Meet 2nd July 2022 Written Episode Update: Meet Ahlawat makes a request to Manjari

Meet 2nd July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meet Ahlawat take bouquet from Manjari. Manjari ask him to pay money. Meet Ahlawat throws the bouquet and remember Meet’s behaviour says according to her habit she will reach my pocket. Meet Ahlawat hold a han near his pocket and see a lady. Lady says do you recognise me and says you have problem with every girl, earlier I was in hurry so was unable to answer you, that day you give me a lot of money and today you are not paying her anything. Manjari says I thought he has problem with me but he have the issue. Lady calls her friends. Manjari says he is troubling me a lot, he says I’m someone else and acting here, I’m not here from Baroda to just act. Lady sasy don’t worry he will learn the lesson today. Manjari and everyone disscus something. Manjari says now you will when a girl trouble someone how does it feel. Everyone walk away from him.

Manjari throw mud on his car. Meet Ahlawat get’s angry says what are you doing. Manjari says it’s important to teach you a lesson. Meet Ahlawat ask everyone to back off. Everyone puncture his tyres and break the connection of his car. Manjari says it’s enough now let’s leave. Everyone records Meet Ahlawat reaction and laugh at him. Meet Ahlawat see bangles and a note on his car he destroy them.

Babita ask Duggu is this the address your father told us. He says yes and everyone start looking for Meet. Babita ask a man about Manjaris house.

Kunal give water to Manushi and ask what happen. Manushi says I saw my sister Meet. Kunal get’s scared says if you are right then we both are gone she won’t leave us. Manushi says if Meet is alive then I have to tell Masum.

Duggu see a poster of Meet. Babita says we can ask about her after showing the poster. Lakhan remove the poster. Babita says we have phone number let’s call and ask her. Meet Ahlawat walks to them and tear the poster says I asked everyone not to contact her then why. Babita says I insisted to kids. Meet Ahlawat says if you want to meet her she live down the corner ho and meet but remember that person won’t be related to me and leave.

Raj in hir room wakes up. Tej and Sunaina walks yo him says take it easy, what happen. Raj says Meet Ahlawat is here so Meet will be here but why didn’t she came to meet me. Tej says Meet Ahlawat is out to bring her but they are not home till now. Raj says this means Meet is not here. Tej says don’t worry you know Meet Ahlawat he will fulfill your promise he will be here sure with Meet. Meet Ahlawat see Raj and walk away.

Meet Ahlawat in his room remember what Raj asked him to do. Hoshiyar rush to Meet Ahlawat says in this file I have Manjaris all the documents her aadhar card and school certificate after these many prove you still believe she is Meet. Tej shouts come down dad is serious. Everyone in Raj’s room panicked. Meet Ahlawat says nothing will happen to you dad. Nurse says his heart rate is on spike need to give him injection, she give him injection and says I’ll call doctor. Raj takes Meet name. Meet Ahlawat says I’ll bring her wait just stay strong and he leave.

Meet Ahlawat in hall a man stop him. He says to his reflection get away from my path I’m going to bring my past back here. Reflection says but she is different then why are you going. Meet Ahlawat says I don’t believe it, but if she is Manjari then also I’ll bring her for my Dad to make him feel better. Reflection says what if she says no. Meet Ahlawat says she have to come any how.

Manjari in her house singing amd cleaning vegetable. Meet Ahlawat knocks at her door. Manjari get’s scared and throw the vegetables. Meet Ahlawat says I need to talk to you. Manjari says no I don’t want to talk to you. Meet Ahlawat says try to understand I need your help. He says please come with me to my house as my wife. Manjari in shock calls Popat Bua says this mad person is in house, she says I’ll die but I won’t help you. Meet Ahlawat says if you will not go then I’ll call the men who came to your house. Popat walks to Manjari says what happen to you why are you shouting and ask Meet Ahlawat who are you and how did you come inside. Manjari says how many times I asked you not to bet now see we both are trapped because of you, now he blackmailing us. Popat try to hit him. Hoshiyar walks in and greet himself in gujrati. Popat blushes after seeing him. Hoshiyar says sorry Mr. Ahlawat came here to ask you help but he has to blackmail your daughter because he didn’t have any choice. Popat says she is not my daughter she is my niece and I’m still single. Manjari says you can talk I’ll leave now. Meet Ahlawat shouts at her says sit. Hoshiyar says be calm and apologies to them. Popat says no problem you look lika a good guy. Meet Ahlawat says my dad is serious and he use to love my wife my wife ditched my whole family and as I told you your face matches my wife’s that’s why I want you to come with me to my house so that you can take care of Dad and help him to recover. Hoshiyar shoe Meet’s photo. Manjari and Popat in shock. Manjari says she is just like you. Manjari says look at my hairs and see her no makeup and small hairs, she looks like a boy. Hoshiyar says that’s our Bhabhis quality she is different and his Dad use to consider her as his own daughter, now he is stubborn to meet you he already go two heart attack, please help us. Manjari says pray to god says now you only show me path.


Update Credit to: Tanaya

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