Sirf Tum 2nd July 2022 Written Episode Update: Ranveer demands to get Honey’s treatment

Sirf Tum 2nd July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani telling Mamta and Ranveer that she felt for once that Honey will throw hot tea on her face, but she herself drank hot tea. She says don’t know what is going on in her mind. Ranveer asks are you fine? Suhani says I am fine. Mamta says she can do something and says she is not right. Suhani says if Ansh married her to take her advantage. Ranveer says he will throw them out of the house. Asha tells Honey that you had gone to kitchen for Suhani and hurt yourself. Honey takes sugar in her mouth. Ansh says Suhani burnt your tongue repeatedly. Honey says she didn’t burn my tongue, I had it myself. Ansh asks her to say that Suhani burnt her mouth else he will send her back from where he brought her. Asha smirks. Honey tells that Suhani burnt my mouth. Asha and Ansh take Honey to Vikrant. Honey complains to Vikrant that Suhani made her drink tea forcibly and burnt her mouth. Ansh tells that Suhani is daring to do this because of Ranveer. Asha says Mamta ji is supporting her so that we get afraid and leave from here. Vikrant shouts Suhani and asks her to come. Suhani comes. Vikrant asks did you make Honey drink tea forcibly and asks do you know that her mouth is burnt. Suhani says why will I do this, and tells that Honey herself has drank it and I was trying to help her and was trying to stop her. Vikrant asks if Ansh and Honey are lying. Ansh says Suhani is doing this as honey asked for her room. Ranveer says enough and says I am hearing everyone’s drama. He tells Vikrant, what to make you understand, you are blindfolded. He says nobody will blame Suhani for this drama and asks if you all have short term memory loss, and says she did tamasha on marriage night, then tried to harm Maa and now this act and you think that she is normal.

Asha says Honey is very innocent and has apologized too. She says don’t know until when my family has to bend down. Ranveer says this girl is not normal, but needs psychiatrist treatment. She says if psychiatrist say that she is not normal then she will not stay here. He says I will get all her treatment done. Honey says I will not go anywhere and tries to remind Ansh of his promise that if she says Suhani…Ansh says my wife is not lying, I trust her fully. He takes her from there. Ranveer says honey needs psychiatric treatment. He says before the matters get worse, we have to get the treatment done. Asha asks Vikrant, how can he hear wrong against his badi bahu. She says they are blaming him wrongly and saying this. She asks Ranveer and Mamta to leave them. Ranveer says honey’s treatment will be done. Vikrant says this is my house and whatever I want, will happen. He says no psychiatrist will come here. Ranveer says treatment will not happen, then you have to give surety of my family’s security. Vikrant says no tests shall happen here.

Suhani asks Ranveer to listen to her once. He says you will not stop me. He goes behind Vikrant. Others go behind him. Vikrant says I have told my decision and asks him to go out. Ranveer says if you are Vikrant Oberoi, then I am Ranveer Oberoi and says I will not go without changing your decision. Dada ji says both of them do something always. Vikram says Ranveer might harm vikrant. Mamta says he will not do anything. Ansh tells Asha that he will treat Ranveer permanently. Vikram says don’t know what will happen to this family. Asha asks if Ranveer has done something with Vikrant ji. Dada ji says Asha. Asha says I will try to hear. She keeps her ears on the door. Ranveer walks out of the room, followed by Vikrant. Ansh asks Dad, are you fine? If Ranveer has done something to you. Door bell rings. Ranveer goes to open the door. Everyone goes behind him. They see doctor coming inside. Ranveer thanks him for coming in a short notice. Ansh tries to say. vikrant says I have called him, once the test is done, this matter will end here. Dada ji asks what happened suddenly. Vikrant says it is matter of family security and asks Asha to bring Honey. Asha comes back and says Honey is not at home. Vikrant says Ansh took her to room. He says where she can go? Mamta asks if Ansh made her elope, so that test can’t be done. Vikrant says if there is any problem in the test result, then we have to send her to hospital. He says search her, or pack her stuff. Suhani goes to search her. Ansh and Asha search her. Ranveer is also searching her. Suhani tells Samaira that honey is not inside. Samaira goes to check in the garden.

Precap: Ranveer tells Vikrant that he is risking everyone’s lives. Ansh asks Honey to make Suhani’s room fan fall down using chemical. Honey uses the chemical. The fan falls down. Ranveer shouts Suhani.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Shaadi ke ek din Baad hi suhani ranveer separated and shifted in different rooms.that is why this show trp comes down day by day.makers ek hi kaam karte hain suhani ranveer ko separate.

  2. The rascal man like ansh must go to jail.he is misusing his medical knowledge to kill people.he must be restigated from his degree.he must be black listed.he is playing with the life of people.this is murder attempt.strange ranveer left suhani after one day of marriage.where is his desparate love gone? Inspite suhani being married to ansh ranveer made sure he never allowed suhani to stay with him.then how come he left suhani? Vikrant wanted their separation and ranveer gave him that happiness.mamta also supported ranveer in his decision.ranveer possessiveness for suhani lost in one day after marriage.vikrant asha ansh they are laughing at them and ansh got a chance to kill suhani because she is not staying with he can do anything with her.

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