Ishq Mein Marjawan 24th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Roma and Virat doubt Deep

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 24th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tara says Virat save me.. Police takes her. Inspector takes her to police station. He says she is very clever keep an eye on her.
Deep says its time to celebrate. Our biggest enemy is behind bars. I don’t think she can come back this time. Virat says you wanna celebrate right? Why not? We will celebrate but not yet. I think we are tired go and rest. Arohi and deep go to room.
Arohi says why you saved me? You love me. Thank you. He says what are you saying I had to save you. Who else would I have saved that Arohi? Arohi says what am I saying? I am Arohi.

Virat says what if we have made a mistake. Roma says so Arohi would put gun on her head for deep? Virat tells them one thing that Tara whispered. He says I feel like we have to be careful. Deep is playing a game with us.
Deep says Tara quite. Don’t take arohi’s name. Arohi says you brought me here and sent tara to jail. I dont’ know what will they do when they find out truth.
Virat says deep must be playing with us. Roma says you are right. I am coming.
Dee[ says don’t be scared. We are not afraid of consequences. arohi says put hand on your heart and tell me that you think I am Tara. deep sees Roma on the door. He says read in my eyes why I saved you. We should forget all that and celebrate that we sent our biggest enemy to jail, that Arohi. He hugs her. Arohi says does he really think I am tara or he wants to hide what’s in his heart. Deep says I have to go for some important work. He leaves.

Roma comes back to Virat. She says deep and tara were talking lovingly. Virat says I still have some doubt. lets get their DNA tests done. we have Arohi’s blood sample in a Shimla lab.

Scene 2
Tara is in jail. She gets angry. The constable says have some food. You have killed enough people. We hit people like you here. you can’t do anything here. Tara says I won’t treat badly. She says don’t try to be smart here. Arohi throttles her. Tara says look at the diamonds in this ring. If they go in your mouth you will die right now. She snatches her phone. The constable goes.
Arohi recalls deep pointing gun at her and saying he saved Tara. Tara calls Arohi. she laughs. Arohi is scared. Tara says you thought you will send me to jail and live with deeep? Only I loe where bhabhi and chawani are. Arohi says deep will help me find them. He is on my side. Tara says only I know where they are or they might even die.

Chawani says I need water. He feels week. He says arohi deep save me please. There is someone else abducted there too. He says who is there? Tara says when Virat brought Niku’s body home? i told him where they both are. I was confused so I got your Niku killed. I gave him poison. Virat came and shot him.
Tara says keep crying. You will have more reason. If not anything they will die of hunger. arohi says listen please..
Arohi says to Deep you shouldn’t have saved me. where are bhabhi and chawani. I have to save them. If they die tara will win please save them.

Deep comes to meet Tara. She says how can you do this to me Deep. You forgot everything. You knew I was tara then how you did this. He says, I knew you are Tara. And only I can get you out of here.
Precap-Arohi says what did you want to tell me deep? Roma comes and says that we know you are Arohi not tara. Your game is over.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Sonakshi5

    Hello everyone ?…
    Many people are not commenting,if you are reading this then do comment please ?… even if you don’t like comment and say you don’t like…I will try to comment regularly from now on ?….
    Coming to the episode..
    I knew that deep knew it was Arohi and he saved her ….these serial has become like beyhadh many murders of innocent people ???????…I don’t want any other innocent to die ….
    About the precap … every week one or the other one says game over but no one dies among these raichands ?….

    1. Hi.. I agree that only innocent people are dying.. and no one from raichand family

      1. Sonakshi5

        Hi ?…yes hope any of the raichand dies ???

    2. Hi sonakshi. I think deep save chawani and Bhabi.I felt sad for nikku.

      1. Sonakshi5

        Hi Rhivanya ???…i too think so ?…yes bechara nikku ????he is a child …he has to go through this much at such a young age ?


      1. Sonakshi5

        Hi Arohi and deep ??….I too hope so or maybe Roma was just acting to see Arohi’s reaction.

    4. Hi Sonakshi5,

      I hope Deep truly helps Arohi

      1. Sonakshi5

        Hi Sathya ??… I too hope same happens ? .

    5. Sonakshi5

      Wow ?… first to comment after soany months…

    6. Hi sonakshi agree that only good people die and all bad people live and enjoy..but i dont think they will kill chavanni and bhabi now as aarohi deep will only remain as positive vibes then..and yah deep must be playing with tara to get the dna samples and know where she has captivated bhabi and chavanni

      1. Hi Nabs 😀 ….your point is correct .I too thought so at first but don’t know what is the mind of the writer ……maybe they will introduce deep’s parents and then there will be new storyline with Roma trying to kill them and ardeep trying to save them 🙂 …just a guess

  2. precap z so scary again

    1. Yes lutfa.

    2. Sonakshi5

      Yes … but they are always misleading ?.. maybe Roma was just acting to see Arohi’s reaction…

      1. I thought the same but had a second guess too it could be a nightmare of ardeeps or maybe what deep tells to tara what will happen and tara starts to imagine all of these???

      2. Maybe that too can happen =-D =-D ….these people dream so much =-D …they are always in dreamland ….. *X-D

  3. Neha1

    OMG..! Precap ??Aarohi secret revealed… Roma knows the truth…I think DNA reports showed but I doubt Deep heard that Virat suggest for DNA Test…And Deep loves Aarohi then he will definitely gonna change DNA reports…but after watching Precap… just can’t believe… !

    1. precaps alwaya show what doesn’t happen… just like todays

    2. maybe just a nightmare of deep he went to see tara i think i will manage the dna i hope

    3. after precap it seems like deep play a mastergame by ditching arohi….but if it is not true then y he called arohi to tell something and i can’t believe this as a nightmare….

    4. Sonakshi5

      Hi ?…. Awesome dp ?????? devakshi … . maybe what you said can be true or maybe Roma was just acting to see Arohi’s reaction…..

    5. U never know what can happen i think this is misleading it could be a nightmare or they wanted to see aarohis reaction i guess?

  4. Hi guys. OMG what is the precap about? Is it a dream or real? Did deep send Tara to jail to win arohis trust and break it again? Is he with raichands?

    1. Sonakshi5

      I think it is real.. maybe Roma was just acting to see Arohi’s reaction…. but I don’t think this time deep is with raichands.. ?

    2. Hi.I think it’s real.and Roma play a game wwith ardeep

  5. Loved the episode

    1. Sonakshi5

      Hi Shekha ?

  6. precap will be always misleading… it will be roma saying to arohi(who is in jail…)… n says its confirmed in bloodtest u are tara….

    deep is going full positive…he should start blackmailing roma to know about his parents…..

    god knows y they kill all innocent people including cute niku…

    1. Sonakshi5

      Agree saras ?…it would be great to see deep blackmailing roma????…. a treat to watch ??…yes they are killing innocents one after another ?☹

    2. Hi shekha.

    3. Agree Saras.I don’t think deep blackmail Roma.but it will be happened am happy and it’s super turning point of this show.

  7. Hello friends.
    I like today episode. My confusion is clear.deep love arohi and save her.wt a mastermind deep.chill deep look.thank u for Roma.because of u i saw a ardeep hug.still both love each other.
    Deep ka swag he heard all virat plan.
    Deep release Tara.because he want a chawani and Bhabi details.
    Jail logo bach ke rehena warna Tara sab ko maarthengi.
    I can’t understand precap.but some scene already shown in previous episodes. Love arjun and Alisha act.
    Good night friends.

    1. Hi neha.misleading trust deep.he will do something.

    2. Sonakshi5

      Good night rhivanya ?…yes ardeep hug ? so sweet..Agree with your views

      1. Lovely couple.

    3. Hi.. I too happy for ardeep..

      1. Me too dear.

    4. ?? your words bachke rehna??? true dont know whether shell kill the prisoners and jailers???ardeep hug was superb?? and i think deep would have gone for two to three reasons
      1 to take the dna sample of taras
      2 to win the trust of taras
      3 after that getting to know about bhabhi and chavanni?

  8. Thank god roma dident heard the truth but what will happen after dna test i am so scared about arohi OMG

    1. Sonakshi5

      Maybe deep will save her ?

    2. Deep will save arohi

    3. Thanks.and your guess is right.

  9. Roma wants deep ,Tara love each other. Then why she celebrate deep death and why she try to kill deep.I can’t understand Roma.

    1. Hi rhivanya…
      Agree with you.. im also not getting about roma

      1. Hi sravanthi.roma is irritating me.

    2. Sonakshi5

      I think ?until roma was using deep.. she wanted him to take care of Tara but when she no longer needed him , she wanted him to be killed..

      1. You r ryt.

  10. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Show is thriller show, but why always aarohi family or whom aarohi consider as family have to die…????????

    2. I hope deep do not double cross aarohi this time…

    3. And i am upset that all tym death, revenge, evil win in this show… Why don’t writers show little romance b/w aarohi and deep????????????

    4. Precap is really thrilling…

    1. Sonakshi5

      Agree with all your points ….btw are u the Shraddha di who used to comment on naagin ?

      1. ShraddhaSharma392

        Yes i am same… Due to some problem, i created new id..
        How are u??

      2. I am fine 🙂 ….how are you di ?

    2. Hi shraddha. Agree with you.

  11. Sonakshi i will really try to comment on daily basis….. Oh crapppp i don’t want arohi to be backstabed again, i hope arohi changes the whole game plan of raichands, but as precap is always misleading, no clue what’s gonna happen next…. I really want arohi to outsmart everyone and deep too… I really can’t sympathise with deep, after he stripped arohi, sent her to jail, and many more things just to know about his parents, doesn’t seem fair to me…

    1. Sonakshi5

      Agree with you tanya …deep must be punished ?….

    2. Hi Tanya. Agree with you.

    3. Good to know that you will comment daily 🙂 Tanya ….

  12. Hi frnds…
    In to day episode just I like Tara acting.. I hope that Deep is something going to play with tara to know about chawani and bhabi. Coming to the precap again twist.. Im losting interest
    Gdnt everyone..

    1. Sonakshi5

      Hi …are u telugu ?
      Agree with you ?

      1. Hi sonakshi..
        r u Telugu?

      2. Yes 😀 ….. nenu koda telugu ammayini 🙂 …

    2. Tara acting is awesome.

      1. Yes ….Alisha acts so well ….

  13. I think Deep meets Tara to know about bhabhi and chawani
    Virat is so smart,,, definitely they will find out,,, Deep and Arohi should have some strong plans,,, before that they should unite revealing to each other secretly

    1. Hi r u? Why you was not comment.
      I want ardeep together and destroy raichand family, save Bhabi and chawani

  14. I think Deep meets Tara to know about bhabhi and chawani
    Virat is so smart,,, definitely they will find out,,, Deep and Arohi should have some strong plans

    1. Sonakshi5

      Yes,agree i hope ardeep save bhabhi and chawanni somehow ?

  15. hiii friends i miss u all i like today’s episode but worried because of precap and i don’t know why everyone from raichand’s are safe aur sound no one has any real problem

    1. Sonakshi5

      Hi ?….yes only innocents are dying ? and raichands r happily living.

    2. Hi r u? I was miss you.
      Agree with u.

  16. i didn’t understand something PLEASEEEEE HELP ME did niku dead really tara really kill him and sent his body with virat or it’s a game ?????

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      No-one can guess this question easily.. As it looks niku is dead in real as they do not mention his name or may be he is alive and captured for hidden motives… In this show its really hard to guess, what will happen next…

      1. Hi sharadha… I feel the same one may be nikku is alive

    2. Sonakshi5

      Even i dont know but i think niku is dead ??

      1. or maybe he is alive 🙂

    3. I think nikku is not alive.

  17. I don’t understand what’s going on in deep mind? Simply confusing character.

    1. Sonakshi5

      I think he will be will support arohi now .

    2. He is positive character.

  18. Why did prithivi forgive Roma for killing his daughter. What happened to him even he has forgotten his daughter’s death. In name of thrilling don’t show us such things.

    1. Sonakshi5

      Point to be noted …yes prithvi wanted revenge but i dont know what happened to him now??

    2. Hi pks.I don’t know how change prithivi. I was already asked this question.but no ans.maybe some scenes was shown in afternoon episode.

  19. Hiiiii….I really hate Arohi….she is such a coward….always crying nd drama queen….Tara should have killed her…..Arohi must use her brain to find out her bhabhi Nikku nd chaWani…

    1. Don’t worry there was a time when arohi oversmartly have done everything thing…
      Remember the marriage time…….
      Now its Tara’s turn

    2. Sonakshi5

      Situation is such that it makes her cry but sometimes she too acts brave and cleverly…

    3. Hi arohi depending to deep.I think ardeep unite and do something against Tara.

  20. I think Aarohi and tara both are twins.
    and bhabhi is the mastermind

    1. Sonakshi5

      Hmm.maybe but then their DNA must have been same ?

    2. I don’t think arohi and Tara are twins.but I don’t know wt’s going on writers mind.

  21. Please please please please please TELL ME ONE THING……WHO IS … Asli khiladi abhi jinda hai….. Roma said before remember

    1. I think they meant about their own selves it was something like a misleading promo its that what yhey wanted to show was deep was not the asli khilladi and aarohi killed the wrong one roma prithvi virat are the real players of this game?

    2. I think it is RITU ….i know it is a foolish guess…

  22. I hope Virat and Prithvi die first.

    1. I guess she was referring to herself lol….

    2. I don’t know. Who is asli guess is deep.

  23. Sorry… But this reply was for pks..

  24. hey sonakshi…. how are u? i stopped commenting a long time back because i didnt want to come here and say everyday that i am not liking what i see, but i do miss all you guys. many dont comment regularly anymore it seems, but i will try to comment again… actually i wanted to comment on wednesday update because i liked that Tara was arrested, but i didnt understand Deep’s test at all, and so didnt want to comment…. i mean Deep said both girls had to shoot at him, but it was not decided whether the girl who is shooting would be Arohi or Tara… seriously, if both are saying they are Tara then they will use their brains and not shoot him to prove themselves Tara. why would Arohi say herself Tara and then shoot Deep infront of everyone? Tara was also stupid to say that she will shoot Deep because of betrayal, the test simply didnt make any sense….. and again on thursday episode, Deep was so cool in the house, and Arohi was screaming she is Arohi, and ran to Deep in the middle of the hall saying she wants chawanni and bhabhi, i mean come on! obviously Deep knows its you. why would he think that Tara is telling him she is Arohi?? Arohi doesnt even think that someone is listening at the door and thats why Deep might be calling her Tara again and again….. then there is Roma out of jail 🙁 i was so happy when they sent her to jail, but next episode she is back and Pritvhi is loyal to her again. the only satisfactory explanation i can think of is Vedika is alive and Roma brought Vedika infront of him to get out of jail and win back his loyalty. but the show doesnt explain any of it (just like still no explanation about who was helping Tara or who sent those goons to kidnap Arohi in the temple)…. overall, i am sometimes happy and sometimes frustrated about how nothing makes sense. Deep has stopped saying mummy ji mummy ji and i am happy about it, but before they always showed that Deep was loyal to Roma just because she gave him home and not because he was expecting to know about his own mother. now suddenly he wants to know about Vasundhara and thats why listened to Roma. its like i have to keep my brains in another room to look at the actors i love lol….
    anyways, about the precap, i think its a joint plan by Deep and Arohi (at least i hope it is). Arohi asked Deep to bring chawanni and bhabhi, so deep tells her that he will have to pretend to betray her to win their trust and Arohi cannot run this time or make some excuse. after Deep has won Tara’s trust, he will get Chawanni and Bhabhi and give them to her, saving all of them. of course there will be difficulties, but i hope Deep and Arohi have together planned it this time. i am so fed up of the characters arguing about Tara/Arohi every two episode or it looking like Arohi is trapped again…

    1. Hiiiiiii Dhara di 😀 😀 😀 …..I was searching for u di ……YES
      Many stopped commenting 🙁 …..but good to see your comment di …..please keep commenting …..i too love to talk with u all here ….agree with all your points di …..

    2. Sonakshi5

      Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy di !!!!! ……
      I was searching for u ?????
      I am fine… how are you???….i replied to your comment but i think it is still awaiting moderation ? or what I don’t know ,it didn’t get published till now …
      Btw happy to see your comment ??…. keep commenting …. even I wasn’t commenting and I thought to quit this show but then ardeep track came up …I don’t know how to react ….. I wanted ardeep at first but then I didn’t want it ….
      Yes , many are not commenting …… Maybe they stopped watching the show or they don’t want to comment ?…..

      Exactly di ,even I thought deep knows it’s Arohi and ya correct why would he think that Tara will call herself as Arohi ….if she was Tara , she would have shot deep till now ?….yes there are many unexplained things ??… but happy that Tara is in the jail ?…
      Same di , even I become sometimes frustrated …. I didn’t like THE WAY they made deep’s character positive without explaining many things ?….
      Keeping brain in another room hahaha ???…
      Hope it happens as you said in precap ?

      1. hey sonakshi… i realized many were losing interest, even i thought to stop watching. i thought london track would be interesting but i was so disappointed at the start that i stopped commenting 🙁 to tell the truth, the way they turned Deep positive was not even satisfactory either. Roma and Virat talked about certain situation where Deep went against them, but what about the jail scene where Deep went and slapped Arohi when no one was watching? I just felt that to be really positive, Deep has to first directly support Arohi. but he is doing that now so i am a little happy. no more Roma’s chamcha (would have been more happy if Prithvi had taken Arohi’s side too for Vedika)…. anyways will comment again form now on 🙂

    3. Dhara i love ur sense of humour….. Each n every word u said is the truth…. The stupidity of the reality so many plots are left behind…. The vedika plot..the roma’s arrest plot……who helped tara in London…… All of that is reducing my interest day by day… But seriously, i m in love with tara

      Dhara there’s one request……… U r the life of this page…. Do comment everyday n we will love getting a booster dose of ur criticism which surprisingly matches our each n every thought
      Love u dearie

      1. thank you Amaira… actually i love Tara too. i know she is villain and will be defeated but i love seeing her attitude. wherever she goes, she owns the place lol… i will comment again from today 🙂

      2. U r absolutely ryt in sayin’ that tara owes the places she goes…for instance, the jail n the the lockup themselves

    4. Hi r u?
      How was your sister marriage.
      I was really miss you.the story is good or bad please try to comment daily’s my request.

      1. hey Rhivanya…. marriage was ver good 🙂 how are u? i will comment from today onwards 🙂

  25. AHAM123

    I think Deep is playing a big game witj all of them….

  26. Don’t know y but still i find sometin’ fishy ’bout deep……..not sure whether he is still evil or not
    hi sonakshi nice to hv a chirpy bird like u here:) u know even i hv a telegu frnd n she taught me some of that i quickly understood that nenu means I……Hello everyone..can any one do me a favour …… i currently don’t hv access to television due to technical issues …. if possible can anybody post in comment form only the 3 parts of everyday’s episode telecast in short coz TU does a little late update…would be really grtful……..

    1. hey Amaira, i will try to put an update here, in reply section of your comment, but dont know how soon it wil be updates, sometimes comments wait for moderation a long time…

      1. Thanks dhara….no problem dear u thought ’bout me.. That’s enough ?

    2. Sonakshi5

      Hi Amaira ?…thank you ?☺?…i will try to update if i am free ?…Oh …you have a telugu friend ?? good to know that …nice meeting you ?….if you can get registered then we can talk in private …

      1. I had n account earlier but felt that all of it was interfering in study time so deleted it…..but talking to friends like u here is so cool

    3. hey Amaira, heres the update:
      Deep and Arohi are unable to get Chawanni and Ritu

      The show starts with Tara and Deep in jail. Tara smiles and says she knew her Deep will save her and she had never doubted him. Tara says, where are bail papers? They are already submitted right? Then why they have not released me yet? Deep says, I said I can save you, but not that I will. Tara again gets angry and shouts at him. She says, you are cheater, you will cheat me? Have you forgotten all the promises we made? Have you forgotten that my mother brought you from streets and made you what you are? Today you are in a position to live and exist with people like us just because of her, and you will cheat me? Deep smiles and says, now I am convinced that you are Arohi. Tara would have never counted her favours to me. Tara is confused and says you are trying to prove me as Arohi but you will never succeed. Deep says we will see and pretends to leave. Tara screams that don’t leave, you cant leave me here.
      At that time Arohi comes there and is shocked to find Deep there. In flashback she recalls her conversation with Deep in the hall. In the hall, Arohi hugs Deep telling him to get Chawanni and bhabhi. Deep is silent. Arohi says why are you doing this? If you wont help me then I will do it myself. Deep says why are you pretending, if you keep saying this mummy ji will hear you and then kill you. Arohi says Deep to shut up. She says she still remembers nikku’s dead body and cant bear to see bhabhi in same condition. She will sacrifice herself for bhabhi and runs to go to Tara and accept her conditions. Deep stops her and says you will not do this. They fight and Deep ties her to a chair and leaves in his car. Arohi loosens the ropes with her teeth and then she too reaches police station. Flashback ends.
      In the police station Arohi hears Tara and Deep conversation who do not know Arohi is there. Deep again turns and says to Tara, you have not been able to prove anything. Tara says only I know why Arohi’s bhabhi and chawanni are. Go and ask that Arohi and she will tell you everything. But I wont tell you where they are. One day I will definitely come out from behind these bars and then I will not leave you. you are a cheater. Deep comes near her and says, what I am, I am. But you have not been able to prove who you are and the time I gave you is over. He calls someone and says, cancel the bail papers I told you to prepare. I don’t need them anymore. Tara gets upset and tells him that bhahbi and nikku are in the lane behind where Deep had hid bhabhi, in house no 107. Deep says I will go and check, and if I find them there I will release you. Tara says this is your last chance, if you cheat me this time then I will never leave you.
      Deep leaves. Arohi hears all this and thinks that she has to reach that place before Deep as she is not sure what Deep is thinking. Arohi tries to leave but she finds door locked. A police man comes there and Arohi hides and leaves. She reaches the road but Deep has already left. Arohi hires an auto and also leaves. (wonder how Arohi reached police station without her car)
      Chawanni is still tied in that house, crying for Arohi.
      Meanwhile, in Raichand Mansion, Roma and Prithvi are worried. They say Virat has left for Shimla with hair samples of the girl in their house, it has been 5 hours, he should have called by now. Just then Virat calls Roma and faxes the report. They switch on the printer, see the report and Roma and Prithvi look at each other.
      Deep reaches the place Tara had told him about. It is the same place where Chawanni was a little while ago, but when Deep reaches there, it is empty. Deep says, I was too late. As he goes out, he sees Arohi coming there. Arohi says where is my bhabhi? She is in there right? Deep at first gets angry at her for following him and then tells her no one is there. Arohi doesn’t believe and runs inside. She sees a knife with blood on it and some message written on a chair (icouldnt understand what it was). She also sees a dupatta which she remembers to be her bhabhi’s and cries. Deep comes in and tells her I told you. Arohi says you have done something, where can they go? Tara is in jail, only you knew about it, Roma, Virat, Prithvi no one is here, then who could have done it? Every time I think I will reach them now, but at the last moment I lose them again! Arohi cries and sits down. Deep tries to comfort her but she shouts at him. Arohi says, you tell me clearly whether you are on my side or not? I am tired of this game and am not able to understand anything. Deep looks on with a tortured expression but doesn’t say anything. *in flashback it is shown that just as Deep had come there, someone had left in a red car and Chawanni was in the trunk of that car, beating against it and asking to be released. The end of a woman’s dress is also sticking out from the closed trunk. Flashback ends*
      Just then Deep gets a call from Roma. He tells her that he and Tara had come out for a long drive. Roma tells both of them to come to police station. Deep asks why but Roma asks him to come first.
      In the police station, Roma has put the report within an envelope and waiting for them. Police commissioner is also there along with Pritvhi and some constables. When Arohi and Deep reach there, Prithvi says that Virat had taken Arohi’s samples to Shimla for tests and we have the report here which will tell us conclusively who is Arohi and who is Tara. Arohi is very shocked and afraid. (seriously, the expression she gives, no one need DNA report to know she is Arohi -_- ) some policeman drag Tara out of her cell, she comes screaming and then when she sees Roma she gets happy. Tara says, mom I knew you would come for me. Roma says until its clear who is my daughter, neither of you shall call me mom. She then hands the report to commissioner who opens it and reads. He then asks Roma what does this mean? Who is Arohi? (seriously, unnecessary dragging.) Roma walks towards Arohi, smiling, and says, it doesn’t matter what the report says, what matters is… she pretends as if she is going to caress Arohi and Arohi gets happy that she is saved. Roma slaps her. Roma says, I know who was the one conspiring against me. Deep is shocked and Tara smiles from behind.
      Precap: everyone is still at the police station. Roma says it was a very good plan, very good. And the one who was the mastermind behind it is…. Roma looks at Deep. Arohi and Tara look on, confused.

      1. Thanks dhara so so much n specially ur tags….those were a relief out of the blue

  27. Iam completely fed up seeing same drama trapping and escaping .Arohi is being dumb nowadays .Only relief is Deep who have changed from Mummy ji’s chamcha to Deep.I too want Ardeep together playing with Raichands and win the revenge saga.But I don’t understand how Roma got released from jail and forgives both Virat and Prithvi.Only god knows what the writers are up to.To be frank iam losing interest to see it on TV.

  28. Virat was saying that tara can’t kill herself for any one but I think Tara has once jumped from balcony for deep after kesari instigated her.

    1. hey mohit…. agree with u. Tara’s family keep making wrong statements about her. they say Tara is fearless but Tara gets afraid of blood and for the safety of her family. then Virat says Tara will never hurt herself, but she is mad for Deep and jumped off balcony for him…. maybe that is why Arohi was able to fool them for so long and now they cant recognize who is Tara and who is Arohi

      1. exactly

  29. Hey Dhara, Welcome back dear…. thanks for commenting…

    Now on no confusion.. Deep will only support arohi… it may look as though he is playing tricks but no…
    he is hero afterall…

    Coming to Roma getting out of jail.. only explaination given by virat that she agreed to put everything to his name so he let her out…. which is totally unjustified… prithvi is total useless,,, hiw can he still be loyal dog to roma???

    Any way taras arrest n deep turning positive is indeed good to watch…
    Idiot arohi … always in the middle of the hall she used to discuss with chawanni also…
    she always wants to meet her loved ones n send them to heaven… Niku was safe n fine in deeps custody now see where this arohi sent him,,,, now its bhabhi n chawannis turn…
    Arohi… sabko marvaake dum legi

    1. hi Saras…. i didnt know about Roma transferring everything to Virat’s name. actually i went to a marriage ceremony in between and missed a few episodes. but u are right, it still doesnt make sense that Prithvi will quietly agree to serve Roma. Roma is not even suspicious of those two but she should be as they once sent her jail….. and how was the rest of police convinced to let go of Roma? there were evidences against her. If Roma can get out so easily, then the family should also be able to get out Tara for murders. :/ :/ see, this is why i get frustrated with this show lol…. agree though, that Deep supporting Arohi and trapping Tara is good to watch. sometimes i feel Deep is the only one who can stop Tara because she has a weakness for him… agree about Arohi indirectly hurting her own loved ones 🙁 first nikku and now chawanni and bhabhi!

    2. Woah saras….. That was so humorous
      Seriously whoever she loves is being sent up?

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