is always there on his nose.. but he love lucky jiju n ragini soo much..
(she got overexcited while telling these things that she didnt notice that is getting difficulty in breathing)
she was heavinly panting.. while telling all this…

sujata- shh.. shh mera baccha .. (worried seeing her condition) its ok.. its ok.. everybody is nice . .. (patting her head)
now u take rest.. u wanna get well soon na..

swara just nooded n started getting unconscious due to the effects of medicines..
meanwhile adi after seeing her condition hurriedly went to call doc..

on the way sanskar asked him swara’s health.. adi just nooded n patted his shoulders lightly..

Doc checked her n gave swara injection to calm her down n she slept under the effect of medicines..

Doc asked them to meet him in his cabin as he wanna talk with them personally regarding swara’s health.

@doctor’s cabin—
doc- plz have a seat..

sujata n rp sat on the chairs.. adi n sanskar were standing behind them n pari was in swara’s ward with her..

rp- doc.. is there something serious??? why was she behaving like this,..

doc- i called u to discuss about this only..

rp- yes doc plz tell us?/ what happened to her..?/..

sanskar was just listening to their talks silently only his heart knows what he is feeling this time seeing his love in this condition..

d- u plz calm down n listen to me very carefully..

rp- ji doc

d- i have already told u about swara’s brain damage,..
she have serve injury on her head due to which her 2 nerves are not working properly..
i m not saying ki its not working at all but blood is not flowing smoothly through there nerves due to which sometimes she can loose her senses..
emotions can overpower her..
like.. when u get emotional.. u are under ur control which is possible due to ur brain but in her case.. she cant control her emotions whether its happinesss.. sadness.. joy.. excitement or anything.. n anger is most harmful for her..

as u told she got soo much excited telling about her friends that she even didnt get to know that she is getting problem in breathing.. just like that she is not in a condition to control her any emotion…. n she can even harm herself due to this..

sometimes she can behaive childish n sometimes like mature.. u just have to handle her with care otherwise it can be dangerous..

sujata- (tears flowing from her eyes) what has happened to my daughter all of a sudden??..
Rp was consoling her..

adi- but doc.. it should have some treatment na?? .. she cant live like this forever na??.

d- yes there is a treatment nut it has some side effects too…. u can handle her with your love n care to much extent.. whenever she get agressive or u feel that her emotions are overpowering her her brain n can cause her damage.. u need to give her this injection immediately

adi- but doc.. swara would be fine na??..

d- u plz take care of her for about 2-3 months.. if her condition will improve with the medicines then it is fine.. but if it wont be possible then we have to operate her..
but i will suggest u not to opt for operation as she can loose all her senses, may be she can go in coma or her life can be in danger also as brain is human’s most sensitive part n playing with someone’s brain is not an easy task..

rp- ok doc.. we will take care of her..

d- n yes i will suggest u to give her love n care n plz not give her any kind of stress otherwise we have to operate her if anything wrong happens her now.. i hope u understand..

rp- ok doc.. but when can we take her home??

d – let us check her once. u can clear all the formalities of hospital till tomorrow .. we will discharh=ge her tomorrow only. but she should be on bed rest for 1 month.. as she is still weak.

adi- ok.. doc.. we will take care..

rp- doc can we take her to amritasr,?? her native place..

d- i suggest u not to make her travel n if she need any immediate treatment then it can be available her but m not sure abt amritsar as we are handling her case..

rp- ji ok doc..

At the mention of taking swara to amritsar,
sanskar’s heart stoped for a moment but her felt releived after listening doc’s words..

All left the doc cabin..

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