Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 19th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Kanak Saves Gehna

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 19th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hema pulls and breaks table leg via a rope and makes Gehna fall. Gehna rolls towards terrace edge and is about to fall when Kanak holds her on time and rescues her. Family rushes hearing Anant shouting and gets concerned for Gehna. Baa asks Gehna if she is fine. Anant says she was fine, but he brought her to terrace, so he is responsible for all this, he wouldn’t have forgiven himself if something had happened to her. Gehna asks not to blame himself as it was not his mistake. She tries to stand up and writhes in pain due to leg sprain. Anant lifts her and takes her to living room and asks if she is fine now. She says she is fine. Pankaj thanks Kanak for saving Gehna’s life. Gehna nobody is bigger than who saves life and thanks her. Baa sees Kanak’s hand injured and says she injured herself while saving Gehna. Kanak says Gehna saved her from going to jail and from public humiliation, by saving Gehna maybe God will forgive her sins. Anant says he thought she hasn’t changed yet, but seeing her saving Gehna, he realized that he was wrong and forgot that humans can change; he is apologetic for that. She asks not to be apologetic as Gehna is like her younger sister and goes to prepare lunch for everyone.

Kanak prepares lunch in kitchen. Hema walks to her and asks why did she save Gehna and didn’t let her break her limbs and head, she spoilt her fool-proof plan. Kanak angrily warns her to stop her conspiracies, she wouldn’t have spared her if something had happened to Gehna. Hema walks away fuming. Kanak angrily cuts vegetable. Jigna video calls her and asks if she is cooking. Kanak says her plan is going better than she thought and in fact Hema is unknowingly helping her. Jigna says Desais troubled her, now there will be attack on Desais. Kanak says this time, she will directly attack on their hearts, they broke her heart and kicked her out of house, now her evil eyes will break their hearts into pieces; Gehna saved her once and she saved her in return; Gehna is a small part of her big plan, she doesn’t want to waste her time on Gehna as her target is whole Desai family, in fact she has already made her move. Sagar walks in calling her new mamma and asks if she is preparing something special. She says she is and asks him to give her a return gift. He promises her.

Anant applies ointment on Gehna’s sprained leg, recalls what happened and says she had to suffer because of his stupidity. Gehna thinks she likes his concern for her, whatever she is today is because of him, he followed their relationship faithfully and maybe soon he may start loving her. Krishna walks in concerned for Gehna and says ointment will not help in healing her leg’s pain. Anant asks then what will help to heal her leg’s pain. Krishna reminds Gehna about their childhood incident when they climbed tree to pluck mangoes and jumped down, she sprained her ankle similarly and he helped her then. He diverts her attention and pulls her leg. Anant scolds him that he gave more pain to Gehna. Krishna says pain is gone via pain. Gehna moves her leg and says her pain is gone, she thanks him. Anant also thanks him. Krishna gets a call and informs Gehna that he has a lot of work to finish. Anant thinks Krishna has a lot of work, but he is jobless and didn’t inform Gehna about it yet. He leaves. Gehna asks Krishna to attend his work.

Baa tells Kanak that she will perform vat poornima pooja with all her 3 bahus this time. Kanak says she wants to perform this pooja in a lavish way so that Desai family is remembered for long, so she will make pooja arrangements herself alone. Baa agrees. Jigna walks in and says when daughter took up such a big responsibility, how can mother lag behind. She greets Baa. Kanak asks how is she. Jigna says she’s fine. Baa says she thought Jigna is still angry on her. Jigna says she was angry, but when she found out that Kanak did so many mistakes, she felt guilty and that’s why came to apologize her. Baa says she is happy that she will be present for pooja this time. Jigna says this time whole happiness will be in Kanak’s share as her mother is with her this time. Baa asks Kanak to take Gehna’s help in pooja arrangements. Kanak says she need not worry as all 3 bahus will take care of arrangements. Hema runs away from there. Jigna asks Kanak if she made real arrangements for the vrat. Kanak says this time Gehna will be in great trouble.

Anant speaks to a company owner requesting for a job and owner tells him that there is no job in their company according to his high qualification. Gehna hears him and thinks Anant didn’t inform her that he doesn’t have a job.

Precap: Krishna walks in when Anant is busy teaching Gehna. Anant scolds him for disturbing Gehna’s studies. Krishna says they both took 15 years to complete their studies, so he cannot expect Gehna to learn in 15 minutes. Anant asks what will he take to go from here. Krishna says he wants ten minutes from Gehna.

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