Sasural Genda Phool 2 21st January 2022 Written Episode Update: Titli Falls In Ishan’s Love?

Sasural Genda Phool 2 21st January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Titli’s friend visits her and asks why didn’t she meet Deva bhai even after him calling her twice. Titli says she is having a leg sprain and cannot walk. Friend says her and Ishan’s photo and says Deva’s puppet sent it to him. Titli says Ishan came to drop her home. He says Deva’s business is suffering without her as Deva’s new puppets are fit for nothing. She says she knows. He asks her to finish her task soon and return to Deva bhai soon. She says only a few days are left to finish her task. He asks if she fell in Ishan’s love seeing his money. She angrily kicks him out of house and says she doesn’t have time for love and is not weak to waste her time on love.

Meethi chats with a boy via Ishika’s social media account as Ishika. Ishika scolds her. Meethi insists to chat with the boy Mayank as he seems interested. Ishika says it wil not help and chats with him to prove it. Mayank gives a satisfying reply and impresses Ishika. Meethi insists Ishika to meet Mayank once.

Avni confronts Ishan for promising to marry her and then having an affair with Titli behind her back and introducing Titli to his family. Ishan says she is mistaken. Avni says she thought he wanted to marry her and then ditched her for Titli. He gets speechless. Avni walks away fuming. In the evening, Inder catches Meethi chatting with a boy and asks who is he. Ishan and Ilesh ask him to calm down. Meethi says its Ishika’s laptop. Ishan asks if Ishika has someone in her life. Meethi says its not sure yet and hence she is helping Ishika. They agree and joke.

Titli remembers her friend’s words that she fell in Ishan’s love and thinks she needs to finish his task and get him out of her life. Next morning, Ishika informs Rani that today is Alok and Rano’s wedding anniversary and they should plan something. Ishan, Alok, and Ilesh hear that and say they already have planned something and decide to gift 33000 rs worth gift and share 11000 rs each. Ishan gives his share. Alok says they should gift sesham would rocking chair. Their discussion tcontinues.
Badimaa enters and says Rano and Alok should get a chance to celebrate their wedding anniversary according to their wish. They all agree and decide to groom Rano and Alok and then send them for a dinner date. Ishan says he will book a table then. Avni walks in and clashes with Ishan and then walks away without speaking to him.

Precap: Titli demands Ishan to finish his task soon or else she needs more money. He gives her installment money. Ilesh notices that.

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