Meet and Meet- Parting ways (Episode 3)


During the morning time with green tea in my one hand and other hand with phone , thinking some ideas for the further story . I wish you all a very happy day 😊💕

Let me answers the questions asked by Jasmine first ….

1. For that halwa one, Meet A will answer himself .

2. He’s just giving his wife a gift .

Epi starts ….

Meet A – I bought this new Mangalsutra for you .

Meet – Thankyou. It looks nice .

Meet A – let me make you wear that .

Meet – yes

Meet turns around and Meet A makes her wear the Mangalsutra.

Ragini comes to call Meet for lunch when she sees them together. She smiles .

Meet – Shall I ask you a question?

Meet A – yes please.

Meet – Why didn’t you ate the halwa I made?

Meet A – No . Its not like that . I’ll eat it .

Meet – ok .

Meet A – I promise you that I will always make sure that you are happy.

Meet smiles .

Ragini knocks..

Meet – Chachi ji . Please come.

Ragini- You both come for lunch.

Meet A – please bring our lunch in one plate in our room. We’ll eat together ❤

Ragini – Yes

Ragini goes …

Meet A – I’ll feed you with my hands .

Meet gets shy . 🤭

Meet A hugs meet .

Meet gets awkward 😬😅😳.

Masoom enters .

Masoom – Bhai . Atleaset you should shut yhe door .

Meet A- Massom di . Its just a friendly hug .

Duggu enters .

Duggu – Mumma . Dad is calling you .

They all go .

Meet – let me go and help chachiji .

She was about to leave when Meet A holds her hand .

Meet A – Be with me please .

Meet – But ….

Meet A keeps his finger on her mouth and makes her sit .

At night …

Meet – I’ll sleep on sofa . You may sleep on the bed .

Meet Ā – Why ? We’re married so that can be done .

Meet – What can be done ?

Meet A – S… Sleeping in one bed . Thats it .

Epi ends …

Precap – Anubha sees Manushi with Kunal . Sunaina gets angry on Masoom.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Mangalsuthra scene was nice.i liked meet saying that he will have halwa n will always make her happy.why didn’t he have halwa before.i didn’t understand it.feeding scene was sweet.he saying that they will sleep on the bed was nice.

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