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Vansh pulls Riddhima out the house in the garden.
Riddhima: Vansh what happened?
Vansh holds Riddhima with a jerk.
Vansh: What happened? Really Riddhima? Why didn’t you tell me ?
Riddhima: First tell me what are you taking about.
Vansh: Dad Riddhima Dad! He called you that day! You were on call when he died! How can you! You wdre on call, he first called your name! He took your name before me! And you! How can you be so selfish Riddhima? You didn’t even bothered to tell me? Say something!
Riddhima: Never judge when you don’t know Vansh, you don’t know what your words meant to me…
Vansh: That’s not the answer to my QUESTION!
Riddhima hissed as his hold became more tight.
Riddhima: I don’t know! Yes I talked to him that day but this doesn’t mean I knew what is have there! I didn’t knew Aryan was behind all these! I got to know when I came back! When he again started troubling me!
Vansh: And you didn’t even tried to tell me! He died because if you! He tries to finish your problem and he did! And you! I can’t believe how fast you changed.
Riddhima:(with tears) So you think I am the reason for Dad’s death? I didn’t even tell him what I am going through!
Vansh:’s your fault.
Riddhima (tears and smiling sarcastically): Yes, you are absolutely right. It’s my fault that I kept the window open, it’s my fault I kept a chair in my room, it’s my fault he took my picture while I was bathing. It’s all my fault. Your brothers are so nice na. What to do?
Vansh realises what he said in anger.
Vansh: I didn’t mean….
Riddhima:(cutting) You know Vansh? It’s my fault, that I came in contact with Rai Singhanias, it’s my fault that I fought with my father (joining her hands) Please! Please let me study then I will marry! If I wouldn’t I would have been in a house, with some unknown guy, and a forced marriage. It’s all my fault.
Vansh: Stop it Riddhima! I didn’t mean that?
Riddhima: Vansh, it’s been to much now. Even your family must have already thought that I was the reason, like you thought just a while ago.
Vansh was left dumbstruck and Riddhima left from there. He was standing like a statue realising what he said. He sat down on the ground. His head down, when he suddenly felt warmth like someone hugging him. He saw the door open and Riddhima sobbing near him.
Riddhima: I am sorry…. (Sobs) I said too much….I can’t live without you….
It’s starts to rain while they both were crying.
Riddhima: (wiping his tears) I know you didn’t mean that, I know what you feel. You have to be strong na. For Mom, for your family?
Vansh: Hmmm.
Riddhima: Look at me, wiping your tears in rain…
Both of them chuckle. Riddhima hugs Vansh while he kisses her crown.
Vansh: Let’s get married…
Riddhima: No I have a recor…(realising what he said) What!?
Vansh chuckles at her expression.
Vansh: I was joking, i am not interested in marrying too fast.
Riddhima: Haaan. Look at me, just 25 and you..
Vansh: What you! You think I am 34?
Riddhima: Yes…(chuckles) No.
(This is actually Hella’s and Rrahul’s age)
Vansh smiles at her childish behaviour….they both come close and
Riddhima sneezes making Vansh frown.
Vansh: Go now, I also have to go.
Riddhima: hmm. Take care.
Vansh: you too

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