The girl he never noticed (Chapter-4)

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Hola Peeps!
Here’s the next part

Kartik’s Pov
She was going and I just stood there numb seeing her figure going away ….I don’t know why but my heart craved for her to stop and look back at once and more than that it wanted her to stay close to me as she was the only why my heartbeats were normal
‘Naira stay … Please look back at once’ said my heart drumming irregularly inside me

‘What the hell is wrong with you Kartik ?’ whispered my mind bringing me back to reality and stuck between the two I stood there dumbfound
I just don’t know what’s going on inside me right now …..Just a few hours back I met this girl Naira whom I barely knew but my heartbeats.. I think they had a language of their own …they said ‘No Kartik you know her since ages’
Well coming back to Naira….the first time I saw her she was caught between my arms and it was the first time when I came across the most beautiful eyes ever …though they didn’t look happy but still they had an unusual depth which attracted me to get lost in them …her face it’s still so innocent ….though maturity has hit her but she is still fragile and sensitive like a child
And right now a few minutes back I saw a completely different Naira …the one who can do anything to spread happiness

Don’t know why but for the first time I have felt this way and that too for a girl
Well deep down I know she’s not just ‘a’ girl ….She’s way more different than others….Don’t know how many shades she has of herself in store
“Bhai?” Aryan said and that brought me back to reality
” Hmm” I replied
” Kahaan hai tu …chalna nhi kya sone …Raat ho gyi hai ” he said and I gave my watch a glance only to find it striking 9

“Haan haan chal ” I said as we ran towards our rooms

Naira’s Pov
It was 8 in the morning and my alarm clock was already singing its own songs. I finally got up and cursed it and got down from my bed to get ready
After the breakfast four of us were loitering in the corridors when we came across the beats of classical music coming from a room which I guess was the dance hall ….They sounded familiar to me but it had been ages since I last tapped my feet on them
Hearing the music Gayu Di snapped at me ” Naira ?”
I was sure by her expressions that she was inviting me to dance
” No Gayu Di ……U know na I left dancing long time back ” I said moving my head in a no

” Arrey toh kya hua …Ab start karle …Plz na plz plz plz ” she said acting like a kid but I still shook my head ….And the next thing I knew that I was being dragged inside the dance room
“Gayu Di….” I tried to speak but was cut off in the middle
“Chup ek dum chup ….Mein badhi hoon na toh yeh mera order hai …Ja aur change karke aa jaldi we all are waiting …Ryt guys?? ” Gayu Di said while Vivaan and Aryan finally showed there existence by nodding their heads

I sighed and went towards the changing room
Within 15 mins I was back there changed into an pearl white Indian attire
“Naira ….Kitne tym baad mein tujhe iss costume mein dekh rhi hoon …I still remember my baby sister Naira jo jab dance karti thi toh bas phir rukti hi nhi thi ” Gayu Di said as she came and hugged me tightly …I wiped off the tears in her eyes and walked towards the center
“Come on Naira! ” Aryan and Vivaan shouted on the top of their voices while I just gave them a smile and took my position as they played the music …..I started dancing like I had been craving for this moment to come ….I felt free whenever I danced

Kartik’s Pov
I was not able to sleep the last night ….Each time I tried Naira’s face flashed in front of me ..God knows what’s wrong with me but I couldn’t stop thinking about her like she had done some kind of spell on me. And now I was recklessly looking for this idiot Aryan …I had no clue where he was but I knew wherever he is …he must be with Gayatri and then when I was crossing the dance room I heard the beats of classical music coming from there though I am not a classical music fan still I felt attracted towards it …I felt as if I was being pulled inside that room.
As soon as I entered the room I saw the most beautiful sight in front of my eyes
Naira was dancing on those classical beats

Who said that she was not beautiful enough …She was looking extremely beautiful in that white Indian costume that I couldn’t take my eyes off her
It was the first time I have ever checked out a girl but then she was Naira
Her moves made me go aww …I was so lost in her that I didn’t realise that I was now in the centre and she was dancing around me and I kept staring at her like an idiot
“Kartik watch out! ” Gayatri said and next thing I knew was that Naira was in my arms …It felt amazing holding her close
‘Kartik control yourself …What’s gotten into u …U were never like this a day before and now u r drooling over a girl’ said my mind

Screw my mind. I just kept looking at her until reality hit me hard
I realised that there were other people present too so I made her stand while she composed herself
“I am sorry ” I said
“Thank you for saving me” She replied with a smile and damn her smile that was the only thing missing out there on that beautiful face of hers
Everybody appreciated her and then we all dispersed for our classes

Kaira kaira all the way!
I am so happy that u guys are liking my story …I just can’t put it too words
So here’s a question for u all till now whose pov u love reading the most in my story? ….I love writing kartik’s Pov it just goes with the flow …Do answer it and share ur thoughts with me …I just love reading them
Love ya!

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    1. Ekta23

      No …It might be there but I am not on wattpad

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    1. Ekta23

      Hey I am glad ur loving it but I am sorry too coz I was out of station for a few days and couldn’t update…..Will try to post asap …Bear me in case of delay ☺

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