Love struggle… Will we unite? – part 2 (a) (TWO SHOTS)

hello friends..iam back with second episode. Actually iam suffering from dengue so i can’t able to post fully..i will divide into two sections a and b. This is a section continuing from first kindly support.

Daniel looks at Anand angrily while Laura fears..

Laura in mind:ohh no..i should have not spoken to Anand. Bhai doesn’t like any man who falls for me. I don’t know whether he knows that Anand loves me but i don’t know what he is going to do now.. ohh jesus please save Anand.

Daniel angrily:Laura..why is this man talking with you?

Laura stumbles:bhai..bhai.. actually yesterday he was fighting with a guy who tried to force his sister and i saw that from balcony and so i..i..i only talked about that matter.. that’s all. But he is really me.

Daniel smiles..

Daniel:Laura..i know..i have heared everything. Maybe he is also like our family as he is also protesting against love. It’s good only to be like that as nowadays many men’s never loves a girl sincerely..they just use them like toys.

Laura in mind:but Anand is not like that. He is genuine and truly loves me..but his destiny is bad. Thank god bhai dint found that Anand loves me as he gets angry on loving as well as his religion too is different so he would have surely banged him..i should somehow make Anand understand.

Daniel:what are you thinking Laura?

Laura: nothing bhai.

Daniel:ok..all the best for your exam today. Do it well and rock..

Laura:thank you bhai..

Daniel goes and after sometime Laura sees Daniel went out and she takes her photo and immediately goes down to Anand suprising him..

Anand:what a suprise? never…

Laura: please shut up. Iam still same only. But i am pitying you that’s why i came. Please don’t do the staring work’s my request.

Anand:i..i.. never..

Laura: don’t lie Anand. I know you was staring only me not those birds as i know that you love me truly. but it’s waste of time because i won’t love you as we are different culture and there is no chance of getting me. So please..

Anand:yes..i love you. But why this religious and cultural reason is becoming a hurdle? Even if you don’t love’s okay. But don’t tell that religion and culture as a hurdle because if we love truly then we respect their religion too..i wont stop you to worship your religion even after marriage. When we love a person then we should respect their background ..

Laura:i can understand Anand. I know you love me truly unlike other guys..but even i don’t love you.

Anand becomes upset.. you are telling me to forget i right?

Laura too gets sad..’s for your good only. I feel bad for you because when i get married then you will get completely’s better to move on before atself.

Laura gives her photo to Anand..

Laura:you can keep this photo if you feel seeing me but try to forget me soon. And please don’t stare me hereafter please..

Anand gets the photo and..

Anand:but what happened to you suddenly? Why are you doing this suddenly? You could have done this earlier atself right? Did someone said anything?..

Laura in mind:my parents and brother was away from me. My parents went to Kerala to live with their parents for sometime and my brother went to Mumbai for his work.. that’s why. Now my brother have returned and today my parents will also return..if they find that you love me and that too you are not Christian then they will surely beat you into pulp. I don’t want a nice guy like you to get punished..

Anand jerks her and..

Anand:what happened? What are you thinking?

Laura:no.. nothing.

Anand:then why are you doing this suddenly leaving all these days?

Laura: because.. because..

Laura gets stressed and she faints shocking Anand and Anand immediately holds her..

Anand: Laura..

He makes her lie on his shoulder and tries to wake her up but she doesn’t..

then he sprinkles water on her and slowly Laura wakes up..

Anand :are you fine?

Laura wakes up with jerk and sees the time and gets shocked..

Laura:ohh noo.. only half an hour is left. I should go fast now..

Anand gets confused..

Anand: Laura..i think you are so weak..go and take rest. Don’t worry about me..i wont disturb you hereafter.

Laura sees him sadly and..

Laura:it’s okay. But i dont have time to take rest. Iam having exam today and it is final semester so i should attend it.

Anand:but that told that you ws going to office.

Laura: actually iam studying PG half day and also i am doing internship half day..

Anand: ohh..ok all the best for your exam.


Laura goes away while Anand becomes sad and he thinks something..

Anand in mind: i thought i can make her fall for me and even she was becoming soft towards me but what happened suddenly? This much time she was angry about staring but also never told to go away but today she became soft but why did she tell like that? There is some reason behind it..what will it be? Even if she is angry..she would have not given her photo but i can sense her fear..there is something.

After some hours Anand goes to a park where he decorated beautifully to wish his friend Ashi and Ashi comes there and sees the decorated place and gets suprised..

Ashi in mind: Wow..Anand have decorated very beautifully. I know he will wish me in amazing way and iam also going to suprise him. Hope he accepts my suprise..

Ashi walks for further and suddenly the flower petals falls on her suprising Ashi and Ashi smiles..

Anand comes out and sings happy birthday day song for her..

Anand: happy birthday to you.. happy birthday to you.. happy birthday to my crazy girl..

Ashi:thank you so much Anand. Your suprise is really amazing..

Anand:ok..first cut the cake.


Ashi cuts the cake and feeds Anand..


Laura and her friend Ahana enters the same park where Anand and Ashi are there..

Laura: coming to park after finishing our exams really calms our mind. That too today will be our last meeting. I don’t know when we are going to meet let us spend nice time here for sometime.

Ahana:yes..i will miss you badly. We will meet whenever we are free from our works.


Suddenly Laura sees the park decorated and gets suprised as well as confused..

Laura: why is this park decorated like this?

Ahana: don’t know..may be some guy is going to propose a girl in this park.

Laura: may be you are right. Always boys uses only park to propose girls..

Suddenly Laura and Ahana sees Anand and Ashi and Laura gets shocked..

Laura in mind:what is anand doing here?

Laura and Ahana watch them from far..

Anand:ok..i will feed you cake now.

Anand feeds cake to Ashi..

Ashi gets emotional and hugs Anand..

Ashi:thank you so much Anand for making this day special..

Anand:it’s my duty to keep you happy always.

Laura gets shocked and she feels jealous too..

Laura in mind:How come Anand propose someone when he loves me? He can only love me then..did he cheat me or fooled me? No..he is a nice guy. Maybe this girl is planning something. Hope he doesn’t love her..

Ashi: is my birthday so you suprised me but as a birthday girl i want to give you a treat..

Laura gets relaxed..

Laura in mind:thank god.. Anand just wished her for the birthday.

Anand:wow..that’s cool. Then give me a treat..

Ashi takes a red rose and she kneels down in front of him and proposes him..

Ashi:i love you Anand. I love you the most in this took care of me like my parents as they left this world. So will you become my life partner and take care of me for whole life?

Anand and Laura gets shocked while Laura gets angry on Ashi due to jealousy..

Laura murmers:this..this..this stupid girl has no sense!. Anand only loves me but she is proposing as if he will accept her. Anyhow she is going to get insulted only as anand can’t love anyone other than me.

Anand holds her and looks her sad..

Anand:iam sorry Ashi. I don’t love you as iam in love with some other girl named Laura. I can understand your feelings but i dont have any feelings for you. But i will be the same protective friend for you for whole life.. okay? please don’t take me wrong..

Laura gets happy and..

Laura:i know my Anand loves me truly. That’s why i…

Ahana: what? You love anand? You told that you were irritated on Anand as he keeps on staring you.. then what happened?

Laura comes out of the trauma and gets confused..

Laura in mind:how did i tell like that? Why do i felt happy when Anand told that he loves me? What is happening with me?

Laura: don’t..i can’t love him.

Ahana: then why did you got angry when Anand fed her cake and why did you feel happy when he told that he loves you?

Laura gets stuck..

Laura:i..i..i don’t know.

Ashi gets up and emotionally smiles..

Ashi:it’s okay Anand. I just expressed my feelings that’s all. A true love is something when we wish that person to get fulfilled whatever he wishes. So i too wish that you should live happily with your love.

Anand:thank you so much Ashi for understanding me..

Ashi:iam your crazy who will understand more than me?

Anand smiles and..

Anand:ok..lets go.

Ashi:ok..bye. thank you for the beautiful suprise..


Both goes while Laura sees Anand coming and she hides behind a tree along with Ahana..

Ahana:what happened?why are you hiding?

Laura:Anand is coming..if he sees that i was watching him then he will misunderstand me

Ahana:no..he won’t misunderstand. He will understand that you was watching him with jealous as you love him.

Laura gets shocked..

Laura:what rubbish? I don’t love him..

Ahana laughs..

Ahana:actions speak louder than words..i understood on your actions. You will also understand that one day that you love him.


Ahana:fine. Lets see that when you confess that you love him. Now come we shall go as we wasted time in watching Anand..

Laura: ok..

They both also go to their respective houses..

The days passes and Anand doesn’t stare as per Laura’s wish and Laura starts to miss him badly while one day..

Laura in mind:why am i missing Anand? Today iam going to Kerala to stay with my grandparents for somedays.?hope that surrounding changes my mood.

In Anand’s house..

Anand:maa..bless me as iam going for Kerala for our movie works.

Bhairavi:i bless that every works should go well and let this movie also get successful.

Anand:thank you maa..ok bye.


Anand goes while Laura too packs her bag and comes to her parents Nisha and Ayaan..

Laura:pray that i should reach safely to Grandma’s house in Kerala.

Nisha:sure beta. You go carefully and don’t speak to any men whoever tries to speak with you..ok?

Laura:ok maa..

Ayaan:if you find any guy staring then call me immediately ok?

Laura gets reminded of Anand and gets sad..

Laura:ok dad..bye.

Nisha and Ayaan waves bye and she too leaves for Kerala.

Anand and Laura reaches same place in different train and they go in different ways and some days later.. our work is completed. But shall we stay for two more days and explore this state because it’s really so amazing..

Kejriwal:it’s nice idea Anand. Let our cast and crew too feel comfortable with our sets and let us enjoy for 1 week..

Anand:wow..1 week thank you so much sir.

Continued on next page…

  1. Jasminerahul

    Glad that Daniel has a good impression about anand.but poor Laura is scared whether anand’s love for her will make her brother hurt she telling him not to stare at her n giving her photo saying that if he feels like seeing her, look at the photo was emotional. Anand’s surprise to ashi was lovely.shocking that ashi proposed him.but glad that anand rejected it.laura seeing it was nice.glad that ashi took rejection in the right sense.laura ahana conversation was interesting. Waiting for Laura to realize her love.surprised to see tejvi as Laura’s parents.why Laura’s parents are having Hindu names.surprising that both Laura n anand are in kerala.can you please bring a guy for ashi also?otherwise the poor girl will be alone.

    1. Kifu

      Thank you so much 😊. Nisha and Ayaan is also a Christian name as my friend’s parents also has that name who is Christian😅. I will try to bring someone for Ashi. Thank you so much 😊

  2. Jasminerahul

    Anand meeting Laura’s parents n befriending them was surprising n cute.anand telling them that they will be the first ones to be invited for his wedding without knowing that Laura is their granddaughter is cute.anand Laura dance was romantic. After the song ended also they being in a romantic pose sharing a romantic eye lock was romantic. Anand applying colour icing on her face was romantic. Anand saying I love you n saying that he knows that she also loves him was lovely.sad that she avoided him.laura imagining being with anand in the movie romantic scenes was romantic. Glad that Laura realized her love for anand.anand overhearing Laura saying that she loves anand, but she is scared whether her parents will kill anand n punish her was emotional. What will he do?perfect pics.

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