Love struggle… Will we unite? – part 2 (a) (TWO SHOTS)

Every members gets excited and they all go out and enjoy and Anand goes to the famous shops near a church and suddenly he sees an old women going to fall by slipping he immediately runs and holds her.. careful. At this age you are carrying this much bag and walking?

Grandma:what to do beta? I and my husband visited church and buyed some special items for our granddaughter who is going to return to her place after one week…

Anand:ohh..that’s sweet. But where is your husband?

Grandma: he is buying the whole market for our lovely granddaughter..

Grandma and Anand giggles while grandfather comes there..

Grandfather:hey Hema..who is this young boy?

Grandma:iam..iam sorry i was about to fall but this boy helped that’s why i was talking with him.

Grandfather:ohh..thank you so much beta for helping her. She is indeed thinking as if she is young heroine.. though i warned her not to come but she always comes out at this age also.

Anand smiles..

Anand:no..uncle. it’s not wrong to come out but bring your granddaughter or whoever lives with you for safety purpose. Because i maybe not there to help you next time..

Grandfather:you are right. But this is a suprise for our granddaughter as she is going to leave after one week that’s why we came alone today. And also we come regularly out alone as it’s our routine..

Anand:ohh.. anyways good luck uncle and Grandma.

Grandma and grandpa:thank you beta. You are shuch a nice boy..hope we will meet you again.

Anand:i too hope so..bye granma and uncle.

Grandma and grandpa:bye beta.

Anand leaves from there and on the next day grandma and granpa sees Anand in a mall and gets suprised..

Grandma:i was thinking about this boy..god made us to meet him again. Let us go and meet him Joseph.

Grandpa:you are right..

They both meet Anand and Anand gets suprised seeing him..

Anand:hi grandma and both here?

Grandpa:yes..we are here. It’s god’s blessings that we are meeting again.

Anand:but why did you both come alone?you could have brought your granddaughter today..

Grandma:she is free only in our house so we left according to her wish. As she have no friends here she is not interested to go anywhere out of the she is spending in baking cakes like that. That’s why we both came alone as our daily routine..

Anand:ohh.. anyways i will help you today. As we met yesterday also..we have formed a new relationship. So i will bring you both also pani puri.

Anand: don’t refuse it grandma. Think me as your grandson too..

Grandma and grandpa gets emotional..

Grandma:we don’t have any son or grandson..i think its our luck to meet a nice boy like you. Thank you so much beta..

Anand:it’s okay grandma..

Anand brings pani puri for them and they too enjoy eating and they talk with Anand a lot and finally..

Grandpa:i think it’s time to go..we feel like as if we got a grandson. We don’t want to go but our granddaughter will kill we are going. Lets hope that we meet tomorrow also..


Anand smiles..

Anand:it’s okay uncle. I too hope that we will meet tomorrow..i too feel like that i got grandma and grandpa. Bye uncle and Grandma..

Grandma and grandpa:bye beta..

They met regularly for two more days and they bonded very well like they belong to same family and on third day Grandma and grandpa came very beautifully suprising Anand..

Anand:wow..uncle you are really looking like Ranveer Singh..

Grandpa:thank you beta..

Grandma:then iam looking lke deepika padukone right? are right grandma.

They all smile and giggle and grandpa makes fun of Anand too..

Grandpa:even you are looking nice and you are like Ranbir Kapoor..


Anand:ohh..thank you so much..

Grandpa:but find your Alia Bhatt soon..then only you look more handsome.

Anand remembers Laura and smiles..

Anand:i will find soon..and if i get her then you both will be the first to one to be invited for my marriage.

Grandpa and grandma:ohh.. that’s so sweet of you. We consider you as our grandson so we will attend for sure.

Anand:thank you so much grandma and uncle..

Grandpa:today is our anniversary.. that too 43rd anniversary. And my granddaughter is organising a party come and join in the party..we will feel very happy.

Anand: congratulations for both of you. I will surely attend..

Grandma:thank you beta.

Grandpa gives the address card to Anand and..

Grandpa:here is our address.. please come here at evening and attend the party.

Anand:sure uncle..

Later at evening grandma and grandpa gets ready and they come to the hall while their granddaughter Laura comes and wishes them..

Laura: happy Anniversary to my lovely dada and dadi..

Grandma:ohh..thank you so much my lovely Laura..

Grandpa: iam really happy on this anniversary as my cutie granddaughter is there with me..

Laura:even iam happy that i could be there with you on your 43rd anniversary…

Suddenly a bell rings and Grandma and grandpa gets happy thinking about Anand..

Laura:no one comes to our house..then who could it be?

Grandma:i told about a guy know whom i think as my grandson..maybe him only.

Laura:but how come he will come here?

Grandpa:we only invited him for this party..

Laura gets shocked..

Laura:but why did you invite him..he is a stranger.

Grandma:i already told you tht he is like my grandsonson and he is so good that’s why we were often meeting him and also invited for this party. You too befriend him..he is very nice.

Laura:lets see..

Laura opens the door and gets shocked seeing Anand and Anand too gets shocked seeing Laura..



Grandma and grandpa gets suprised..

Grandpa:so both of them know each other?

Laura:ac.. actually..

Anand in mind:so Laura is their granddaughter. What a coincidence that we met again..

Anand:yes..we know uncle. Iam staying below her house as tenant and also she is my friend..


Anand murmers:be quiet..then only they will feel happy. If you don’t..then i will tell that you gave me your photo too. Then what will you answer to them?

Laura gets shocked and stares him..

Laura murmers:you..i will look after you afterwards.

Laura smiles and..

Laura:yes..grandma..he is my friend only.

Her grandparents smiles while Anand too smiles..

Grandma:ok..come in beta.

Anand enters and later they celebrate grandma and grandpa’s anniversary and they both cut the cake and feed each other while Anand and Laura claps hands..

Anand: congratulations!!

Laura: congratulations my sweetie grandparents!

Grandma:thank you so much..

Laura feeds cake to both her grandparents and..

Laura:you both should stay happy for many years..

Grandparents:thank you my sweetie granddaughter.

They all enjoy eating cake and.. dance..


Anand:no parties will be memorable without dance right? So let your grandparents will be so amazing.

Grandpa:yes..he is right. Let me and hema dance together and Laura and you dance will be fun.

Laura:what? with him? i can’t.

Grandma:why not? He is your dancing with your friend is not wrong. And it’s my wish that you should dance with won’t you dance with him?

Laura looks at Anand while Anand smiles..


The music plays the both the couple’s dances..

Oru Naal Siriththen Maru Naal Veruththen
Unai Naan Kollaamal Kondru Puthaithene
Mannipaaya Mannipaaya Mannippaaya

Oru Naal Siriththen Maru Naal Veruththen
Unai Naan Kollaamal Kondru Puthaithene
Mannipaaya Mannipaaya Mannipaaya
Mannippaaya Mannippaaya

Laura gets smitten and she starts enjoying with Anand forgetting everything..

Kanne Thadumaari Nadandhen
Noolil Naan Mazhai Aagi Ponen
Unnaal Dhaan Kalaignanaai Aanene
Tholai Dhoorathil Velicham Nee
Unai Nokkiye Enai Eerkiraaye

Melum Melum Urugi Urugi
Unai Enni Yengum Idhaiyathai Enna Seiven
Ohhhh Unai Enni Yengum Idhaiyathai Enna Seiven

Odum Neeril Oar Alai Dhaan Naan
Ulle Ulla Eeram Nee Dhaan
Varam Kidaithum Naan Thavara Vitten
Mannippaaya Anbe

Kaatrile Aadum Kaagitham Naan
Nee Dhaan Ennai Kaditham Aakkinaai
Anbil Thodangi Ambil Mudikkiren
En Kalangarai Vilakkamey

Oru Naal Sirithen Maru Naal Veruthen
Unai Naan Kollaamal Kondru Puthaithene
Mannipaaya Mannipaaya Mannipaaya
Mannipaya Mannippaaya

Anbirkum Undor Aazhaikkum Thaazh
Anbirkum Undor Aazhaikkum Thaazh
Aarvalar Pun Kanneer Poosal Tharum

Anbillaar Ellaam Thamakkuriyar
Anbudaiyaar Enbum Uriyar Pirarkku
Pulambal Enasendren Pullinen Nenjam
Kalathal Uruvathu Kandu

Yen En Vaazhvil Vanthaai Kanna Nee
Povaayo Kaanal Neer Pole Thondri
Anaivarum Urangidum Iravenum Neram
Enakkathu Thalaiyanai Nanaiththidum Eeram

Oru Naal Sirithen Maru Naal Veruthen
Unnai Naan Kollaamal Kondru Puthaithene
Mannipaya Mannipaya
Mannipaya Mannipaya

Kanne Thadumaari Nadandhen
Noolil Naanum Mazhai Aagi Ponen
Unnaal Dhaan Kalaignanaai Aanene
Tholai Dhoorathil Velicham Nee
Unai Nokiye Ennai Eerkiraaye

Melum Melum Urugi Urugi
Unai Enni Engum Idhaiyathai Enna Seiven
Melum Melum Urugi Urugi
Unai Enni Engum Idhaiyathai Enna Seiven
Oh Oh Unai Enni Engum Idhaiyathai Enna Seiven

The dance overs while Anand and Laura still stands close and looks ech other eyes mesmerizingly.

Suddenly an insect distracts and Laura comes to senses and feels guilty..

Laura in mind:what is happening with me? I missed Anand for so many days when he dint stare me and now i felt nice with anand when i danced with him..what is happening? I should control myself..

Laura moves away immediately while Anand thinks a naughty plan..

Anand:uncle..your anniversary doesn’t mean that only you should enjoy with cake right? So shall i apply cake on my friend? In our family we enjoy by applying cakes only..

Grandpa:why not? You don’t need to ask permission for this as you have rights to play with your enjoy whatever you want.


Anand takes the cake cream and he goes to apply Laura while Laura runs and Anand too follows..

Laura:stop it Anand..

Anand:there will be no fun without i should do it.

They reach another corridor where no one is there and Anand runs fast and pulls Laura and encircles her closely while Laura looks his eyes and..

Laura:hey what are you doing?

Anand: going to apply colours of the cake..


Anand slowly applies lovingly while Laura feels comfortable on his touch and gets mesmerized..

Slowly anand comes closer and Laura notices him and comes out of her trance and pushes him..

Laura:hey what are you doing?you..

Anand:i love you Laura..

Laura:i told not to..

Anand:i know. I stopped myself from loving you but god have destined again us to meet here and i know you love me that’s why iam again loving you.

Laura:who told i love you? I never love you..

Anand:your actions speak louder than words. Then why were you dancing romantically with me? Then why did you felt happy while iam applying cake?

Laura feels guilty..

Laura in mind:ohh..jesus. what am i doing? Why do i do such weird things? What is this called? i in love? should not love him. Better i will distract him and go away to avoid him.

Laura:it’’s just friendship that’s all.

Anand:ohh..what a brilliant excuse? We never became was just a lie then suddenly why are you lying?

Laura moves towards the hall in hurried manner while Anand follows her..

Anand:tell me Laura..

Laura:you can keep it as my gift as a please leave me now.
Anand becomes upset..

Anand in mind:i feel she too loves me..i will not give up. I will try more..

They reach the hall and..

Grandpa:did you both enjoyed nicely?

Laura:yes grandpa.

Grandpa:ok..come we will all watch movie together..

Laura in mind:ohh Jesus..when will this Anand go? Orelse i will do weird things..

Anand:no..uncle. it’s time i will go..

Grandma: please stay for few hours beta. You are like my enjoy this movie time also with us. It’s also part of anniversary party only..

Anand smiles and..


Grandpa:thank you so much for enjoying with us.

Anand:it’s okay uncle..

Laura in mind:ohh noo..

They all put movie in a TV and grandma gives popcorn to everyone and thy watch TV while grandma and grandpa sit together in a sofa and Anand and Laura sit together and watch the movie eating popcorn..

A scene comes where the hero romances heroine with a flower in front of the mirror and Laura imagines herself with Anand…

And there is a scene where hero kisses heroine and Laura imagines herself kissed by Anand and proposing him..

Laura:i love you Anand..

Anand:i too love you Laura.

Anand: isn’t that girl in the movie is like you Laura?

Laura comes out of her thoughts on hearing his voice and gets shocked thinking what she was dreaming..

Laura in what am i dreaming? It’s.. it’s very can i imagine romancing Anand?

Anand:hello..iam talking to you only.. what are you dreaming?

Laura :no.. nothing.

Anand:ok.. leave it. This movie is so romantic and nice isn’t it?


Anand:did you notice how the girl fell for the hero?


Anand: the technique is when the hero becomes so close with the heroine then she starts to dream him everytime and miss him when he is away..that is how the heroine realised her feelings in this movie. It’s really different right?

Laura gets shocked hearing it..

Laura in mind:it’’s..the heroine had the same feelings like me. That..that means am i in love? Is this called love?ohh no.. how can i fall for Anand?

Laura stares Anand for a while and Anand notices it and..

Anand:ohh..hello..why are you staring as if iam your villain? Don’t stare me like that..just stare as iam your hero.

Suddenly Laura gets irritated and beats him with fake cry..

Laura:you.. blo*dy rascal..

Grandma grandpa and Anand gets shocked on her actions and gets confused too..

Grandpa: what happened? Why are you behaving weird Laura?

Anand:yes.. what happened to you?why are you beating and shouting me?

Laura gets up and shouts..

Laura: did everything and asking what you did?i..i was in control..but because of you..i lost my control.. now iam scared of my parents. If they find then they will surely kill rascal.

Laura runs away to her room while Anand and grandparents gets confused..

Grandpa: what is she telling? She is telling that because of you she lost control..but what control she lost? Why will her parents kill for that?

Anand:yes..i also don’t understand anything. are her friend and she is blaming you. So go and ask her privately so that she will tell clearly.

Anand:ok.. grandma.

Anand goes and opens the door slowly and sees her without her knowledge and gets shocked seeing her crying and murmuring something..

Laura:i started to love Anand..why? I know he is a nice guy but we can’t unite.. Then why did you do this with me jesus? I love Anand now..but if my parents know then they will surely kill Anand and they will punish me. Now what will i do?why did you made me meet him?

Laura cries while Anand gets shocked hearing it..


Continued on part B..

  1. Jasminerahul

    Glad that Daniel has a good impression about anand.but poor Laura is scared whether anand’s love for her will make her brother hurt she telling him not to stare at her n giving her photo saying that if he feels like seeing her, look at the photo was emotional. Anand’s surprise to ashi was lovely.shocking that ashi proposed him.but glad that anand rejected it.laura seeing it was nice.glad that ashi took rejection in the right sense.laura ahana conversation was interesting. Waiting for Laura to realize her love.surprised to see tejvi as Laura’s parents.why Laura’s parents are having Hindu names.surprising that both Laura n anand are in kerala.can you please bring a guy for ashi also?otherwise the poor girl will be alone.

    1. Kifu

      Thank you so much 😊. Nisha and Ayaan is also a Christian name as my friend’s parents also has that name who is Christian😅. I will try to bring someone for Ashi. Thank you so much 😊

  2. Jasminerahul

    Anand meeting Laura’s parents n befriending them was surprising n cute.anand telling them that they will be the first ones to be invited for his wedding without knowing that Laura is their granddaughter is cute.anand Laura dance was romantic. After the song ended also they being in a romantic pose sharing a romantic eye lock was romantic. Anand applying colour icing on her face was romantic. Anand saying I love you n saying that he knows that she also loves him was lovely.sad that she avoided him.laura imagining being with anand in the movie romantic scenes was romantic. Glad that Laura realized her love for anand.anand overhearing Laura saying that she loves anand, but she is scared whether her parents will kill anand n punish her was emotional. What will he do?perfect pics.

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