Sasural Simar Ka 2 20th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Simar breaks her relation with Yamini Devi

Sasural Simar Ka 2 20th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Badimaa asking what did she do being a woman, instead of stopping him, you have provoked him and saying that you have yearned in pain. She says you have snatched a father from the children and a husband from his wife. She asks do you remember that I had come to your house, pleaded infront of you for my children’s happiness, bent down infront of you, rubbed my nose on your door step, but your selfish and betrayal heart hadn’t melted, it was always selfish and even today it is selfish. She says you have ruined all my world and talked about restlessness. Yamini says your habit to divert things didn’t go, you didn’t get an answer from bahu, so again questioning me. Simar wipes her tears and says now I understand everything, your words made everything clear. She says I was being used as a puppet, I became puppet of their conspiracy. Badi maa asks her to say if this is her voice. Simar says yes, Badi Maa…this is my voice. Badi maa asks why did you do this? you know how much I hate myself, I regard music as sin, and you did this behind our back, stabbed your badi maa’s back. Simar says no, I accept that I had taken music education, but was not aware of her truth and didn’t know that she knows you, but she knows everything about me and my relation with this family. She says Yamini had kept her in dark. She says I sang in this song, but …..Badimaa says today you have broken my heart and trust. Everyone cries. Dhami smiles. Badi Maa says I don’t understand why did you do this? Simar says badi maa. Dhami asks her not to give explanation, and says you must have understood now, that this woman (yamini) had snatched Gopi Oswal and along with Simar’s help, she wants to snatch another Oswal, Aarav Oswal.

Aarav asks her to be quiet and folds his hands before Badi maa. He says we were not aware of her (yamini) and apologizes to her (Badimaa). Yamini says Aarav bacche. Aarav says he is Oswal, and has nothing to do with her. Yamini says I have done so much for you. Aarav says you have used us. Simar says you have used us. Aarav tells that Simar was in need of money for Gagan’s bail, and Yamini emotionally blackmail her to sign the contract. She says Simar was unaware of the reason for her hatred for music. Simar asks Badi maa to forgive her and give her a chance. Badi maa is still looking on. Yamini holds Simar’s hands and asks her to come with her, and says this woman neither has motherly love nor forgiveness, asks her to come with her. Simar shouts enough Yamini Devi, I will not hear anything against my Badi maa. Yamini asks did you know, with whom you are talking to, and asks her not to be emotional, but take the decision. She asks what do you want, this house and Gitanjali Devi, or your soul, music and your Choti maa. Simar says I have taken the decision, and says who teaches others is Guru and who uses the art to misguide someone is imposter/cheater etc. she says you have used your art to break someone. Yamini asks her to listen before accusing her. Simar says you have done what you wanted. She says when you have done this gandak bandhak, I thought it is the devotion rope, promise of trust, meaning of music, and a promise of a student to her teacher. A fb is shown, when Simar promises her. fb ends.

Simar says now I understand that it was a conspiracy, you did this to take revenge from this family, says you have tied it, so that you can come closer to this house. She says the conspiracies loses its identity with time, but family, relations, art and devotion stay with us always. She says Badi maa said right, that you are selfish and asks how can I regard you as my Guru. She says I will return this ganda bandhak to you today. She takes it off and keeps it in Yamini’s hand. Yamini asks do you know the meaning of taking ganda off. Simar says in the past, Gurus has rejected the shishyas, but today I, Simar Aarav Oswal refuses to accept you as my Guru, breaks her relation with her, and says who is my Badi maa’s enemy is my enemy too. Dhmi gets upset. Yamini is shocked and says you are wonderful, I really don’t understand why you are doing this, for these people who couldn’t see anyone love and loyalty. She tells Simar that she has seen many dreams for her and asks her to agree to her sayings and come with her, and says if you stay here, then will stay here as the doll who works with keys. She asks her to come with her. Simar brushes off her hand shocking Yamini Devi again. Simar says I have taken my decision, and says you are uninvited guest here, you have no work here, please leave my Badi maa alone. Yamini asks are you asking me to leave? Simar shows the door to her. Yamini feels insulted and walks towards the door. She then stops, looks at the door and goes.

Dhami asks Simar, when the matter is about you, you smartly become great again and diverts everyone. She says I will not let you fool my family. Simar says it is truth to say wrong to wrong, and it is respect for the relation to apologize for our mistakes. She comes to Badi maa and apologizes to her from her heart. She says I did a mistake that I haven’t told you, and says believe me, I wanted to tell you all the truth, after Bhai and Aditi’s marriage is fixed, then you had announced my marriage with Aarav. She says then you know whatever happened and tells that she was learning the music, which was prayer, devotion, it makes a soul meets the God, which is the devotion of Saraswati Maa. Aarav tells Badi maa that Simar is saying right. He says he had met Yamini Devi first and asked her to make her as her student, had requested her so much, but he didn’t know that this will happen. He says Simar had refused but. He folds his hands and says only you are our Badi maa. Simar says the same thing. Badi maa looks on.

Precap: Kamini says I will destroy Simar’s Sasural.
Simar holds Badi Maa’s hand and says when we are together no one can hurt our family. Badi Maa says to her, yes I promise I will let nothing happen to Sasural Simar ka.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. I saw upcoming BTS as oswal family going out from oswal house..

    Another high power drama awaits

  2. Finally this drama is addressing its core subject of the story. I am happy to see this.

  3. @Dharshini
    I also saw the same..I think there is a new entry dhami’s my pov they may have taken the oswal properties through some cheating..

    1. It maybe possible that Yamini Devi takes over Oswal House by cheat. As today she stopped at the Oswal gate,looked at it, and then went. So it might be that she captures Oswal House and ousts everyone.

    2. It’s one possibility. And after watching today’s precap, I guess it’s coz of Yamini Devi..

  4. Yamini devi anger mein mad ho chuki hai ab toh woh whole family ko hilakar rakhdegi

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