Kaleerein 24th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Meera Gives 3 Units Blood to Amaya

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Kaleerein 24th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Meera gives her blood to Amaya. Vivan looks at her. She requests not to stop her as she also has AB negative blood like Amaya. Vivan nods he will not. Roma continues her drama and says she will give her last drop of blood if it matches with Amaya’s. Nurse comes and informs no need for that as someone gave blood. Roma asks who is it, she will touch her feet and thank. Nurse says patient’s bhabhi Mrs. Meera Kapoor. Dolly says Meera is blood related to Amaya now, their bonding has gone more strong now. Roma fumes and thinks Meera took praises again, she will not spare her. Laali thinks what she will do now. Nurse takes 1 unit of blood and for another unit, she searches blood vessel on Meera’s hand. Meera asks to call her mamma who knows everything about her. She gives 2 more units of blood and asks Vivan to go and be with Amaya. Doctor comes out and informs that Amaya’s condition was very critical, but with blood transfusion, her condition has stabilized.

Roma goes to have samosas at canteen. Dolly calls and asks how is she. She says how will a critical girl’s mother would be and continues her drama. She enjoys samosas. She sees Sherri and her brother getting arrested and thinks now nobody can doubt her.

Vivan asks Meera to go home and rest as she has given 3 units of blood (really). He then asks if she knows any more details about Pammi Kapoor as she chatted with her on friendsbook account. Meera says he can check her account, its password is Vivan. Vivan reminisces all sort of passwords except his name. Meera thinks Pammi cannot harm her children. After sometime, inspector comes and informs that he got Pammi’s details, she was operating from her old house with sim in her name, ironically the goons she hired don’t know anything about Amaya as Pammi had hired them to kill Meera Kapoor. Vivan asks inspector to arrest Pammi soon. Inspector asks them both to sign 2 different papers to submit them in court to seek Pammi’s arrest warrant. Meera hesitates. Vivan insists. She says a mother cannot harm her children, he has to give one more chance to his mother. Vivan yells that she is no more related to her, asks inspector to meet lawyer for rest of formalities, shouts at Meera to get out of hosptial as guests are not allowed, only family members can stay here.

Meera sadly walks out and sits on bench. Family see her there and what is she doing here. Meera says Vivan asked her to not enter hospital. Dolly scolds what did she do now, she is a bad wife. She continues yelling. Roma enters and acts as consoling Meera and says she is a kabbaddi player and should fight…

Doctor informs UK doctor that Amaya’s condition is stable now. Roma walks in and says she wants Amaya to be airlifed to UK hospital. Vivan says Amaya will not go anywhere.

Precap Roma warns Vivan that she will go to court if he does not let Amaya taken from there. Vivan says she can go to court. Nurse informs Amaya’s condition is getting critical again.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. 3 units of blood !!! ROFL

  2. today i hated vivaan. how could he treat meera that way! his behaviour is too much!! no excuses for him today.just he dont be regretting and smashing mirrors agai when he find out the truth.maybe this time meera might not forgive him or forget ehat he has said to her!!! I wont blame her.

  3. Terribly disappointed with the way the writers are treating ths couple’s relationship…It is like one step forward and two steps back…..neither Vivaan appreciates Meera’s logic with regard to his mother’s innocence nor Meera tries to understand the reason for hs hatred…So how can we expect this coulple to become a man and wife in real sense with this tension at the back of their minds…unless and until Pammi does something to diffuse the tensed situation,there won’t be respite for any ….Inspite of her previous unpleasant encounter with Meera in the academy ,Pammi seemed to have taken a liking for Meera in the hospital and why not….afterall she saved her daughter’s life.Time for Pammi to come out into the open and prove that she is innocent before the police arrests her…and Roma is already planning to escape after playing with so many lives….she seems to have forgotten that saying that every dog and every witch has a day….I hope the writers will put an end to this misery as early as possible….Vivaan and Meera really looked adorable holding their hands and looking in each other’s eyes in that blood giving scene…but not much later all hell broke loose ….no words to express my disappointment.

  4. Cathy

    Oh dear, did anyone think to give Meera a glass of juice and a cookie?? maybe 3? LOL

  5. VIVAAN please calm down, he needs some anger management class. His hatred for his mum is ruining all other relationships. Meera should take a leave from Vivaan the moment Amaya recovers. Enough of this humiliations. I tot Vivaan is educated . Why does he yell without control even to his wife in the public.

  6. Im also of the opinion that the writers should to put more thought into this whole rage of Vivaan. I wIsh they would bring a another male role in to lighten things up and take an interest in Meera. Im also hoping that Meera’s character matures more.

  7. meera should leave vivaan after amaya recovers and give him divorce papers which he gave her on wedding. and also she should tell her mom nd dad about her fake marriage deal with vivaan.. and concentrate on her career and kabbadi… meera have to ignore vivaan so that vivaan regret to loose her…

  8. why vivaan always misunderstands meera.. now its enough meera should move on in her life one amaya gets recover and once their mom truth comes infront of vivaan.. vivaan have to thank her but meera have to walk out from his life before he comes to thank then it will be great to watch.. that what will do vivaan that time when he finds meera is gone from his life because of his stupidity and anger…

  9. I agree with all the comments that its really sad when you see such bad behavior from men in these serials. Take Raman from YHM or Naren from Piya albela or Harman from Shakti. They disown their wives or mistreat them with out any evidence or faith in their own spouse. This teaches younger generation that it is OK to react any way you want when you are angry rather then understanding the whole truth before reacting. Truly disgusting attitudes they show in such serials. Poor Meera..i feel bad for her 🙁
    Lol my mom in law tried to tell me once that if my husband yells at me or gets angry then i should just keep quiet and maintain the harmony of the house. He is a man so doesn’t understand women’s feelings and i should be a bigger person. I turned around and asked her is this why your grown children and husband dont respect you and your opinions? I said its ok to keep quiet in certain situations but if you do this then they will take you for granted and behave any which way they want as your behavior suggested that you are ok with them insulting you or yelling at you whenever they feel like it. She felt bad about my words but soon after she started telling them off whenever she was disrespected or yelled at for no reason….I am glad that she now stands up for her self respect.

  10. maybe thats the new track. i love meervaan but now i feel that vivaan does not deserve meera at all.she will have to walk out. of course i hate the character vivaan and not arjit .yeh i feel sad to say this but im okay if meera finds another good guy to look after her and if vivaan and gang go home to london.that be great.but no gentleman would treat a lady like that esp his wife.vivaan is not a gentleman. he is high class and all but his behaviour does not reflect it.hes more childish than meera.worst than a badly behaved kid.you bet im pissed off at him.never knew how he mad business decisons when he cant remain calm. he has allowed hatred to blind him and that is what meera is trying to tell him but this fool wont listen. i get hes upset with amaya but still no way to be treating someone, especially your wife.no excuse that he didnt have a mum. hey many kids without parents grow up to be fine human beings with way better behaviour.

  11. really angry with vivaan .i agree meera should just forget this man. he is not worth it at all.he cant control his anger and talk to her like a decent person.i love meervaan but im sorry if meera finds a better man.she should go and be with him.his behaviour is so bad. i meant character vivaan and not arjit.arjit is a great actor.but this character of vivaan is too much bad behaviour worst than a badly behaved child.this is a last time he will do this to this to meera.he cant contol his emotion.i wonder how he became a businessman.to make business decisions you have to be in check of your emotions.after amaya recovers hope they go back to london.

  12. Naz,what is your say on ths matter….,there is no doubt that Vivaan looks an abusive husband but is he really so….I am not saying ths because I like Arjit. ..for that matter we loved Raja /Sartaj but how we had blasted him when he was romancing Naina or the way he pushed her into the valley quite cold bloodedly.I hate abusive husbands and male chauvenism but Vivaan is certainly not abusive …in every other respect he s a fine guy ,only when it comes to his mother,his temper goes out of control…let it be Meera or Amaya or anyone ,his anger finds no bounds when they speak for Pammi Kapoor…why? Because he thinks that their mother had abused them by abandoning her young children and went absconding and she did not love them enough to stay back or take them with her…real blow to a child’s psyche.I don’t know about other countries but in Indian society children from backgrounds of this nature are made to feel that they are unfortunate…some pity them and some taunt them…the result ,the young minds develop inferiority complex that culminates into anger in adulthood…till they find answers or till they find such love that can heal their wounds ,they will be restless and look abusive inspite of their golden heart….Today,I can not help but remember that famous Pakistani serial Bashar Momin….it is just a 32 episodes serial but the hurt and emotions of an adolescent and his two younger sisters abandoned by their mother were portrayed beautifully by the director and the actor as well…the same anger ,the same frustration….at last Bashar finds that love in his wife and becomes a human…..Naz,have you watched this on You tube…it is worth watching once..Coming to Vivaan ,we have seen his hurt when he got carried away and raised his hand on Meera and how he had hurt himself later….no,he is not abusive ,,Infact he is torturing himself with this anger and hatred against his mother.There is no doubt that he loves Meera but at the moment he is not able to feel anything as his hatred is dominating all other feelings…..it is evident his mind isnotclear but Meera doesn’t have any such tensions or preoccupations.So if she loves him and has the patience to understand him ,she should become a pillar of strength….instead of supporting Pammi whom she has never seen and about whom she doesn’t know anything ,it is better she supports Vivaan and calm him down….once Pammi comes out and along with her the truth,whether positive or negative ,he will be free of this torture. At thisjuncture Meera is just inviting his ire by supporting this Pammi Kappor who is a complete stranger to her…..She has seen his vulnerable side also ,a fully grown man getting panicky like a child in the darkness.If she still thinks that Pammi Kapoor will turn out to be a good woman and Vivaan has been hating her unnecessarily ,then it is better to part ways.Naz,you can see I am differing from our friends here on this forum….what is your take on this?

    1. You’ve written a good piece here Lakshmi… I don’t believe that Vivaan is an abusive man, if he was, then he’d be abusive towards his sister too…if we look at it from the aspect of his dislike of women.. In this case he uses abusive language to Meera who is his wife, not because he wants to verbally abuse her, it’s because he’s crying out inside, conditioned by Roma to hate other women who she sees as being a threat to her, relationship or otherwise. He’s a desperately hurt man inside,very disillusioned and his only outlet to vent his emotional pain is verbally and like in real life, husbands do use their wives as punching bags….and I’m in no way condoning such behavior. Such men, in reality, are usually weak inside but they mask their insecurities, fragile hearts and broken minds by using language as an egotistical tool to protect themselves from forming relationships because they don’t want to be hurt any more than they already are. Men are not like us Lakshmi, inside…they are like little boys, they all need TLC from the females in their lives, be it mother, sister who unconditionally loves her brother, wives who knows that in privacy just how to keep them happy, and women know the power they hold over a man’s heart, so Roma as the only mother Vivaan knows, knew that in order to keep herself important in Vivaan’s life, was to poison his mind over his mother, this is why he hates Pammie with a passion and since Meera is unknowingly not privy to the whole story, and is on Pammie’s side, he’ll hate her even more for trying to unite them…aided and abetted by the slithering snake Roma… I feel sad for Vivaan’s plight and you know I’ve been saying to you that if Meera was a psychologically mature woman and she ought to have been, because she single-handedly took care of the family when her father was ill by running their little business (don’t know what is the purpose of her uncle in the family) and she was much younger according to the script…if only writers has made her the essence of femininity, softer and cajoling but yet determined, she would have mellowed Vivaan a bit but she always been confrontational, aggressive, too loud and now her demeanor has softened but it’s a little too late to do much damage control. Vivaan is like a raging bull right now and it’ll take a miracle to calm him down, just enough to see the mirage that Roma had conjured before him. Truth is always a bitter pill to swallow and the day he knows what pain his mother went through because of Roma and why she had to abandon them as children, we will all have to give him a shoulder to cry on. As I write this Lakshmi, I can feel the pain in this character and my tears fall for all children in this world who are going through similar situations and Arijit has done a marvelous job.. I’m not going to bash Vivaan, he needs help..and imagine what it’s going to be like when he learns that another woman in his life has let him down, has deprived him and his sister, of their mother’s love and poisoned his mind against her… What a vicious cycle!!!

  13. just saw sbd promo of kaleerein vivaan is packing his staff and he’s leaving from india.. meera is sad, broken and crying…. don’t know what is going to happen next hope vivaan realise meeras worth…and importance in his life.. like really he is leaving her….

    1. i saw that too. i feel like crying. vivaan would be stupid to leave her. hes so lucky to have her and he couldnt see it .hes mad to do so. dunno why hes doing this man. what is the plan for meervaan? i feel so devastated to see it. i know it just a show but it feels like more than that.it hurts badly.why like this man why.

  14. Hello Cathy,do you also think that there are similarities between the two characters Bashar and Vivaan…..the same circumstances,the same anger ,the same hurt and the same aggressiveness….inside they are just like kids waiting for genuine love as they never experienced a mother’s love which is every person’s first love and a gift of god….We can not say they are psychic but certainly sick….The only difference is Bashar knew the reason why his mother had left him ,his sisters and his father….for another man who was her first love.Here Vivaan does n’t know but presuming and will continue to do so as he doesn’t have any way of knowing her constraints unless Pammi tells the truth….The onus is on Pammi to prove since she has never tried even once to contact her children in all these years….Maybe it is a pure happenstance but I feel the writers of this serial are inspired by Bashar’s character while writing Vivaan’s.Bashar found his solace in Rudaba ,,,will Meera be Vivaan’s Rudaba !!!

  15. Neeti,though it is sad Vivaan is shown leaving ,it is better if he really does…Ofcourse I will hate to see both Vivaan and Meera going their ways and settling down with some one else (that can not be called a love story then) but a temporary separation will be good for both of them…they are sure to miss each other and realise they are in love…

  16. Kav,having said that a temporary separation will do good for the couple ,in my heart of hearts I know I can not see them parting their ways even for a short time…Do you really believe Vivaan doesn’t love Meera…he does ,that’s why he is showing his anger and frustration on her as he feels bad that she is not trying to understand him….this you feel only about people that you love and care for,…otherwise he would have been indifferent towards her.If Pammi’s issue is left aside,Vivaan and Meera love each other and I am sure Vivaan will not have the heart to leave his wife and go back to London….let us see if the writers want them to realise their real feelings for each other this way..

    1. Dear lakshmi.of course they the love each other. i feel the pain. its just a show but its too painful to watch.can’t bear the hurt.yeh its true i know im angty with the way vivaan treated meera. it was also too painful to seem i sure know that I wouldnt like to be treated that way.it was way too much but after seeing that promo haiz what can I say i cant imagine they marrying someone else. even if i said meera deserves a better guy but it still would be right. lets hope for the best.i dont feel optimistic looking at that but keep my fingers crossed.it should not have to be this way.

  17. lakshmi i think ur right… temporary separation is needed for meera and vivaan to realise their true feelings towards each other…

  18. i know vivaan is mad about pammi leaving them as a child but for me i feel still no excuse to treat people this way. he needs to realise how he is treating people.even his sister told him that. he needs to deal with emotion. inthe real world theres many people that dont have parents but still grow up to be fine loving individuals.of course bless those people. i really can justify this behaviour of his.but its up to meera to decide if he is really worth it. but sure hurts to see meervaan like this.

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