Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyada Rivanya Neil Ragini Prem Simar FF Part 16

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Ritik kissed Shivangi’s forehead tearfully:How can you be so nice to forgive someone who hurt you a lot?You are just like your mother Shivanya.
Everybody smiled tearfully while Shesha was irritated.
She thought:Even after death Shivanya is living in everybody’s heart more than the living person like me.
What magic has Shivanya has?
Ritik looked at Shesha.Shesha showed a pleading face.
Rit:Ok..I give you one more chance as I can’t go against Shivangi’s request.
Shesha smiled emotionally:Thank you so much Ritik.

They all went out of the room.
Yamini:Ritik beta..I did’nt know that you had accepted Shesha as your wife.Anyways this may be God’s wish.

Ritik felt sad.Yamini walked away with Chaya.
Viren blocked Ritik’s way.
V:How smart you are Ritik!Though you seem to be after Shivanya now also you enjoyed with Shesha too.2 beautiful women with you at the same time.Wow Ritik.

Ritik held his collar tightly and stared at him angrily:If you come before me again with your taunts I will not spare you.Understand?
Viren walked away silently.
Ankush came near Ritik. are still with Shivanya.Then how come Shesha is pregnant?Means you cheated Shivanya in every way?

Ritik wept:No papa.I did’nt cheat Shivanya purposefully.I don’t know how it happened.I was not in my senses when it happened.

Ankush felt sad:I had a slight hope that Shivanya will forgive you once knowing about the circumstance in which you married Shesha and you both will reunite.But now how will Shivanya forgive you?How will you get her back?Now how will you tell this to Shivanya?
Ritik cried hugging Ankush:i don’t know papa.
Ankush became upset.

Shesha hugged the doctor:Nisha..thank you so much for telling a lie that I am pregnant.Thank you so much for making fake report.

Nisha:I helped you as you are my childhood friend.
Shesha smiled.
Nisha:But Shesha..low long can you do this pregnancy drama?One day it will be exposed.Right?
Shesha:I will handle this drama so well that no one will ever know the truth.

Nisha smiled:You are a drama queen.

Shesha smiled like a vamp.
She said in her mind:Now even if you want to you can never go away from me Ritik.I will use this baby who is not there in my womb to be with you.

Ritik shared this with Samrat and cried.Samrat was shocked:What?
Rit:Now I don’t deserve Shivanya.My conscience is not even allowing me to look at her innocent face.Her trust in me makes me more guilty.
Samrat felt sad for him:Ritik…

Samrat felt sad for Ritik.
Samrat thought:Why do I feel that there is some truth hidden in this whole issue?

Shesha was folding bed sheets.Suddenly Ritik came from behind and embraced her romantically.She was stunned:Ritik..

Rit:I am so happy Shesha.
She looked at him in come you are so sweet and romantic to me now?
Rit:How can I not fall in love with you?You are the mother of my baby.You are carrying my baby in your womb.You are making me so happy.Thank you so much Shesha.
Shesha was very happy:My Long wait is over.Finally you started loving me.
Suddenly Shesha realized that it was her dream.
Ritik entered the room.Shesha looked at him with hopes.Ritik stared at her.
Rit:Don’t think I have accepted you.I can never accept you or love you.In fact i am more angry with you for carrying my baby in your womb as only Shivanya has the right to carry my baby in womb.I am allowing you to stay here only for the innocent baby.
Shesha was shocked.

Rit:And I have already transferred an amount of cash to your father’s account.Within a few months I will repay the whole account.And I have stopped taking favour from your father.
Shesha was shocked.Ritik left the room.She was shattered:What did I dream of and what am I getting from Ritik now?Now what will I do?

Prem walked to the secret room.Shivanya followed him silently.
She thought:I need to find out the secret of this room.I don’t know why I want to know somebody else’s secret.But somehow I feel that what I am doing is right.
Engrossed in memories with Simar Prem forgot to close the door of the room.Shivanya got inside silently.
Prem looked at Simar’s photos tearfully:Simar…
Shivanya saw Simar’s photos on the wall with a shock.
Prem looked back with a here?
Shi:I am sorry for coming here.But this room seemed to be a mystery for me.That’s why I…
Prem:It’s not a mysterious secret room like you think.Everybody in this house knows about this.
Shi:These are…
Prem:These are my ex-wife Simar’s photos.
Shivanya was shocked:This is your wife whom you all are saying to be a cheater?
P:Yes.When she vanished I searched for her madly.But she avoided me and Anju very easily by sending a letter that she is living with her boy friend happily.
Shi:No..Simar can’t betray you.I am sure about that.
P:Simar must be living happily with her boy friend now.
Shi:No never.

P:You don’t even know her personally.Then how can you be so sure about that?
Shivanya thought:I should not tell him now that I know Simar.
Shi:Who knows whether that letter is written by her?
P:It was her hand writing.
Shi:So what?What if somebody kidnapped her and the kidnapper blackmailed her to write it?Or if the kidnapper wrote the letter in Simar’s hand writing?Just think Premji.

P:What are you saying Shivanya?
Shi:That is also a possibility.Right?Think well Premji.You should have continued enquiring about her till you saw the truth with your eyes.
Prem thought:Is Shivanya right?Did we all were too fast in judging Simar?What if like Shivanya said Simar is in some trouble?
Prem remembered his moment with Simar.
Simar fainted due to starving on Karwachauth.Prem got scared.He placed her on the bed and fed her juice.
P:What was the need to fast?Because of sacrificing food you fainted today.
Simar:Now I am alright naa.Then what is the problem?I fasted for you.I don’t regret it.I can sacrifice anything for you Premji.

Prem Simar shared an emotional eye lock.

Prem became emotional.He thought:Yes i need to find out Simar.

Shivanya left the room.She rang up Ritik.
Shi:Ritik..please come here soon.It’s urgent.
Rit:Shivanya…is there any problem there?
Shi:I am fine.But it’s related to somebody’s life.Very important.I need your help.
Rit:Ok.I will come.
Ritik informed Ankush and went to meet Shivanya.

Shivanya took Ritik to a temple.
Rit:Why have we come to the temple at this time?
Shi:What we are going to do is not a silly thing.We are going to unite a couple who got separated due to the cruel play of destiny.For that we need Shiv bhagwan’s blessings.
Ritik:Uniting a separated couple?Which couple?
Shi:I will tell you soon.First let us pray.
Shivanya and Ritik folded hands to pray.
Shivanya prayed in her mind:Hey Shiv Bhagwan..please help me to succeed in what I am going to do now.Please bless me to unite Premji and Simar.They really deserve love.Right?
Ritik prayed in her mind:I don’t know which couple Shivanya was talking about.But Shiv bhagwan..please unite them whoever that couple is.Please never let them suffer like me and Shivanya.

After that Shivanya took him to a hospital.
Shi:This is the hospital where I lived.
Rit:Ok.But why have we come here?
Shi:To meet someone.
Rit:Who is that?
Shi:Simar.Premji’s wife.
Ritik was shocked:What?Prem’s wife is here?How do you know that?
Shi:Because after I recovered I met her here.She too is staying here Ritik.
Ritik was shocked.
Rit:But she eloped with her boy friend.Right?
Shi:No.That was only a misunderstanding.
Ritik was shocked.

How is my Prem Shivanya edit?

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  1. Sarveshjoshi42

    Amazing Part and plzzz update it soon

  2. Its really nice, I silent reader, you’ve awesome writing skills keep it up. But don’t feel bad, I’m sure it will go to part 40. Because you once said that its based on real life.

    1. Jasminerahul

      it is not based on real life.It will have only 3 more parts.y should I feel bad?

  3. Shakaib

    Hi jasmine di, how. Are you..?? Your premar edit was really awesome. I just loved today’s episode. You’re awesome, thrilling, fantastic writer…. Keep your writing skills up. Waiting for such awesome updates. See, I once said that simar has tough reason behind it.Shesa and Dr. Being friends was shocking..!! Hope this fake pregnancy drama, end soon. Shesa’s dream was cute but Rithik scolding her was also nice. Shivanya seeing mystery room. Surprisingly, when Shivanya make him understand, he understood it. Rivanya to make meet tow lovers. So, simar is in hospital. What happened, waiting for it. But when cover pic of current episode was more attractive, for a while, I felt, that its real drama serial.

    1. Jasminerahul

      thanku,The edit was not of premar,but Prem Shivanya’s edit with Simar’s oic on the wall(Mystery room scene pic)

  4. Shakaib

    And please introduce Shesa’s love interest soon.

  5. Shakaib

    Please di, spsont end it. But if you want to, then please extend it for one or two or three episode more.

  6. Shakaib

    Please di, dont end it. But if you want to, then please extend it for one or two or three episode more.

  7. Hi, I just wanted to know whether Ankush got to know that Shivanya is alive??

    1. Jasminerahul

      Yes..during the initial episodes itself ritik had confessed it to ankush

  8. Hey jas…. Sorry if you’re hurted by my words, please don’t end it so soon. Please….

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