Meet my prince- a swasan journey: episode 5

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Hi guys!! I’m back with my fifth epi…thankyou for your support …do read it and comment if you find it worthy…

The episode starts with swara crying ..leaning over sanskaar’s chest.
Sanskaar: swara!!stop crying…(his voice breaks..)
Sanskaar’s heart beats faster …he thinks the warmth of her breath would melt down his bones.. He fails to console her by mere words so he tries to enclose her in his arms…
Unknown : Swara!!
Swara conscious on someone’s call of her name springs back & sanskaar quickly withdraws his hand.
Swara : ( with widened eyes).. Arjun ( in a low tone)..
Arjun : Haan.. Arjun.. don’t you dare to do that again swara…you are mine ..and you..(points finger towards sanskaar)

Sanskaar : lower that finger of yours or I fear that it would be broken…
Arjun rushes towards sanskaar and holds his shirt by his collar.
Swara: leave him arjun..( she pushes arjun aside & turns to sanskaar).Sanskaar! please leave …I don’t want you to land up in trouble again due to me..
Arjun : didn’t you hear her.., we are lovers …and from tomorrow we gonna be an official couple too.. give us some privacy mr.sanskaar..
Swara : sanskaar please go…
Sanskaar turns to leave and starts moving from there..
Arjun moves to swara and hardly grips her hand.
Swara: arjun.. leave my hand..( she cries out in pain).
Arjun : swara!! This is your last warning … Never even dare to speak to him or any other lad..
Swara: This is my life and you have no rights to say what I must and what not…
Arjun: you fight back ?? nice… whatever you think is not important for me..i want you and will have you at any cost…. ( he gets near swara).
Swara: you… really disgusting…don’t dare to come near ….( she gets cornered in the wall unable to move).

Arjun just a few steps away from her moves towards swara..
Unknown : arjun!
Arjun turns around gets stunned seeing mr.avinash standing there. Mr.avinash the chief of Disciplinary committee..who has been responsible for 10 suspensions that took place last year including ankit..
Avinash : what are you doing here?
Arjun: (stammers)uh… sir…just meeting the cultural head regarding INTERNA…
Avinash : is that so?? Then what is this girl doing with you?
Unknown: Sir.. she is arjun’s cousin sister…
Swara already in dreadly confusion cum shock…turns around hearing the well-known voice.. She finds kriti and rushes to her ….
Kriti: Sir! Please help me ….

Mr.avinash : Obviously!! That’s why I came…everytime I miss him but today I’ve got evidence…
Arjun looks puzzled unaware of things happening around him…so does swara…
Mr.avinash: come with me arjun ..I have something to speak to you..
Kriti takes swara with her…they reach their class..
Swara : kriti.. how you reached there? What did you say to mr.avinash?
Kriti: swara..i’ll say everything while leaving home..

@ the canteen
Ankit: sans…what happened ? did you say everything to her?
Sanskaar seemed lost in his thoughts.
Ankit: sanskaar..(shouts hard at his ears)

Sanskaar becomes conscious and screams ..
Sanskaar: idiot ankit!! Definitely you must have sold your brain..
Ankit: obviously…a brainless man has similar companions..
(they all laugh)
Ankit: fine ..what happened over there.. you said everything uh??
Sanskaar: (sighs) no…

He says everything to ankit..(with scenes flashing out from his memory)
Ankit: are you mad sans? You left that girl with that characterless animal…I cant believe you have done this…she who cared for you not even knowing you…has been gifted well…you have done a serious mistake..shame on you… don’t speak to me…get lost!!!
Sanskaar turns back and remincises ….
(A fb is shown.)
Sanskaar turns on hearing swara ‘s voice & on seeing arjun hurting her he clenches his fist ready to hit him…but ankit’s thought desperately stops him…
Sanskaar: (in a low tone) but I can’t leave her in this state…I’ll help her..but how??

Sanskaar looks around & finds kriti… and recalls her being with swara that day.. he introduces him and narrates everything …asks her to complain to mr.avinash that arjun is bothering her a lot….
Sanskaar: kriti….do this for swara’s sake…she needs your help’ll not end in trouble as avinash sir will be there around…and … must promise me one thing…..
Kriti: but sanskaar… you can help her…complain to avinash sir…
Sanskaar: uh…( to himself) avinash sir knows me….already I’m in trouble can’t afford trouble to ankit….
Kriti: sanskaar!!
Sanskaar: kriti! Avinash sir may misunderstand if I help swara….he’s a sort of freak….and now promise me one thing…
Kriti: what???

Sanskaar: swara must’nt know that I’ve helped here at any cost…pls don’t ask why…
Kriti: ok…
( fb ends).

Precap : swara hugs sanskaar..

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  1. Rosey

    wow amazing yaar
    sanskaar is geniouse i thought sanskaar will beat that arjun but sanskaar use his brain instead of using his power well its nice 1

    1. Aradhana

      thanks rosey

  2. Mind blowing

    1. Aradhana

      Thnq tani…

  3. Arshaanya

    Aaww loved it

    1. Aradhana

      thnq arshaanya…

  4. Raina

    wow! its amazing

    1. Aradhana

      thnq raina…

  5. Abirsha


    1. Aradhana

      thnq shan…

  6. Anurta


    1. Aradhana

      thnq anurta….

  7. awesome…!!

    1. Aradhana

      hnq chandu..

  8. Simi


    1. Aradhana

      thnq simi..

  9. Mica

    awesome part

  10. awesome

  11. Soujanya


  12. Neeti

    Woah hoah! It was superrr se uuppppeeerrrr wala epi. The firat part was very good. Then saving her was??????????? I just hope that Swara doesn’t misunderstand him after knowing the truth. Di, please make the episodes a bit long. Ye to 1kg dhaniye me 0.5kg mirch dalne jitna hua. Nd Anky nd Sanky part was also awesome. Di, this is not fair. U knw I started writing my ff almost 2 months ago still I completed only 11epis nd if u go with this speed then mera kya hoga? ??????????????
    Anyways, abhi bye, next pe baki ka dekh lena- Neeti

    1. Aradhana

      fine neeti…mera ff ka episode content extend kardungii aur..chintaa maat…woh 11th epi ke baare mein ….yeh drama queen neeti ka ff speed …mein match nahi kar sakun…heeehee…

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