Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 28th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Kabir gives the marriage news to his brother

Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 28th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kabir and Katha meeting Shabnam. Shabnam says meeting Kabir, I believe in goodness again, sorry that we couldn’t find Rahul, but I will find him soon, Kabir has asked the DIG to help us, DIG Sir asked me to put this case on fast track. Kabir says if I catch Rahul, then it will be the best wedding gift for Katha. Katha looks at him. Uma says I will finish the packing soon. Manyata asks her to slow down. Uma says we will get alone again, Katha will go, who will help me then. She sits crying. Manyata says my maths isn’t so weak, I will help you. Uma says you became sensible. Manyata says yes. Uma says I wish that Katha doesn’t remember that mean guy there. Kabir stops Rahul on the way and makes him fall down the bike. They have a fight. Kabir scolds him. Rahul asks how do you know this. Kabir says Katha has courage to give name to her baby, I will support her. Katha wakes up from the dream. She asks why did you do this with me. Manyata asks what happened, was it a nightmare. Katha says it was a good dream, Rahul will get punished, because Kabir is with me now.

Rahul stops the bike. Kabir calls him and says you thought you will do the crime and leave, nobody can reach you. Rahul asks who are you. Kabir says you went missing suddenly. Rahul says you don’t know me. Kabir says I know you well. Rahul says my elder brother should get punished for my mistake of disappearing, you are also missing since a week, I won’t talk to you. Kabir says don’t get upset, I feel guilty, my work was imp, else I would have not skipped our talk. Rahul says you called Maasa, but not me. Kabir says matter was really imp. Rahul says I know, you have the factory work. Kabir says no, your would be Bhabhi had stopped me. Rahul asks what. Kabir says I have found a girl, I m saying the truth, I m in love. Rahul asks did you say I love you. Kabir says yes. Rahul jokes.

He asks her to say who is the girl. Kabir says first Maasa and now you, her name is…. Kishor says GPS stopped again, you know the way to the office. Kabir says yes, I know. He asks Rahul to meet, he will give all the details, get the cards printed. Rahul asks what, I m so happy, it’s a big surprise for me, I m sure that you chose a special Bhabhi for me. Kabir says I will make you talk to her, I m sending details, get the cards printed. Rahul agrees. He leaves.

Uma prays and says Katha has seen many troubles, but not now. Katha and Manyata pack the bags. Katha is lost. Manyata says I will make reels there in Kabir’s house. Katha recalls Rahul and cries. Kabir and Kishor come to Katha’s house. Kabir was sending the details to Rahul. He sees the smoke and worries. They go and see Katha burning few things. Kabir says she is trying to burn her past. Uma looks around. Manyata says geyser is not on. Uma says its time, Kabir will be coming. They go and see Katha burning her clothes. Katha recalls Rahul. She puts her hand towards the fire. Kabir holds her hand. She shouts don’t dare to touch me, Rahul.

Kabir says its me Kabir, not Rahul. Uma hugs Katha. Katha says I m really sorry. Kabir asks her not to think much. She says how did I come in his words, I feel angry sometimes. He says you can’t get hatred in your heart. Kishor asks Uma not to worry, Kabir will handle Katha. They go. Kabir says if a person snatches a toy from the kid, whose mistake is it, its that person’s mistake, same way, its not your mistake, any step taken in love can’t be wrong, don’t fill sadness in your heart, your baby deserves your smile, you have to smile for the baby’s sake, you can’t lose, I assure you I will never break your trust, we missed the flight, we will go tomorrow, my family, especially my younger brother Yuvraj are really excited to meet you. She thanks him. He asks her to get some rest. She recalls his words.

Precap: Katha does bidai rituals.
Kabir says to her I will always be with you and protect you.
Raj says Bhabhi and Bhaiya I am coming to take you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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