Mayavi Maling 24th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Adhivan kills Arak

Mayavi Maling 24th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maharaj saying I have to give a test while punishing the culprits, as one culprit is my blood. He asks someone from Sabha to punish the culprits. The Rajya Sabha member takes an oath to listen to the culprits’ explanation and then suggest the punishment to Maharaj. He asks Chegu to say in his defense. Chegu accepts his mistake. He says I have warned Maharaj about Mahapuram and Maling relation, Eshwarya wasn’t listening to me, so I was dragging her, did you understand. Eshwarya worries. Adhivan says I have arranged fun for you.

Angad shows the butterflies. Madhumali says my three sons are brave, but Arak is the best in this, he will be the winner. Adhivan says Arak is the coward, how will he play. Angad strikes Arak and makes the coconuts fall. Arak gets scared. Madhumali and Angad smile. Angad asks Arak and Adhivan to play the game and catch more butterflies to win. He sends away the guards. The man says Eshwarya is not the culprit, she seems to be a victim, just Chegu will be punished, as he was kidnapping Eshwarya. He asks Maharaj to decide. Maharaj nods. Everyone gets relieved. Eshwarya hugs her mum.

Eshwarya says I have to tell something, Chegu wasn’t kidnapping me, I was going with him by my wish. Maharaj gets angry. Eshwarya says it was our plan to show my kidnapping so that we can stop Pranali’s wedding. Everyone gets shocked. Arak catches the butterflies. Madhumali says Adhivan will catch the last butterfly and win, Arak will lose. Adhivan catches Arak’s hand when he falls down the ship. He pulls Arak up. Arak says I have won. Adhivan then stabs him and pushes him down the ship. Arak looks at him. Angad gets glad and says you proved you love me and mum, my marriage utsav will begin now, its good that fool died. Eshwarya says I m saying truth, Chegu is lying to save me, Chegu isn’t a culprit. Chegu is a good man, our well wisher, Maharaj should have heard his warning, we had no way to stop this marriage, I m sorry.

Maharaj looks on. Garima says Chegu and his mum saved me and Eshwarya, will you punish him, Chegu is our well wisher. Maharaj shouts on Garima. He says this is Maling’s court, I m not anyone’s dad here, I m the judge, don’t forget this. He asks the man to declare the punishment. The man says Chegu has come here as a thief, he is culprit as he has influenced Eshwarya to come with him, Chegu didn’t kidnap her, Eshwarya has done wrong to support Chegu and hide him. Maharaj asks what punishment did you think for them. The man declares the punishment. Maharaj agrees to put them in prison. Eshwarya’s mum asks Maharaj to spare Eshwarya. Maharaj refuses to her. He says Chegu and Eshwarya should get same punishment, I will put them in prison till Pranali’s marriage completes, then send them away from Maling. Eshwarya and her mum cry.

Pranali refuses for marriage. Madhumali says we should do something.

Update Credit to: Amena

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