Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 19th June 2021 Written Episode Update : Raghav sings for Pallavi

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 19th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raghav sees note is written in Hindi, Pallavi says stop starring at paper and talk, Raghav says I wrote a Shayari for you, Raghav reads it all wrong, Pallavi says are you mad, Raghav stops her and talks to her in Telugu, Pallavi says I don’t understand Telugu and leaves angry.

Kirti meets Rocky and asks het to relax and calm down and hands her Sunny’s phone, and says that boy was not Sunny, Kirti asks where is he, Rocky says I don’t know where he went, and he is Sunny he can do anything, Kirti says he can’t runaway I trust him and asks Rocky his parents’number, Rocky says he can go at his cousin’s, he can visit Nidhi.

Raghav asks Milind and Krishna what to do to convince Pallavi, Milind asks do you hear old hindi bollywood songs, Raghav says who does that, Milind says first get rid of this attitude and then do what I say, Krishna says you have to sing, Raghav says neighbours will throw me out if I sing, Milind says I will help you with karaoke after dinner.

Jaya says to Milind thanks for joining foe dinner,we first time have Pallavi’s family member, Milind says soon whole Deshmukh family will be here, Krishna asks where is Kirti, Jaya says she is in her room unwell.
Pallavi says Amma I am done and little down to will go to my room, Milind stops her with bollywood lyrics, Pallavi answers similarly, Jaya says old hindi songs wow, even I like old songs, Pallavi says me and kaka always chat like this, Milind says tonight old songs and my special filter coffee.
All agree.

All sing songs and enjoy, Pallavi says it’s late I have to leave, Raghav says wait I have to say something, Krishna says he has prepared hindi song, Pallavi says its not his cup of tea, Milind says Pallavi let him, Pallavi says okay. Milind plays track, Raghav saya Pallavi I juat want to see you happy and so I did it and takes mic and says I made you sad so I will make you happy now, Raghav starts singing and lights go off. Pallavi says even god doesn’t want your song and leaves.
Raghav starts singing, Pallavi stops, and returns and hears Raghav sing, Pallavi joins him sing, Everyone smiles. Electricity comes back.
Pallavi and Raghav look at eachother and smile.

Milinf reaches home and slowly sneaks in and says now no one will know I was at Pallavi’s good all are sleeping, Sulochana asks where were you at Pallavi’s house right, Milind says yes, I will keep going and let them bond what will you do, Sulochana says I won’t he will and points at Vijay, Vijay says living with Sharda is my responsibility but not with you, Deshmukh house is mine I can throw you and your wife anyday out of this house.

Pallavi near pool thinking about Raghav, Raghav sees her and walks to her, Pallavi holding something drops in pool, Raghav says you were thinking about me right, Pallavi asks why will I, and it was okay okay, Raghav says appreciate my effort I never listen hindi song, Pallavi says how can you not listen to music , its shocking my husband doesn’t know hindi songs, Raghav says it was so nice to hear my husband from you.

Kirti walks to them and says wow, Pallavi asks what’s wrong, Pallavi says my Sunny is missing you two have no idea what I am going through, I was asked to see a body if it was Sunny, thankfully it wasnt, Raghav just tell me truth what you did with Sunny, just tell the truth, you killed him right, you will kill me too and have no shame, Jaya asks Kirti to calm down, Kirti says I beg you please tell me where Sunny is, Pallavi says I will go find him tomorrow but calm down.

Sunny says thanks for 5 Cr Raghav now see my 10.Cr entry.

Pre cap. Raghav says to Pallavi I need help from you.
Pallavi says sure first help me dry my hair, if you need help.
Sunny at Rao’s house says here 5cr and 11 rs now give my love back with this money.
Vansh back.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. Amazing episode😍 raghav singing for pallavi ❀ there bonding is getting stronger day by day. Raghavi πŸ’•

  2. Today episode was good
    Can anyone tell me the meaning of those telegu dialougue by raghav?
    I liked that, they used their own voice for singing
    Mehendi hae rachne wali had so many good episodes but star plus didn’t released any promo.but today they has released a promo about pallavi questioning raghav about mandar death
    I feel negative vibe, they will spoil the show like others ,after watching the promo

    1. Tk_

      I think as their wedding promo went on for a month, this promo too will last for at least 2 -3 weeks.

    2. Manasa Lakshmi

      R: Pallavi ! please listen to me once, please don’t misunderstand me , I didn’t want you to leave ,this all happened becuase of Amma, she said that you are not happy here, that’s why I thought you will be happy in Kholhapur,that’s it

    3. @Hhh

      Feel the same about the promo . There is already lion, sunny, Sulochana , crazy keerti , Deshmukhs why introduce Mandaar’s track ??!! I don’t think I will have the patience to sit through another cycle of their blame games .

      The wedding promo went on for a few months due to issues with covid restrictions. I don’t think it will be the same considering they are back shooting in kholapur

    4. Actually i feel bad , after years i am watching another daily drama
      I have to stop watching the show, if they show again blaming games, separation,just like other dramas
      Hope makers will show better, as i think they have learnt from falling trp during marriage track

    5. @Hhh

      Everyone on social media are ranting about the new promo . I don’t think anyone wants this track . I hope whatever negative plotline they introduce is wrapped up quickly as well.

  3. Tk_

    Amazing epi 😍
    Raghav’s shayri πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚bhool bhool bhool bhool… πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ mai bhul amma bhul πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.
    He and his dialogues πŸ˜‚ . Raghav gana to gaa diya but ab citizenship khatre mei hai tumhara.
    Like kaka is bindi ka ghulam , he is saare ka ghulaam.

  4. The show is getting intersting (it always was tbh). This and the previous episode were funny. I liked them. It was so nice listening to Raghav’s telugu monologue.

    Par Raghav Rao, Pure Hyderabad ka Don ko Hindi Padna nahi aatha? That had me there. I burst out laughing at his innocence.

    Us Sanki Budda ke muh per koi duck tape laga do! Just because he has rights on the house, doesn’t mean that he will threaten to throw out his own brother. That was so mean. Milind ka chehra dekhna tha… Bechara bahut hurt ho gaya. Vijay is not being a good brother.

    Raghav says to Pallavi that it was all his mother’s fault and he too misunderstood that Pallavi wanted to leave the house. He apologized for misunderstanding her and reveals to her that HE NEVER WANTED HER TO LEAVE.

  5. This was a lovely episode. Their foundation of love is so mature. They have trust and not mere attraction.
    Promo… I have a feeling that RR will definitely comment on her hair while sniffing it and my guess is “strawberry”

  6. Pallavi does not realize she loves raghav already otherwise she would not hug or hold his hand so easily. Raghav has always been reserved around her and only hugged her once when she was worried for her father in law. She is more affectionate towards him and he thinks of ways to please her without being too close. But slowly he is changing – she made him brush her hair and now dry her hair 🀣 my husband never did that for me and I don’t think I ever asked. Their intimacy is growing which will be ruined with mandar track for sure!

    1. Did mandar will come

  7. Too much conspiracy and negative characters.No wonder trp is low and will further decrease coz viewers interested in RAGHVI not futile drama.

  8. does anyone know if the series has a happy ending and raghav and pallavi stay together? I tried to see the telugu version to know the ending but I was not lucky because I ask here

  9. The telugu version is still running….. similar to the typical ITV serials
    It’s not a finite series…
    For trp… they introduce characters and new tracks…

  10. Thank you for answering a pity that for trp I stop the series by lengthening it and introducing new characters and new tracks I thought it would be different from the typical series but I see that it does not

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