Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 25th June 2021 Written Episode Update : Kirti’s engagement postponed

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 25th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pallavi reaches home she keeps pickle jar and table and leaves, Jaya walks in and asks whoes is this, Shri says I don’t know, Raghav sees it, and remembers bomb box sent by Ved and thinks its the same, he asks Jaya and Shri to hide and asks Farhad to get metal detector, Raghav slowly approaches jar with Metal detector, Pallavi walks in and says what are you doing with metal detector, Raghav pushes jar and both Pallavi abd Raghav fall on ground, Pallavi says what are you doing, Raghav says this had bomb, Pallavi says are you mad its pickle and are you some president that someone will send you bomb, Raghav says okay I agree it was a mistake but you all are trained now, and for few days no one will go out, Pallavi says I have pooja to do and I will be going with Aai for same, Raghav says call her here then but no one goes.

Raghav says Farhad lets shift back to Mansion, Farhad says okay I will make arrangements, Raghav sees Kirti and asks Kirti ti select rings, Kirti says Niva jewellers, Raghav says our Ring machine is not working and will take 2 months to be repaired and Niva is second best after Jayanti Jewellers, so select from this and make guest list too, Kirti says okay.

Pallavi hears and says Raghav is always in so much hurry, how do I show him Sunny’s true face, I need time for that and will use Aai’s idea ( Sharda tells Pallavi that men think they are very start and if man is head of the family and wife is neck who should always control) Pallavi says now Raghav see where I take you and Sunny you will see what a girl can do.

Kirti tells Raghav that guest list is ready and we want it small function, Pallavi asks did you select ring, Kirti says shortlisted 3, Pallavi says I know it must be difficult Niva has best designs, they are best in Hyderabad, Jaya says you said Niva, Pallavi says yes Raghav is getting rings from Niva and his competitors you see and now in market all will say Raghav loves his sister so much that he got ring from competitors but didn’t postponed the wedding, Raghav says its for technical reasons we cant make rings for 2 months, Jaya says lets make wedding jewellery too from Niva I heard they have really good finish, Raghav says no ways Kirti you will wear only Jayanti jewels ring, Pallavi says why thats better to get jewellery from Niva, Raghav says Kirti can you wait for 2 months, Pallavi says yes she can we know about Sunny now, and she can meet him anytime she wants, Raghav says please everything must be in control or else I will cancel everything, Jaya says Kirti do as Raghav says or else he will get angry, Kirti says no worries I will wait for 2 months but Sunny will get very angry. Pallavi says don’t worry I will talk to him.

Sunny gets call from Pallavi, Pallavi asks Sunny how is he doing, Sunny asks what you want, Pallavi says actually we were discussing engagement and we have decided to postpone it for 2 months, Sunny says give her phone who asked her to take decisions, Pallavi says its Raghav’s decision and we agreed, Sunny says I don’t care ask Kirti to call asap, Pallavi tells Kirti Sunny wants to talkl, Kirti leaves.

Jaya says to Pallavi thank god we will get 2 months now, Pallavi says right as day passea my suspicions grow for Sunny.

Ved says Sunny chill its postponed not cancelled, Sunny says I was ready for live-in but this family, Kirti on one side says she will move on if I don’t marry, and can’t talk a word against family and her sister in law is a pain, that beggar widow I wont spare her, Ved asks widow, Sunny says yes she was some Deshmukh’s daughter in law and then married Raghav, Sunny leaves.
Ved says wow so Pallavi is Mandar’s ex wife abd Raghav’s present, this is fantastic its a big bomb now the real game will start, and Pallavi the secret I have will destroy you.

Pallavi tells Krishna they have received half payment from Nawab’s and asks Krishna to pay Deshmukh house tax, Krishna says I didn’t think you would do this for Vijay kaka, Pallavi says I am doing it for Aai and Kaka.

Raghav gets Pallavi another saree and says I know yesterday’s saree was not good, and my choice is not that bad, Pallavi says I know you selected me. Raghav says we are going back to our mansion, your first pooja we will do there, so get packing done, Pallavi says thank you for Nawab’s order I could pay Deshmukh house tax Raghav smiles.

Sunny meets Kirti and yella at her, Kirti tries to tell him ring problem, Sunny says I dont care and what problem does he have if its someone else ring and am I important or ring, and where did his promises go and he just sees money and so do you, you have started going against me since you have shifted with him, even all you want is money now, Kirti says enough Sunny, Sunny says you are no pretty princess I can get many girls like this, and you and your brother are stupid, Kirti says enough its not worth talking to you, Sunny says okay go, Kirti sees Pallavi, and asks all good, Kirti says yes, where were you going, Pallavi says shop to see Krishna, Kirti says okay I will see you later than,Kirti leaves, Pallavi says to Sunny you are very shameless, Sunny says atleast I don’t play games, Pallavi says neither do I and you have 2 months to prove your worth Kirti, Sunny says oh I need to take character certificate from you, Pallavi says no but I don’t want Kriti to marry a shameless boy like you, even I dont have a family but I don’t behave like you, dont make your lonliness reason for your attitude problem, Sunny says whole Hyderabad knows Raghav’s attitude problem so donr tell me what to do, Sunny leaves.

Milind and Sharda tell Vijay that property tax is removed, Milind says tax officer called and he said we were falsely charged and now we cab shift to our old house, Sharda says Janak Amma’s son will stay here from today let’s shift tonight, Milind says I will get the house cleaned, Vijay says even I will come wait, Milind says no let me, I guess I atleast have that right.

Ved researchs about Mandar’s case and finds no info on line and says it was such big news still no article, Ved says no worries this black secret I will tell you, the relation between Mandar and Raghav.

Pre cap: Pallavi says to Raghav, she never has shared her room, bed is a different story, Raghav says trust me you are safe with me
Raghav can’t get his eye of Pallavi during Vat savitri.
Ved calls Raghav and says he has planted bomb near Pallavi.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. Archiya

    MHRW is my recent love, after 3 long years, a serial which made me interested in TV again. The most i love abt this show, is Raghvi.. they dont just keep falling over each other unnecessarily and still have a sizzling chemistry.
    coming to today’s episode, i have always loved how pallavi fights by herself, never needed anyone when she was fighting with raghav and nor now when its sunny.. she perfectly put sunny’s plan aside.. the way sunny speaks to kirti.. how is she even tolerating him.. and what a context.. men are the head and woman a neck.. lol
    He was so caught up when she ws thanking him ke he didnt even see what was front.. poor raghav
    If we have a MIL like raghav mom or Sharada.. and DIL like pallavi.. this world will be such a beautiful place to live in

    1. But good shows has no value
      It will not last long for trp
      Indian tv still demands dramatic love story how ekta gul shows unnecessary romantic scenes, falls.This how yeh hai chahatein still running
      And moreover kitchen politics, saas bahu drama .For this melodramatic kitchen politics in sasural simar ka our show will fall behind trp race and soon star plus will put in scanner.

      Like you after 3yr i am watching another show, but it fate will be same like other good shows

    2. Archiya

      hi Hhh
      ur right, this is the problem with our people.. they dont want to progress or move fwd from that saad bahu ka drama.. and able dil…
      i hope it doesn’t happen an this show runs long.. its so unique

  2. deejart Bello

    it’s really interesting

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