Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 2nd July 2022 Written Episode Update: Sarika Learns Suhani and Sikandar’s Truth

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 2nd July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dimpy daadi, Urmila, and Gehna cheer up Shreya after rescuing him from Sikandar’s torture. Gehna informs them that Agastya offered her partnership in his law firm. They all 3 congratulate her and say Surya will love her more if she stays away from him for sometime. Rajesh joins them and tells Gehna that they get daughters educated to make them self sufficient and not just stay at home. Ridhima hears their conversation, feels jealous of Gehna, and thinks Gehna will lure even her Agaysta now. She informs Suhani and Shakuni about it and says Gehna is behind her Agastya now. Shakuni asks her not to bother about it and just concentrate on luring Surya. She gets suspicious on Ridhima’s intentions.

Ridhima visits Agastya and hugs him from behind. Agastya waiting for Gehna thinks its her, but feels disappointed seeing Ridhima instead. Ridhima seeks job from him and says she has done MA in Hindi. Agastya gets Gehna’s call who accepts his partnership proposal. He jumps in happiness and says he is happy that she would be around him, then changes topic. He then tells Ridhima that he doesn’t have any vacancy for her right now as he just started the firm and got a new partner. She walks out, calls Surya and asks him if she can join his office. He agrees. She thinks if Gehna snatches her love, she will snatch Gehna’s everything.

Surya takes food for Suhani and asks why she didn’t have food yet. She starts her emotional blackmail, cries holding a baby cloth. He asks reason. She says she found him wrapped in this cloth when Urmila had left him and wonders how can a mother be so ruthless. She continues to show her fake love for him. He falls for her emotional blackmail. She thinks its easy to fool him and make him against Urmila. Gehna walks to Sarika and asks if she is sad for Arjun. Sarika tries to hide her tears. Gehna says Agastya told something about Arjun. Sarika says she doesn’t want to listen. Gehna gets Agastya’s call who says he is outside court and its confirmed that Suhani and Sarika put all the blame on innocent Arjun and Arjun got a lifetime imprisonment punishment. Sarika is shocked to hear that and asks Agastya if its true. He says she can come to court and confirm it. Sarika breaks down and says her own brother and mother betrayed her. Gehna says she should confront them.

Gehna returns to her team smiling. Shreya asks her if she did something. Gehna asks her to wait and watch. Sarika calls Suhani and Sikandar to the living room and asks why Suhani why did she sacrifice Arjun to save Sikandar like she sacrificed Surya before. Suhani denies. Sarika asks how can they be so cruel to their own sister and daughter. Sikandar angrily tries to slap her. Gehna holds his hand and warns that she will break his hand if he touches any of her family members.

Precap: Gehna asks Surya to imagine the helplessness of Urmila to leave her newborn alone. Surya says whatever it is, she shouldn’t’ have abandoned him, he will never accept Urmila as his mother.

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