Destiny’s play – A FF on YRKKH (Episode 20)

Episode 20
At hospital,
Akshu/aru: badi dadi kaise hai ab??

Kairav: now she is out of danger. She will get consciousness in sometime.

Abhi: you all don’t know she was continuously crying till now. She infact took our life by crying vigorously. Now you should be happy because badi dadi is fine now. Also now doctors can go to their duty. Akshu and aru both of you go to your cabin. Aru all intern are in conference hall. So go there. We will join you in sometime after visiting the general rounds.

Aru: ji abhi. Just inform Neil that we are ok now. He will be worried there.

Akshu: I will do that. Don’t worry. Now go to your work. Abhi will join you in few minutes will go and check out whether I have patients appointment today. Or any emergency case is there or not.

Abhi: fine. But be soon. We have to be with intern today. I have informed parth and Neil to come today.

Akshu: okay.


Asha: Shefali called me and said that Birlas like her. They want us to come and meet them tomorrow. Because in a week their other 2 sons are getting engaged.

Vijay: that’s a great news asha. We will definitely go and meet them.

Shravan: I am happy that our kitty is going to get married soon to the person she loves. I will speak with my manager and will arrange for our trip.

Asha and Vijay: ok.

Asha: but I have a bad news too kitty said me.

Shravan: what happened mom??

Asha: kairav’s great grandmother had a heart attack and now is admitted in hospital.

Shravan: what?? I will call Kairav and will have a word with him immediately.

He calls a number.

Shravan: hello. Do you remember me Mr. Studious??

Kairav: yes Mr. Arrogant. How are you doing now. Heard that you are now a big business tycoon. Congratulations.

Shravan: thank you. And congratulations to you too. By the way I have called you to some other purpose.

Kairav: thank you shravan. What is the matter??

Shravan: I heard that your badi dadi had a heart attack and is now hospitalized. How is she??

Kairav: she is fine now and by the way how do you know that??

Shravan: my sister told mom and mom said me.

Kairav: your sister?? I don’t know your sister. How come she knows this.

Shravan: also congratulations on your sisters engagement kairav.

Kairav: how do you know all this about my family??

Shravan: let me break your confusion. First my sister is Shefali and she is working as a reporter in times now udaipur and she lives there. Next thing she loves a boy who is in your family. His name is Dr. Parth Birla. Brother in law of your sisters. Today only my sister met birlas and they liked her and tomorrow we are coming to udaipur. Now do you get it??

Kairav: now I got it. On Thursday my sister’s engagement you have to come definitely along with your family. Till then don’t disclose anything to anyone please. Let it be a surprise for them.

Shravan: fine. I won’t disclose anything to anyone. Can you just give me your guest house key?? In Kitty’s home her friends are also there so we can’t go there.

Kairav: it’s ok. When are you coming to Udaipur. I will come and pick you and will leave you all in guest house.

Shravan: thank you kairav.

  1. This was so good… Want to see more of friendship between kairav and shravan… Loving this…

    1. Prana

      Thank you 😊. Will do definitely. Will add vansh too.

  2. Wow this was so mesmerizing

    1. Prana

      Thank you l

    2. Prana

      Also see my other FF in kumkum bhagya. “Journey of life a FF on kkb”.

    3. Man you have to finish the marriage of AbhiRa before the serial does ! Gotta go fast

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