Mayavi Maling 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Angad becomes the demon king

Mayavi Maling 16th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhumali getting Angad somewhere. Arak sees them going at night. He follows. Madhumali calms Angad. Many daanav vanshis come there. She says we will do your Raj abhishek today, this is your army. She flies in air. She says Dev vanshi are increasing their powers, this doesn’t make our power less. She asks Angad to jump in the blue ater. Angad jumps in. Everyone passes their powers to them. He turns blue eyed and gets blue wings. He gets flying in the sky. Everyone chants his name. Everyone bows down to him. Madhumali says Angad will ruin Maling.

Pranali gets worried hearing Angad’s letter for them. Maharaj starts laughing. Pranali sees some guy. Chegu gets blamed for killing chief. Chegu blames Ghori. The tribals ask them to battle and Devimaa will decide who is true. Chegu gets ready. Rajmata says Angad has sent a bodyguard for you. Pranali smiles. Maharaj says Angad is worried for his would be wife. Madhumali and Angad play chess. He says Haran is a servant, if he gets victory for me, what will be the king’s value. She says nice move, I feel win after losing to you, Haran is reliable and sensible, if you are going to marry Pranali, you had to send someone trustworthy. He asks her to be careful. She smiles. They come for dinner. Arak gets scared. Trishanku and Adhivan ask him not to be scared and say what he wants to. Arak says I will also go to fairy’s land by riding a horse at night. Angad gets shocked. Arak says I have seen you going at night.

Chegu and Ghori have a sword fight. Chegu falls down. Arak asks the way to fairy world. Madhumali asks him to go and catch the butterflies. She hurts him and jokes. Adhivan looks on. Arak cries and runs. Adhivan says Arak got scared, we shouldn’t behave like this, knowing his mental state. Angad says a mum knows how to deal with her son, giving lecture doesn’t suit you. Trishanku looks on.

Chegu asks Maharaj to break all ties with Mahapuram. Maharaj shouts.

Update Credit to: Amena

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