My Obsessed Husband #Riansh (Chapter-6)

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Riddhima’s POV starts:-

Vansh stood up and adjusted him and came to me and again aunty asked him, but I didn’t looked at him. When he said, he agrees to marry Saanvi. I was happy that at least she will leave and I will have to just bear Chachi. Uma aunty was too excited that she will get them engaged today only and after two days marriage. Hello No way….

I mean I don’t have any issue, but they will put all the work on me, then I once again heard Vansh’s voice once and he asked his mom to wait. I chuckled on voice it’s too intimidating like seriously I chuckled thank god none heard me. But what I heard next blown my head. What the blo*dy hell? This Guys want to marry. Had he ever seen himself? It’s would be like Amitabh bachchan and Jaya bachchan, No way well that’s not the reason. I don’t know him even a bit forget bit I don’t even know “V” of his name Vansh.

I was thinking all this just then Chachi said to take him. Hell where now I haven’t heard the whole convo as I was busy staring him, well sorry but to whom, she said take and I brought him to my room hoping he will refuse to marry me, But god he asked me to stop staring him. I didn’t noticed that I was staring at him. I asked him and we continued arguing on it and when he started moving close to me and then my back hit the wall I was about to move out just then he caged me in his arms.

He came close to my ear and asked my issue in marrying him. Answer for him is same but I can’t tell him the real reason. He said “We will know by time” We will but I don’t want to. He came close to me and then kissed me on cheeks, but why I felt he was about to kiss me on lips. Riddhima, shut your mind now….

He took out his phone and showed me, is he some criminal or what. How can he do this so early? I mean it’s just 30 minutes and he did this. No way is someone there behind him working. But Right now, it matters me the most and I will have to marry him, He asked me something and being shocked I didn’t listen and next time he warned me I agreed and he said to announce to everyone. I don’t have any courage he is turning to devil now, What the hell wrong I did to first face my step- mother and sister and then this devil. I moved and told them and Uma got us engaged. Well my life is playing a chess right now, just half an hour before I haven’t even thought of marriage and right now I’m engaged. Aryan hugged me. I know he must be upset I decided it without asking him.

They left and my so called ungrateful family starting taunting me I was still in shock and then she came to slap me and Uma aunty stopped her and she started scolding them and soon giving me a hug she left and even they left.

I came to my room and hugged my mom’s pick. My family, I hate them. Bappa you did that to me, why you killed my mom. I’m all alone here. I can’t run away from here. Aryan…. Yes he will help me but he won’t pick up now I will talk with him tomorrow in the rituals.

Riddhima’s POV ends-:

Vansh’s POV starts:-

When I heard she don’t know me that’s why she don’t want to marry me, No this isn’t the reason she is hiding something. Do she love someone if yes then I swear he has to see Vansh’s obsession for his sweetheart. He will die for sure. She said again but in one breath. She moved back on seeing me moving forward and I caged her to the wall. I moved close to her and asked again and same came the reply that’s irritating sweetheart. I went close to her lips well I was about to kiss her but I have a lot of patience and kissing her on her cheeks.

I showed her my phone screen wow she looks even cuter in shocked she was continuously opening and closing her mouth taking deep breath. Well she close her mouth or I should kiss her. I asked again and being shocked she didn’t answered and I warned her and Good girl she agreed. We came out to announce and I saw Anupriya and her daughter Saanvi’s glare. Well my guess was right then but my sweet hearts decision matters me the most and till then only you are alive. Finally we got engaged. Mom asked us to leave now and we did and Aryan hugged her. This Guy, I swear she is my fiancรฉe and I haven’t hugged her once and in this whole time he did twice.

I have to talk to him now. We reached to Mansion and I asked Aryan to come to my room within half an hour. I want to talk to him and that’s final.

Vansh’s POV ends-:

Author’s POV:-

Aryan came to Vansh room and saw Vansh sitting on the couch working all this while.

Aryan: Bhai you called ME?

He said pressurizing on word “Me”

Vansh: I guess I had only one Aryan Raisinghania in this mansion.

Aryan rolled his eyes

Aryan: Why you called me here?

Vansh stood up and moved to window.

Vansh: Well, Riddhima is your friend, Right?

Aryan was shocked to hear is question.

Aryan: Yes she is my friend from three I met her in some market where she was being misbehaved by some goons and I saved her and we became friend then but for last one year I wasn’t here so I have lost contact with her.

Vansh closed his fist on hearing the word misbehaved.

Vansh: How is her family?

Aryan looked at him.

Aryan’s POV starts:-

Bhai and Riddhima went to the room and came after few minutes and she agreed God is she mad, she won’t be able to face bhai. When Mom can’t do how she and her reason. And mom need to be awarded with the title of being the most eager Mother-in-law in the whole world, she got them engaged within flick of seconds and asked us to leave I want to talk to her. Well will talk tomorrow then.

We reached home when bhai asked me to meet him in his room. My bhai really don’t have patience from where he get this energy to work. Hell I’m tired I got freshen up and moved to his room. I entered and he asked me about Riddhima I told him very little I know about her. She is just like bhai a complete password coded book. Then he asked me about his family, I will have to lie or Riddhima’s swear will broke. She asked me not to tell this to anyone.

Aryan’s POV ends-:

Author’s POV:-

Aryan: They are good bhai.

Vansh raised his eyebrows at him and saw him looking at him.

Vansh: Are you sure?

Aryan looked at him once again and then looked away.

Aryan: Yes Bhai.

Aryan smiled at him receiving just rolling of his eyes.

Vansh: Well Aryan aren’t you being too cozy with her.

Aryan had a smile on his possession but covered it unaware that it will be going to soon convert into the most horror obsession.

Aryan: Bhai and Riddhima ar…..

Vansh interrupted him.

Vansh: Bhabhi, for you and from now it’s bhabhi and this would be the last time you will be calling her Riddhima. Get that in your mind and stop roaming around her whole day and it was the last hug.

Aryan looked at him and mumbled “I Lost My friend”.

Vansh: Well you will be going to attend a meeting tomorrow as I will be busy here and don’t worry I have prepared everything and you just need to be there. Got it.

Aryan nodded and Vansh asked him to leave and called Angre.

Vansh: Angre, Come back and bring each and every information of Riddhima.

Vansh disconnected the call without waiting for his reply.

Vansh’s POV starts:-

I finally confronted Aryan as he was in need to know that from now she is only mine not anyone else. I gave him a meeting well I know even any of my employee will attend it the deal would have been banged but he needs to out of mansion and especially tomorrow. I called Angre well his work is done come back but I need each and every info about her, her every choice.

Vansh’s POV ends-:

Author’s POV:-

Next Morning:-

Uma send the car to bring Riddhima’s family for all the rasam to be done today.

Riddhima enters in the mansion but unlike her Chachi she didn’t looked around. Well why even she should, she had already came there.

Uma: Riddhima come child sit here.

Riddhima just nods and sits in the middle

She sat there and one of the girl took her hand and started applying Mehandi while her eyes were looking around for Aryan. When a voice enters in her ear from back.

Voice: Missing me sweetheart.

She didn’t have to look at the person his voice and last word was enough for her even his intimidating voice that power for her to recognize him even in the crowd of lakhs.

Riddhima: You are mistaken then.

Vansh smirked at her reply.

Vansh: Well till yesterday you weren’t able to say a word and today answering me back, interesting very interesting.

Riddhima passed him her fake smile.

Vansh: Planed to run away, Right.

Riddhima widened her eyes but didn’t let him show.

Riddhima: I’m not a loser to run away, I know how to face my issues.

Vansh gave her a smirk and he was about to say when he heard a voice.

Voice: What name?

Before Riddhima could say, Vansh said.

Vansh: Vansh.

Riddhima looked at him and they looked into each other eyes. But their eye lock was broken by a voice.

Voice: Bhai.

They both looked to see Aryan in front of him.

Vansh: You were in meeting, Right?

Vansh was shocked to see him this soon.

Aryan: But with whom the meeting was there had fallen ill so cancelled.

Vansh mumbled some colorful and saw Riddhima who passed a smile to him. Vansh grabbed Aryan’s hand and moved to the study making Riddhima shock. Uma came there.

Uma: Riddhima you go and rest now dear, your dress for Haldi and Sangeet is in your room. Come after 2 hours. Ok.

Riddhima nodded and left to her room and closing her door laid on the bed in the same dress.

While Vansh and Aryan were in study.

Vansh: Aryan, I asked you to stay outside, Right.

Aryan looked at his brother

Aryan: Bhai I’m not a doctor to go and treat him, what will I do out then I don’t have any work.

Vansh rolled his eyes in irritation.

Vansh: Well whole day I’m not able to see you in the Mansion and today you aren’t leaving.

Vansh said in complete irritation.

Aryan: Bhai rest day I’m some or the other place like friend’s house, club etc. etc.

Aryan said it taking a deep breath.

Vansh: Well today I guess all the clubs are at strike.

Aryan shocked by his statement.

Aryan: Why will it be?

Vansh grabbed the chair in front of him getting irritated by his continuous question.

Vansh: Then what are you doing here. Go and enjoy some of your party

Aryan was shocked by his statement.

Aryan: Bhai are you okay? Do you have fever? Shall I call mom. Mommmmm…

He said and started shouting and Vansh cupped his mouth in rush.

Vansh: Don’t call mom, she will come and cancel the marriage and why the hell will I have fever.

Aryan was shocked by his bhai’s first statement.

Aryan: Bhai you are being too weird.

Vansh got irritated.

Vansh: Go and enjoy Aryan but out from Mansion for today.

Aryan nodded and left the room to peep from the door.

Aryan: Well bhai, your golden jubilee party is still left.

Vansh raised his eyebrow at his statement.

Aryan: See bhai, you went to marry Saanvi, but you rejected her and you are going to marry Rid….Bhabhi. So with perfect calculation you had completed your golden jubilee. And I’m going to celebrate.

Aryan left and Vansh smiled at his thoughts and moved to his room.

Riddhima got up and moved out of the room when she felt someone pulled her and hugged her.


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