Meet 21st January 2022 Written Episode Update : Meet Ahlawat throw Manushi out

Meet 21st January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raj tying turbine of Meet Ahlawat. Babita says my son looks so handsome nobody can match him today in Lori. Isha says to Meet nobody cna think to compete with you today you look beautiful. Meet Ahlawat ask Babita where is Meet because Ragini told me we have to sit together tonight in pooja.
Duggu says to Meet, Mamu will be here soon. Isha says you hav eto take care of one thing, you cannot talk to eachother until pooja is done. Meet says what we cant talk.
Raj says to Meet Ahlawat this is the ritual you can talk only after pooja till that hold your horses. Isha says to Meet our ancestors made so cute ritual to increase your love for your partner. Babita says to Meet Ahlawat that’s why we keep couple apart so that there love gets stronger. Raj says after that when couple meet to eachother they get lost and says to Babita do you remember our first lori how we were excited to talk to eachother and ask Meet Ahlawat to sit we will go and check the arrengement and they leave.
Meet Ahlawat says now we both cannot talk till lori is finished.
Meet says I need to talk to him and teel everything. Meet Ahlawat enter her room from window. Meet says what are you doing here and why didn’t you come from door. Meet Ahlawat put his hand on her mouth and tell her with sign that we cannot talk. He give him one slip. Meet reads it, this is your first special gift handmade sweet. He give her other slip. She read it, I hope you like the taste I tried of making it just like your father. Meet Ahlawat remove cloth from plate and she see sweet in shape if her name MEET, he give her to eat. Meet taps on his shoulder and give him thumbs-up. He go out from window.
Meet says I cannot forget the kind of relation we are building, you are my husband and I won’t let anyone take you.

Hoshiyar outside says this food is smelling good, I’ll eat everything today. Babita walks in says I love your decoration Manushi, Ragini told me you were taking equal part in decoration and your creativity idea they are seen I’m very impressed. Manushi says thank you it’s nothing in front of what you did for me. Meet and Meet Ahlawat walks in. Babita says lets start pooja and tell them what to do for pooja and says put this in fire to kill all the negativity in your life. They both proceed with pooja. Meet steps on stone and gets hurt. Meet Ahlawat took her in his hands and continue with ritual. Babita says apply this sindoor given by Anubha on Meets forehead.

Meet Ahlawat ask Meet how was your exam. Meet says it was good now listen I’ll talk and you will be quiet. Manushi bring dhol to them.
Manushi says to everyone now ritual is done so let’s play some games. Raj says yes why not . Ram ask what we have to do. Manushi says I’ll tell you, I’m your host for today’s evening and the game we gonna play is you are my love, in this game all the wife will make popcorn garland for there husband, who ever win will get the title of you are my love but it’s not that easy there is some twist you have to throw that garland to your wife’s neck to win the game so let’s begin. Everyone start with the game. Babita, Meet and Masum competing with eachother. Manushi thinks I kept this game so that you loose because you don’t know how to put thread in needle. Meet struggling to put thread. Raj says to Babita you have magic in your hand. Meet poke herself. Meet Ahlawat cheering her. Meet thinks he did a lot for me I have to complete this task and win for him. Babita complete her garland. Meet throws her garland on Meet Ahlawat and win the game. Raj ask how did you win you were sitting down. Meet tie threads around all the popcorn to make garland. Manushi get’s angry. Ram says to Meet Ahlawat now it’s your turn to prove your love. Manushi says to Babita go and help her. Ragini and Babita walks to Meet and hold her on there hands. Meet Ahlawat throw garland but it goes to Manushi’s neck. Meet take that garland and put on says garland dosent know where it has to land, I know he threw to me so it’s mine. Ragini says she is right. Ram ask to play dhol. Everyone dancing. Meet Ahlawat in shock. Manushi dancing around Meet Ahlawat. He gets flashes of Manushi and leaves.

Meet Ahlawat goes inside walks to god idol says how could I let this happen with me. Meet walks to him says what are you doing remove your hand from fire. Meet Ahlawat I throw that garland on you but don’t know how it went on to Manushi I don’t know I have nothing to do with her. Meet says I don’t think like that, it was a game dont take load of it. He says it was not a small mistake and I should be punished for that and put his hand on diya. Meet says stop it and try to remove his hand over diya and mistakenly drops that. He ask are you hurt. She says I’m fine. Manushi calls Meet Ahlawat. He walks to her and throw her out of house. Everyone gather around. He shouts get out of my and Meets life. Meet says what are you doing. Babita says she is our guest and we don’t behave like this to our guest. Raj says calm down. Meet Ahlawat says I know what I’m doing, I should have taken this step earlier and says Manushi go from here and don’t show your face ever again get out and closes door on her face.
Meet Ahlawat says to everyone you might think this step as disrespect but I don’t feel that bad at all I request you all to not to take her name again and walks away.

Meet Ahlawat in his room. Meet walks to him says why nobody will take her name, I’ll take she is my sister, not me everyone will take her name. Meet Ahlawat says I’m telling you not to take her name. She says because of her this house is happy again, she brought Tej back to this house. He says donytake her name. She says I’ll take because she is my sister, listen I’ll take her name and repeat again and again. Meet Ahlawat shouts and says don’t take her name because I don’t want to listen her name, if nobody is trying to understand my problem in this house atleast you should understand me. Meet says I’m understanding that’s why I’m asking why nobody will take her name.

Meet Ahlawat says to Meet it’s time to take your bag again it’s your first day of collage come I’ll drop you. Meet says I’ll not go with you I have someone more special then you.

Meet sits in auto. Anubha see her says where is she going with stick.

A man enter Ahlawat’s house. Raj ask him who beat you this bad. Man says call police and tell them Meet Huddah is involved in this

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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