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Raj and Tej walk downstairs. Raj says are you sure they are talking about Ashok’s case in conference. Tej says I’m sure and it was held outside Mamajis house and every news channel is having this as breaking news come and make him show news. Everyone in hall seeing conference on Tv and listing Meet’s and Abhay’s case. Babita listen news and says did you see our son proved that you were trapped in this case. Raj says really if your son did this then why face looks like he doesn’t know anything, right now you all se what Meet said on camera and why did she said can’t you see, the girl who was so sure that her father was murdered and who changed her life to catch criminal and now she changed her statement all of sudden how can she do that isn’t that fishy to anyone. Tej says you are right Meet told me she had a plan to prove you right. Raj says I don’t care at all but avout plan but Meet fought all the time and it was her only aim and right to find father’s murderer and today she denies about that fact. Servant walks to Raj says association people are here.

Everyone in hall Man from association says to Raj we wrer wrong about you we are sorry. Saxena says your son is very brave he proved you innocent, he will take your tradition and prestige to future generation. Raj says yes that true and he love me a lot , he go so beyond in love that he doesn’t seee anything at all. Everyone leaves.

Meet in her room crying. Raj and Ram walks to her. Raj says you give me back my respect and saved our house, I don’t know how to thank you. Meet says please don’t do anything. Raj ask how you did everything, if you didn’t tell me then I’ll believe that you didn’t considered me as your father. Meet says don’t say like this. Raj says then tell me how you did, you will feel light after telling this. Meet says I trapped Abhay Rana in my plan and then I got to know Abhay Rana shot my father not Ram. Ram and Raj in shock. Meet says very cleverly he accused Ram for his crime and even black mailed Ram. Ram says to Raj I did nothing. Meet says in that press conference I was going to tell truth but till that Isha called me and on the other side Shanty threatens me to kill Isha by fire, time was so less so I took step to save Isha.

Abhay hugs Shanty and says I believe today that you can take my legacy to sky I’m very happy. Shanty says thanks and whatever I did today I learnt from you and now I know why you wanted me to marry Isha, you always think of future and you know Isha is the right nerve to make Ahlawat’s dance on our actions but what about other it’s election time. Abhay says we will make a new drama for our reputation and make everyone together and how to handle Meet I’ll look that.

Meet says that’s why I lied to media, Abhay and Shanty didn’t give me any other way, I have already talked about Isha’s divorce to Abhay. Raj says to Meet whatever you did is not normal, you sacrificed your promise to save your in-laws, you gave everyone depth in Ahlawat’s house and if everyone try then also we won’t we able to repay you in this life. Meet says no dad I did whatever my heart said to me and it’s not wrong, this I learnt from you my father. Ram says to Meet if you want you could have punished me but you didn’t do that and chose the toughest path and I made it more tough for you, Abhay made me believe that I killed Ashok, you try to find murderer and I tried making it hard but today you finally find your father’s murderer, I don’t know how to thank you I got me out of big burden and cry infront of her. Meet says no need to apologise and I don’t want to loose my other father and says to Ran never remove your hand from my head always keep me blessed. Ram says god give you all the happiness in world. Meet says you both have to promise me one thing whatever we talked will be among three you won’t tell anything to anyone not even Meet Ahlawat promise me. Ram and Raj promise her. Raj says it’s been so many days you didn’t give me tea will you make.

Everyone walks to them. Ragini says to Ram and Raj we were looking for you. Babita ask where were you. Raj says with oyr daughter who played the role of son after being daughter in law. Babita salute Meet and says you are great police officer and want to thank you from heart because you saved Raj’s respect but still I won’t consider you Ahlawat’s daughter in law because of you Raj got handcuffed and he went to jail because of your stubbornness whatever happened to my husband could have been avoided, I won’t forgive you ever. Raj says Babita told what she have in her heart and says to Meet Ahlawat if you have anything then say, I asked you not to leave eachothers hand you were ready to leave everything, you took this relation so lightly, would you like to apologise to Meet for whatever you said. Meet Ahlawat looks at Meet. Meet says he is thinking so much this means he won’t apologies. Raj says to Meet Ahlawat why aren’t you saying anything. Servant walks to them and says Abhay and Shanty are here with Isha. Everyone walks out.

Isha crying, Ragini ask her what happen why are you crying. Meet Ahlawat make Shanty stand and ask what you did with her tell. Abhay crying and says I’m sorry to everyone please forgive me it was my fault, I wanted to make Isha my daughter in law, I wanted her to get marry with the ediot, it’s all my fault. Babita and Ragini ask what happen did Isha do something wrong. Abhay says it’s my fault we do not deserve her as our daughter in law. Babita ask Shanty say something. Abhay Rana start slapping him says we were unable to find his real face your Meet was right about Shanty he misbehaved with Latika and even he was dancing in that bar with girls. Babita says then who was that guy. Abhay says it was Shantys plan so that he can prove Meet wrong, I got to know about him so late, I’m concerned about relationship with Isha so I thought we should break this relation so I have decided to of divorcing, Isha and Shanty has already signed papers.

Precap: Meet slaps Shant and says I’m arresting Shantanu Rana for domestic violence with Isha and for tease Latika. Meet handcuffs him and take him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    I am totally fed up… Iss show ka kahi se chodo or kahi se bhi dekho, same story chalti hi rehti hai..
    Accha khasa promo dekh kar ummed badhi thi ki shayd ab Ashok hudda ka case end hoga or show me kuch jaan wapas aayegi, but nhi, same dragging dragging…. πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ
    Why always zee writers soooooo stupid that neither they write proper story nor they have proper timing of exposing villians…
    Just female lead keep on suffering and male lead keep on doubting her😑😑😑😑…

    1. Hi old pal !!πŸ˜ƒ
      Keh rahi hu ! Better to find some other entertainment sources. I feel same πŸ˜‚..
      But since I like commenting, I follow few mostly written updates..
      Aur ye Imlie show ka pata nahi chal kya raha hai. Pehle Malini, Aditya, Imlie ka chalta rehta tha controversy.
      Abh Adilie Vs Arylie ka.
      Ya toh phir ek karte hain Arylie se nafrat ya Adilie se nafrat…tho kuch hote hain jo Adilie ki worship karte hain ya Arylie ki. Koi dimaag nahi chalata aur jo bhakt hain unhe tho unke siva koi aur ya kuch aur nahi dikhta. Utter nonsense, this game is ! You really did good by leaving the forum.
      There is one and only show I like at present jo abhi abhi ek typical serial banne jaa rahi hai but that’s the only serial I watch now while I read updates of show like Meet and Imlie..
      And the show’s Sab Satrangi. Different concept hai…where women are strong, men are weak πŸ˜›. And male lead ne abh takh tho doubt hi nahi kiya patni ko. It was patni who didn’t trust pati for long time πŸ˜‚… actually alag story hai. Female lead is in blind love with her lover…but father of the girl knows he has wrong intentions of seeking money so he marries her off to a gullible, good natured man who is the male lead. Aur uski ek choti kahani isse pehle…ki shaadi hote hi dulhan ghar se faaraar…aur jhoota dowry case mein giraftaar. And he loses his job. So thinks of starting a shut down tent house. No money since middle class. Agrees to marry female lead due to 2 reasons – one, money in helplessness which he will return for sure…and two, the girl’s father had saved him in childhood but that man doesn’t know he saved the male lead…so gratitude mein shaadi kar leta hain. And the female lead hates him for she thinks he is money minded as he took money in exchange of marrying her. And after a lot of drama…female lead ko pata chalta hain via male lead’s plan ki the person she loved is not correct for her. And she starts valuing friendship with male lead and falls in love. Meanwhile, the male lead is since long in love since marriage and knows about her lover and says that once he returns money they can live happily and he will divorce her..initially he too doesn’t know about the negative intention of lover buthe understands that via his father in law.
      And so before he knows the truth, he is like pained that she will leave him after he gives money…
      And a lot more story.
      Par recently the old wife who ran away…woh aurat aa gayi and she has negative intentions. But till now male lead doesn’t trust her and hate her for spoiling his life. Pata nahi if this will turn into a typical serial.
      But all nice till now.
      Lovable show at present in Sony SAB…Kaatelal is one among them… it’s a magic which can never be created again πŸ˜ŒπŸ˜ƒ

    2. ShraddhaSharma392

      Hi shri.. how are you??
      Yes i do agree, I have seen some clips of that show..
      though currently in some days i follow Kabhi Kabhi itefaq se, abhi abhi May se follow karna suru kara hai.. but it too have same story…
      otherwise I follow Dangal shows now a days specially Nath.. its good show about over coming odd customs, it was about to end, but got extension, but this extension is going to ruin it as introduction of same 2 females 1 male lead dramaπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ
      Actually every show has same story going on, 2 females (1 stupid and 2 cunning) and 1 male (that too most confused person on planet earth)…
      Meet is survial among it (not to include commedy shows or weekend shows) with atleast a differ concept.. but it keep on revovling in same place

    3. Actually I too am following Kabhi Kabhie…occasionally !
      Show acchi hai…but Anubhav is dumb scientist…yakeen nahi hota how ! But if we see in history, scientists ke professional lives itne acche huye karte the…but when we look into many scientist’s personal lives…dho, teen, chaar shaadiya and divorce. I guess logh tho personal life ke dukh se piche chudwaane ke liye scientists hi bann jaate the πŸ˜‚.
      Meet accha tha…but naye writer ne poore story ka hi katl kar diya ! Puraane writer ne accha likha tha Meet ko.
      Now I find it irritating when even Meet Ahlawat stops trusting Meet Hooda…and I don’t know why Meet said Ram and Raj not to reveal Abhay’s hand behind the murder other father. He knows half information that Isha had got a bad husband. So what difference will it make him if he knows Abhay is the mastermind behind the whole game ?
      Meet Hooda is made stupid too.
      Nowadays I find Meet Hooda carrying two roles – male and female lead both πŸ˜‚..
      And Meet Ahlawat is getting very sidelined πŸ™„.. anyways… let’s wait and watch for some more time.
      Yeh serial kamse kam Imlie jitna ajeeb tho kabhi ho nahi sakta. Humen wahi dekhi tho yeh kya cheez hain πŸ˜œπŸ˜…πŸ˜‚ !

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