Banni Chow Home Delivery 2nd July 2022 Written Episode Update: Banni Faces Raja’s Harrassment

Banni Chow Home Delivery 2nd July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yuvan pleads Devraj to get him married to Banni. Devraj comforts him and says he is the only one who didn’t expect anything from him till now, he doesn’t know what to do. His sister says their mother used to say that except bringing moon and stars, he can do anything if he is determined to. Myra also requests him to do something.

Vishnu helps Banni remove Yuvan’s mother’s ring from her finger and hearing the whole incident happened during engagement tells her that he is her brother and her blood and hence loves her, but Yuvan loves her selflessly as a friend and hence she shouldn’t lose his friendship. He says Yuvan can get well with her love and care as he read many medical cases like Yuvan where the patients got well. Banni thinks about it.

Manini mocks Viraj saying that he is a failure and would have to be Yuvan’s maid if he doesn’t act and help her get remaining 50% property share form Yuvan, which she will share some with him. She provokes him to threaten Yuvan to forget Banni.

Goon Raja’s aide informs him that a rich mentally insane boy Yuvan fixed engagement ring in Banni’s finger and got engaged to her. Raja says he will not let Banni marry anyone except him. Aide asks if he loves Banni. Raja says he just wants to teach her a lesson. He taunts Banni that she fell for a rich boy. Banni denies his allegation and says Yuvan is just her friend and she serves him food. He mocks her. Their argument starts. He warns her to return her mamusa’s taken 3 lakhs debt soon or else be ready to marry him.

Viraj walks to Yuvan and brutally trashes him warning him to not take Banni’s name again. Myra and Pihu plead him to stop, but he continues. Myra then rushes to Hemant’s room and knocks door. Manini opens door and asks her to not bother about it as she ordered Viraj to punish Yuvan for thinking of marrying Banni instead of Niyati. Viraj continues brutally beating Yuvan. Devraj tries to stop him, but he doesn’t and questions Devraj for his dual faced behavior. Banni enters and stops him.

Precap: Banni prepares food for Yuvan while Niyati feeds food to Yuvan already. Manini thinks Banni will be out of Yuvan’s life soon. Baani reaches Yuvan’s room and stands stunned seeing Yuvan having food from Niyati’s hand.

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