Let’s Talk #Riansh (OS Book)

➣Let’s Talk

This is one shot and it is not from the continuation of any Immj2 storylines.


Riddhima heard her father’s words and felt like a huge burden was now on her head. Tears came out of her eyes as she looked at her mother, she saw her parents leaving and again her father’s words rang in her ears.

“No…No…What about my career? How can they say something like this?” Mumbling to herself she fell on the bed with a thud.

“I can’t…I’ll have to do something.” She said eyeing around. Moving to the window, she stood there and peeped down. On seeing so many bodyguards standing at the entrance. “I’m not going to get included in this rubbish.”

Closing the curtains, she moved back. Looking around, she searched for something so that she can run away. Removing the curtains from the doors and windows, she tied them together. As she was about to throw it down, someone held her hand. She looked at the person and left the curtains. Taking her in a hug, she closed her eyes.

“Sejal….Thank god you’re here. Please talk to Mom and Dad.” She said and saw as Sejal wiped her tears.

“Riddhima…Sit” Riddhima sat as directed by her friend. “Riddhima, look, I am not here to take anyone’s side. Still for me meet him once.”

“No…No…I won’t even look at him.” She said getting up.

“You are going please for me and if you don’t like him” Sejal looked at her glare. “Which you definitely won’t then you can tell uncle that you don’t want to marry him?”

“After that?” She said and looked at her. “After that, he would start looking for another groom. He definitely can pass me a long list.”

“No, see after that you can take some time from him for making yourself ready.” She said and sat beside her. “But never try to run away.”

Riddhima heard her and nodded.

“Come, let’s make you ready for the party.” She said and held her to the mirror.



Gulping down the shot, Vansh looked around the arrangements.

“Vansh, why are you tensed?” Kabir asked and looked at him raising his eyebrows.

“Just to expand their business, why are they spoiling our lives” Vansh yelled and looked as the bar tender passed him another glass. “I just hope that girl will refuse to marry me. Or I’m telling you I’ll die.”

“What rubbish? You are not in your senses and stop drinking.” Kabir said and snatched the shot. Picking up the water bottle he passed it to him and looked as he kept aside. “And if the girl is beautiful and just like you want her to be.”

“Then for sure, I’m going to refuse. I don’t want to destroy her life when I’m not independent and is this the age to get married?” He said and looked as his mother was busy in welcoming the guest. “Look even my mom got married in her young days. How rude is that with their life, childhood went in studies, adulthood went in marriage and then old age, she won’t enjoy in that too. I want my wife should be first financially independent. So that even when anything happens to me, she shouldn’t be the one to suffer.”

“Wow! Long term planning. That’s good. But for that why will you kill yourself?” He asked and looked at him letting out a chuckle.

“Why would I do that? I know I won’t it just came out with the flow.” He said and looked at her mom.



Riddhima looked around the huge villa, belonging to a high – class family. She remembered her father telling her that “Riddhima, believe me you will be served as queen there.” Queen she don’t want to be.

Living a simple life alone with her dream but what she got was 24*7 being stuck with those bodyguards who would leave her alone when she’ll be in her room.

She looked as a middle-aged women stood near the gate and was welcoming the guest. She passed her a smile while giving a bouquet to her. She saw as she hugged her tightly. Being in the hug, she looked at Sejal who was giggling.

“How are you, Riddhima?” Riddhima stood numb as she had never met her and here she was asking her how she was.

“I’m fine.” She said and saw as Sejal hugged her.

“You know her?” She signed Sejal and saw as she blinked her eyes. “How?”

“When you were busy in your college and I was in office.” She said and resembling her words Riddhima realized that she might have met her in some meeting. Sejal was her father’s personal secretary, so it was normal for her to know.

“Riddhima meet him, Vansh” Coming out from her reverie of thoughts Riddhima heard the same women saying and looked as her parents were busy in talking.

“Hi, Riddhima Mehra” She said passing him a smile and forwarding her hands to him. Greeting them both looked as everyone left them alone to talk.

“So, anything you want to ask?” Riddhima heard him and was confused, why would she ask him anything?

“Um…why do you think so?” She asked putting a smile.

“Oh Riddhima, come aunty is calling you” Sejal said pulling her away. Riddhima turned back and looked as Vansh went to sit again in the bar.

“Why you brought me here?” She looked as Sejal pulled her in a corner.

“Cause, I guess you didn’t get who he was?” Riddhima blinked her eyelash and looked back at Vansh sitting alone. “I knew it, in anger you didn’t even looked at the photo. He is the same guy whom uncle and aunty have selected for you. Isn’t he handsome and hot?”

“No…” Riddhima said and looked at her amazed expression. “I mean he might be but I didn’t looked at him in that way.”

“Come on…then what were you talking to him?” Riddhima heard her and looked back at him.

“Just Hi-Hello. Nothing more…” Riddhima said and stopping a waiter picked up a glass of juice.


Riddhima looked at the couples dancing while she was standing in a corner alone.

“I wish how nice it would be if I was at home.” She said and sat straight.

“Riddhima, you are not here to relax. Go and talk to Vansh” She heard her mom and it was fifth time she had asked her only if she’ll get to know where Vansh is?

Moving around the hall, she searched for Vansh and finally found him talking to his friends. Moving to him, she signed him to come to her. He who looked at her, excusing himself went to her.

“Yeah, you want to say anything?” Riddhima heard him and nodded.

“Mom is asking me to talk to you.” She said and saw as smile on his face, it was permanent.

“But what?” Both asked at the same time making them chuckle

“I have an idea, let’s dance and talk.” She nodded and looked as he forwarded his hand to her. Keeping her hand on his, she looked as he took the permission from her to move forward. Blinking her eyes at him she smiled.

She looked as he continued to talk to her about her likes and dislikes.


It was nearly midnight, and the night sky was picturesque. While Riddhima sat on the window and looked at the moon, a glowing yellowy white, loomed large, surrounded by an ethereal glow.

“He’s not bad though. The way he agreed that he would talk to his parents about not taking this relation further.” She smiled hugging her pillow tightly. “Now, I’ll have to make dad agree for this. Just few days and after that I’ll start up my own company even if at a small place it would be from my hard-work.”

She said and kept her head on the window, closing her eyes she smiled remembering of her fulfilling her dreams.



Riddhima smiled and passed the smile to the women who served her the breakfast.

“Riddhima, so you liked Vansh?” She heard her dad asking and looked at him and then at her mom.

“He is a good guy” She said and saw a smile on their faces. “But I don’t like him.”

“I understand you met him for once how will like him so soon. It’s okay, you both can talk to each other for some days then we would talk about this relationship.” her smile faded hearing him before she could say anything, he had left.

Turning to her mom, she looked at her mom and saw the empty chair. Sitting alone on the dining table she felt herself to be alone.



“Now what should I do?” She asked from Vansh who was reading the menu with a complete focus.

“You said something?” Her mouth went wide as he didn’t even heard a word while she was talking to him since 15 minutes. “Just kidding, we’ll think about it. Let’s have something now.”

“How can you be so carefree? Our family is forcefully getting us married and you are behaving normal.” She asked and saw as he looked at her while keeping his chin on his hand.

“How should I exactly react then?” He asked with a slight smile and saw her looking away. “We’ll talk to our parents and what else can we do?”

“We can run away” She suggested suddenly and looked as the waiter kept the tray on the table.

“Thank you!” They exclaimed and looked as waiter left from there.

“Hmm, so we can run away and after that what will happen?” He asked and saw her confused. “Our family’s respect that will be tarnished in a minute.”

“Then? I’m not getting a single way out of it” She asked and felt touched by his words.

“You can talk to your dad when he’ll be alone and especially calm.” Not getting anyway how to make him agree she still nodded.



Riddhima sat on the bed with the light of the laptop flashing on her face.

“How easily he said talk to your dad when he’ll be alone? What will I talk to him? He knows me in and out” She mumbled to herself and looked back at the screen.

Her own app. She just have to start her own business what’s wrong in that. NOTHING, it’s her wish which she wants to fulfill. Feeling a hand on her shoulder, she turned and found her mom sitting beside her. Closing her laptop she kept it aside and passed her smile

“Mom? You didn’t sleep?” She asked looking at her.

“Hmm… even you didn’t.” She heard and passing a smile kept her head on her lap. “Why don’t you talk to him about this?”

“I’d asked him once and you know he had refused. So?” She replied in a low and sad voice.

“Talk to him once again.” Riddhima thought and a wide smile came on her lips. Getting up, she looked at her mom “Day after tomorrow is his birthday. I can surprise him and then I’ll ask him about this.” She said with a wide smile. “Yes…That would be right.”


Riddhima looked as her dad cut the cake which was made by her especially. As he don’t like inviting a lot of guests so it was just between family members.

Forwarding the small piece of cake to Riddhima, her father fed her. She smiled while her mind was filled with ideas of making her father agree.

Looking she wiped her lips with the tissue and took a deep breath. She saw her father alone and went to him.

“Dad….” She exclaimed in a childish tone and hugged him.

“You want to say something.” She heard him and came out of the hug. Holding his hands she made him sit and herself sat in front of him.

“Dad, I don’t want to get married now.” She said in a soft voice and looked at him, scared.

“Why?” He asked on seeing her worried expression.

“I want to fulfil my dreams.” She said closing her eyes being scared. “I want to start my own business.”

“Then why are so scared?” She heard him and opening her eyes looked at him.

“I…I thought you’ll refuse me.” She said and saw as he gently kept his hands on her head.

“Before telling me, you assumed.” He said and looked at her. “That’s not right, why will I stop you.”

“You won’t?” She asked him and smiled.

“That time you were a child but now if you want you can.” She heard him and a satisfaction came over her.

“That means you won’t be marrying me?” She asked and looked at him.

“No, I’ll.” Her smile faded away. “I can’t take off from this business deal but we can extend the dates.”

“Dad, how can I marry him just by knowing him for few days?” She said sadly “I don’t know him completely. How he is? What he thinks? On top of that we both are completely opposite he is a carefree person.”

“Um— then talk to him only.” He said making her more confused.


After 1 month:

Getting engaged, Riddhima got herself busy in setting up her own app while Vansh was going to handle his own father’s company with the all way possible.

Still having a doubt whether to move on with this relation or not, Riddhima always picks up her phone to give him a call about this but then keeps it back thinking she would talk to him on her own. On the other side, Vansh was busy in handling the business so that he can make himself ready for her.


Riddhima looked at his last post on IG as since it was more than a month THEY had talked. Last was when they were engaged.

“Does he even want to get married to me?” She asked herself “by his own will? or someone is forcing him?”

Moving to the swing, she swayed her legs looking at the moon. The chilled air blowing making her feel cold.

“But if he don’t want to then why he agreed for this alliance?” She again started to fill her mind with numerous assumption. “If he has a girlfriend?”

“No…No…if he had then he would have simply agreed talked to his father.” She said and then an idea clicked her mind. Scrolling again through his Id she began to look at each and every photo. “There are thousands of girls, how will I get to know if there is anyone in his life?”

“Wait Riddhima, usually people use some cheesy lines for their ones he must have tagged that with the photo.” She said to herself and again looked at them. Her eyes started to pain but without getting any proof would she be the one to back off? No.

Keeping the phone aside, she huffed in annoyance and looked away. “There are none…?”

“BTW, Riddhima whom were you searching?” She heard a familiar voice and turned to find her mother standing there with her raised eyebrows.

“W-who? Me? No, you must have mistook it. I was just looking through my Id’s. It’s been soo long since I was last active on them.” She said this and saw her mom nodding with a ‘O’ shaped mouth. “What are you doing here?”

“Shouldn’t I be here?” She asked her.

“No, I mean…. it’s too late, I have to go tomorrow. Good Night.” Running away Riddhima made a great escape from the situation.



Taking a deep breath, Riddhima showed the presentation to the members and then looked at their reaction. Her eyes landed on Sejal who was giving her a ‘relax’ expression but who will tell her about the impatient person she was.

“We would like to work with you.” She heard and her eyes went wide. A smile came upon her lips as soon as she shook her hands with them.

“Congratulations…” She heard Sejal’s voice and hugged her.

“Thank you so much.” She exclaimed and broke the hug.

“So? Just few weeks left” Sejal said making her cheerful face to come back to confused. “What happened to you now?”

“I don’t know why? I don’t want to marry him” Riddhima said and looked as Sejal was shocked.

“Any problem?” She asked looking.

“No, If he don’t want to get married to me then?” She said and looked around the empty.

“He said?” Sejal asked on seeing her worried expression and saw as she shook her head. “Then? You again assumed yourself? Atleast you should talk to him once”

Riddhima turned and saw her nodding at her.


Fidgeting with her fingers, Riddhima closed the cupboard and was about to move towards her bed when she felt a black cloth being wrapped around her eyes. She was about to shout when the other one cupped her mouth.

“Don’t shout I’m not going to kidnap you.” She heard and relaxed hearing Vansh’s voice.

“What’re you doing here? This blindfold? Why?” She asked and was about to open it when he kept his hand on her hand and pulled her to him.

“Don’t! Actually Sejal told me that you were willing to talk to me.” She heard his voice near her ears and felt him sliding her hair to other side. “Let’s go on date!”

“Like this?” She said pointing on her blindfold.

“Yes. And…” She felt as he gave a box to her. “Wear this. I’m waiting for you downstairs. And Don’t look at the dress.”

“How will I wear?” She asked but didn’t got any reply. Assuming that he might have left.



He looked at her and removed her blindfold. She blinked her eyes to clear the vision in front of her eyes and saw the fascinating view in front of her eyes. Red balloons scattered on the floor caressing her feet.

“Happy Valentine’s Day!” He whispered in her ears and pinned the rose in her hair. Turning back, she smiled at him.

“Happy Valentine’s Day!” She exclaimed in excitement. Looking down, she saw herself clad in a red off-shoulder gown with black gloves reaching up to her elbows. Her eyes glistened on seeing the perfect designs imprinted on it.

“So, will you dance with me again?” He asked and forwarded his hand. She kept her hand on his.

Wrapping his hand around her waist, he saw as she came closer to him. He smiled looking into her eyes.

“You are not sure about this marriage?” He asked making her bring back to her real thoughts.

“No, I mean who told you?” She said and saw his steps perfectly matched with his.

“Does that matter? You want to marry me or not?” The smile once took her heart away and now she was blushing when he asking her a serious question.

“I…I” She stammered not getting a reply.

“You don’t?” He asked and turned her back to face him.

“No” She said instantly “I’m confused. Like I don’t know you.”

“Then that’s a problem.” He said and looked around her face as if thinking. “We can do one thing.”

“What?” She asked.

“The thing which we were not doing. Let’s talk!” He said making her frown. “In every relation the thing which breaks it is lack of communication and we had the most. And about marriage we still have a lot of days left.”

She smiled widely nodded at him.

“Communication is the lifeline of all the relationships”

“The End….”


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