Meet 28th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Meet Ahlawat and Hoshiyar follows Meet

Meet 28th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meet on stage performing. Meet Ahlawat hear her voice says I’m sure this voice is of cheater, it’s so crowded I can’t even see who is singing. Hoshiyar walks to Meet Ahlawat says where were you I was looking for you, uf we are here so let’s go and pray. He says did anyone got anything from praying, no so do what you want till that I’ll look for the source of voice.

Meet Ahlawat looking for girl. Hoshiyar says I think you like that girl. He says I want to see her because her voice matches to Meet.

Ram, Lakhan and Duggu praying to god. Babita and Ragini walks to them. Babita ask what are you praying for. Duggu says we are praying for Meet Ahlawat he went out to look for Meet. Babita says then we all should pray. Tej says yes we all will pray together and everyone start praying. Ragini says by just mentioning Meet’s name we all got new hope and we she will come back to house the whole new happiness will also come back. Masum walks to them and ask what happen everyone near god. Duggu says I asked everyone to pray so that your new music album go hit. Masum says you are the bedt and she hugs him. Everyone in shock. Ragini ask where are you going. Masum says yes I’m going to Delhi will be back sometime then I need to get Meet Ahlawat and Chavi engaged so that he becomes normal and Dad also start getting healthy and everyone forgets Meet, she leaves. Duggu pray to god says don’t listen mom’s thought.

Meet Ahlawat see Meet dancing infront of him. He walk to her and hold her hands. Meet remove her hand and turn around. Hoshiyar walks to him and ask what happen did you find her. He says she was here let’s find her before she gets lost in crowd because she have answer for few questions.

A lady ask Meet where is your duppatas latkan. Meet looks at her duppata and remember it might be with Meet Ahlawat. Other lady says to Meet when you forget something to a boy it’s a sign of love story. Meet Ahlawat remove latkan and throw away.

Everyone in hall. Ragini says from last one year we were looking for Meet so how is that possible he can find her. Sunaina ask Babita if Meet Ahlawat is unable to bring Meet back then how Raj will get healthy. Meet Ahlawat walks to everyone. Babita says dinner is ready. Isha give him food and says let’s eat together. He says I’m not hungry and walk away.

Neet Ahlawat walks to Raj he sit beside him hold his hand says I’m sorry I was unable to bring her back but I have find her and I’m sure she is the one but I lost her in crowd but don’t you worry things will happen according to you, I’ll make her stand infront of you, he get up and walk away.

Meet Ahlawat remember her video, he enters his room and hear Meet’s voice, he gets mad after hearing her voices and put his earphones.

Meet Ahlawat and Hoshiyar in temple. He ask Hoshiyar are you sure she was Meet. He says yes I tracked her, the lady singing yesterday come here daily and her name is Manjari from Baroda, she is a singer and teach dance. Meet Ahlawat says she may change her name but I want to hear feom her why did she came back here after 1 year in a disguise.

Meet Ahlawat see Meet lighting diya and teaching students garba. Meet Ahlawat says to Hoshiyar I’ll go and talk to her. Hoshiyar says first I’ll see, he looks at her and says are you going blind because of your hatred, how can you say she is the same girl. Meet Ahlawat looks and see a lady there and says she was here.

Meet Ahlawat see her standing infront of God ideol. Hoshiyar walks to her and ask what happen. Meet Ahlawat points toward Meet. Hoshiyar in shock says she looks like her, same to same but don’t she look a bit different are my eyes deceiving me. Both of them walk towards her. Meet Ahlawat stand beside her and see her praying.

Sunaina brings tea for Raj. Raj wake up and ask where is Meet Ahlawat, you know he is going to bring Meet back. Sunaina says he went to find Meet till that time have this tea. Raj says you know I taught her to make tea and afterwards she started making good tea then me, it’s been so many days I didn’t drink tea made by her. Sunaina says when she will be back I’ll order her to make tea for you and then we all will drink tea after that we won’t let her go anywhere and for now have tea made by me.

A lady says to Meet will you pray today for everything give us chance too. Meet and Meet Ahlawat get’s showered with flower petals.

Meet walks out of temple. Meet Ahlawat stop her. She try to dodge her. Meet Ahlawat hold her hand and says you have to answer my questions, tell me why did you left me alone and go away.
Update Credit to: Tanaya

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