Vighnaharta Ganesh 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Indra dev and gods meet Rishi Aursh.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 16th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with indra dev and all gods surrounded. Indra dev is defeated by daruk in a duel battle. Indra dev takes all gods and are saved. They meet narad muni.
Ganesh says mata, how was daruk defeated? You were protecting them in your adi-shakti form. Then how did the gods defeat daruk? Where did they go? Mata kali says, Indra! Tell them the answers they need, calm their curiosity.
Indra dev says, after we got defeated, we all gods met devrishi narad muni. Narad muni told us about the most powerful Rishi Aursh, who could defeat the demons as well as daruk with only the fire of his anger. Indra dev then says, so this way we went to find rishi aursh with narad muni so that we could defeat daruk and save the world.
In flashback, indra dev goes with narad muni and all gods with him. They walk and walk until they come to a very beautiful ashram. Narad muni says indra dev, this is the place where rishi aursh resides! Indra dev says lets go inside, we have to request rishi aursh to help us. Everyone head towards the house of rishi aursh, suddenly rishi aursh himself comes behind and says stop everyone! Everyone stop and turn back, they see rishi aursh. Rishi says rishi narad, why have you come here? Wherever you go, you want to put a fire. Narad says but rishi, whatever I speak, my words are spoken for the good of the universe. Rishi aursh says what happened? Why have you come here with all the dev-gan? Narad muni says indra dev will explain it to you better. Indra dev does pranam and says rishi aursh, you very well know the situation earth is in, daruk and his demons have attacked the world and have taken everyone captive. They are making everyone slaves. Rishi aursh says if you think I can help you, then I cannot. Indra dev says all the lives of rishi’s is in danger and we need your help. Indra dev says we gods tried to defeat daruk but we failed. Rishi aursh says the rishi’s should pray to mata adi Shakti for help. Rishi says now you all get aside, I have to get inside my house. Narad muni says rishi aursh, mata adi-shakti is protecting daruk and his demons, even then you wont help? Rishi aursh stops and thinks, he says mata adi-shakti is forced because of daruk’s wife daruka! I shall help you all to save the rishi’s and this world from that evil demon daruk.
There indra dev says this way we convince rishi aursh and he came with us to fight daruk!
There daruk is sitting with daruka. Daruk feeds daruk human flesh and fruits. All demons are dancing and enjoying. Daruk laughs and says we are rulers now, we can do anything. Daruk starts licking a human skull. Suddenly all gods comes. Daruk laughs and says why have you all come again? You want to die? Indra dev says what will you kill us daruk? We will punish you and all your demons, you will all die. Daruka thinks why has devraj indra suddenly become so confident? Rishi aursh comes and indra dev says rishi aursh will kill you daruk. Daruk laughs and says this rishi? Daruk says what will you do rishi? See, this indra dev, agni dev’s fire, varun dev’s water, vayu dev’s wind, suryadev’s sun, they all couldn’t do anything to me, what will you do.

Precap: some soldiers run towards rishi aursh. Rishi hits his stick on the ground creating tremors which kill the demons. Rishi just makes some roaring sound from his throat, some soldiers are burned by the sound rishi removes. Daruk is shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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