Kundali Bhagya 21st January 2022 Written Episode Update: Prithvi plans to ruin the life of Preeta with a single blow

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Karan replies he came in a hurry to see if she is here, she is behaving as if he is a one sided lover, Preeta is not able to understand what he meant, she then questions what is he saying as she informed him that she is busy but he is just standing here talking like this with her, does he not know how much her business is being harmed, she asks him to step away, Karan leaves in anger. Preeta apologizes that she had to talk with him like this, but it is really glad to see that he still cares for her so much, he looked for her when she was not present in the house, she is really glad he still cares for her, Preeta leaves after wiping off the tears.

Sherlin warns Janki to behave with her since she is the daughter in law of this house, Janki replies she was going but Sherlin stopped her and is now threatening her, Janki says that Sherlin said she is threatening, Janki accepts, turning to Natasha also asks if she understood it all, she informs how they both seem the same and so must always remember her threat otherwise she would do to them what they will not be able to forget, Natasha in anger warns Janki to not threat her as she doesnot accept them, Janki should only threat Sherlin, Janki replies she ahs no interest in threatening anyone but she can find out the truth just by looking at the face of someone, she has understood that Natasha has a black heart and mind filled with wrong doings, so she should accept the warning because Janki is not an evil person but if they force her then she can also ruin them both, Natasha asks what sort of films does she watch because she is just delivering the dialogues, when Janki informs she has seen a lot of movies but there is one movie which she watched a lot of times, in which there is someone who is ruining the family like a sword by being with them, her name is Sherlin. Sherlin in shock warns her to not say such things to her, Janki replies she knows Sherlin since she wronged Preeta two years ago for a crime which she never committed, she stopped because Preeta barred her from coming, Sherlin says she is crossing her limits. Janki informs she is the protector of Preeta, and if they mess with her this time so she would also unleash the anger which has been hidden in her for the past two years, Janki warns them to not do anything wrong otherwise she would be killed by her hands this time.

Sherlin is tensed, Natasha requests her to stop the threats of Janki as they need to find Prithvi, since he is nowhere in the house.
Sherlin enters the room with Natasha, who exclaims Shristhi always being s a tsunami with her, Sherlin replies she is the biggest torture of her, Natasha informs she felt as if Shelrin is a a lioness but her words do not mean anything, Natasha questions why are they not able to do anything for those sisters, Natasha exclaims first Preeta came and took control of the business and now this younger sister has also come to ruin their lives, Sherlin exclaims she is saying the truth, Natasha replies that she has been telling the truth since long because Preeta after coming to the family has took ownership of the house and even took her post, Sherlin advises her to forget that post since now Preeta has returned to their house, Natasha exclaims she was promised a pay for her work, Sherlin replies what payment when she was not able to complete the word.

The door of the wardrobe opens, Natasha sees Prithvi in the cupboard, Sherlin immediately pulls him out asking Natasha to bring a glass of water, he requests her to open the tie, and drinking the glass of water is restless Sherlin questions if he is fine, prithvi asks how did he come here, Shelrin exclaims he really doesnot know how he came here, she informs that Preeta came back into the house and is alive, she even took his contract under the Luthra Industries, after which Shristhi made him unconscious, Sherlin reveals the entire truth, Prithvi in anger mentions they have gotten so brave to mess with him. Prithvi exclaims that he will take revenge from them that Preeta’s life will be ruined, Sherlin questions what he will do when Prithvi replies he will just make a single blow that will ruin her life, she leaves after Prithvi, Natasha exclaims how she can say that she will not pay her, as she will not lose her dream of opening a dance school. Natasha exclaims they would now see what Natasha is truly capable off doing,
Janki in the party is searching for Preeta and Shristhi wondering where they have gone, she suddenly bumps into Kritika when they do not know who they have hit, Kritika apologizes to her, she asks Janki how is she when she assures that she is fine, Janki replies she is not able to find Preeta or Shristhi, Kritika informs they would be in the house, they both are talking when Janki replies she feels bad with what happened to Kritika as she got married to Prithvi, Kritika questions what is to worry about when she is happy with her married life, Janki tries to explain she is facing problem because of getting unmarried to an dishonest person, Kritika questions who said she si not happy as Prithvi jee has never hurt or harmed her and even after he is the owner of everything, has never thrown them out of the house, he is fulfilling both the roles to protect their family, however her family is not able to accept him because of his past mistakes but she is able to see the truth in his eyes, even when her family cannot see it, Kritika replies that everyone thinks Prithvi tricked Mahesh into signing the ownership when she believes that Mahesh uncle was able to see it a long time ago and signed it willingly, but the one who is greedy is just Preeta as she tricked everyone into signing the property and treats them like a servant, she is a really clever person, Janki warns her to not call Preeta like this but Kritika says that she is 420, hearing this Janki is left shocked when Kritika says that she doesnot want to say anything against Preeta since she doesnot want to ruin her tongue, Kritika leaves while Janki is tensed.

Janki walking in the hall wonders what is going on in this house since there is always a fight in this house, before there was only Sherlin but now even her sister Natasha, she believes Sherlin is still meeting Prithvi, she thinks of telling Preeta.

Preeta walks in the hall when Janki going to her asks her to believe what she is saying as it is her experience and she believes that Sherlin is with Prithvi, Preeta thinks that she is the elder daughter in law of the Luthra family but in reality, she can harm anyone. Janki explains Sherlin is the same person who blamed her and threw her out of the house, Preeta assures Janki that she has changed and will no longer forgive a person and give them a second chance like she did two years ago but this time she believes that the person who has made a mistake will have to be punished for their crimes.

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  1. Kritika had very small brain cells before the leap, and after the leap zero brain cells.🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤮🤮
    Why should Mahesh sign over his property to Pritvhi? 🤔
    Karan is his biological son, so why should he give everything to Pritvhi and nothing to his son?
    She herself says that her family don’t trust Pritvhi, so why should Mahesh give his property to a person who is not related to him and not trusted.
    She gets the right answer how much Mahesh trusts Pritvhi when he is back.
    double standard woman, she is so stupid and doesn’t realize even after 2 years that her so called husband and her so called sister in law Sherlyn a couple are.🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    1. It(Kritika) really is it’s mother’s (Kareena’s) daughter.

      Preeta should just leave Kritika, Kareena, and Dadi to suffer Prithvi’s wrath. They deserve it.

      I only have sympathy for Rakhi and Mahesh. As for Sameer, well… I’m kind of neutral towards him.

  2. Rishab should enter right now! And so should Mahesh. While Prithvi is locked in the cupboard, they should have cleaned up Mahesh, put him in a suit and enter the party. Whether Manit Joura comes back for a few episodes to close off his character as Rishab and move to London permanently, or they change the actor. It is time for Sherlyn to be revealed. The last two episodes dragged because it seems Shraddha was away, but now she is back, get this soryline moving, it is becoming ridiculous.

  3. That was a body double playing Preeta.


  5. I am getting fedup of the writers. These villans are getting away with murder.

  6. Please end this show now!!!! Boring same old storyline over and over the writers clearly ran out of ideas. This show is already losing so many viewers and soon will go to the bottom of the list all thanks to the writers that are dragging this series for years now. They were in the limelight for long now so please end this show.

  7. Did someone take the one brain cell Kritika has? How on earth can this woman be so dotish,Sherlyn is living with her husband under the same roof and she hasn’t noticed anything,now she thinks Pritvi,deserves her uncles estate,as he allows them to stay there,but then her mother thinks it’s better Pritvi owns it as now Preeta has them like servants, exactly what do they do? Stupid writing ,making Indians look so horrible

  8. This is why Supriya Manit and Jasjeet quit the show. They realized the nonsense they we’re taking part in and left. The reasons they said they quit the show for are all excuses. In kumkum bhagya, Leena jumali, shikha singh and Naina sigh also decided to leave Ekta’s madness! (You reap what you sow Ekta😏)

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