Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Ratan Confesses Love To Diya In Captivity

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 16th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ratan sees Diya captive by the terrorist. Diya thinks I have to stop Ratan from coming here, else his life will be in danger. She tells that her pehredaari will can’t go wasted. Ratan comes back to Panic room. Everyone gets worried for Diya. Yash says I will bring her. Ratan says Diya will not like, she sent me here. Mohak says we all will bring her here. Sakshi says we all will bring her back. CT says some way will be found. They say we all are with you. Deepu asks Diya to tell where is Iric and keeps knife on her neck. Diya calls him coward to enter as an imposter who has attacked them at their back. Deepu says you have always impressed me and asks her to love herself, and says that family left you alone, and asks why she want to waste her life. Diya opens her hands and says you are an imposter, and says you don’t know what is big for Shatrani? She says Iman/ loyalty which you have sold. She says you are helpless as you want to kill me, but can’t as I know about him only. Deepu says I will not kill you, but will hurt you badly that you will open the mouth. Meethi covers her head with polythene. Diya tries to free her hands.

Ratan tells CT that he will go to Diya. CT says Diya can handle Imposter being a shatrani and you are her weakness. A man faints suddenly. Ratan presses on his chest to make him gain consciousness. Old man gains consciousness. Bhuvan says that’s why Diya sent you to us. Diya tries to run away, Imposter says today he has seen real shatrani. Ratan senses danger to Diya’s life and tells CT that Diya is pehredaar, but his wife too. He has a responsibility on her also and says he will go there. CT says I have faith on her competence and intelligence. Ratan asks her to let him go. Bhuvan asks him to go and fulfill his promise.

Deepu asks Diya how can you do this? He is about to touch Diya. Ratan comes there and beats Deepu asking how dare he to touch his wife? Meethi asks terrorists to beat him. They beat him. Diya cries and asks why did you come here, and says I gave you promise. Ratan tells that there is no value of promise infront of love and confesses to her that he loves her. Diya gets emotional. Meethi asks terrorists to tie Ratan with Diya. They tie his hands. Diya asks Ratan if he told truth. Ratan says I really love you very much, but I couldn’t tell you as I was confused. He says now everything is cleared, and now I want to see your face when I wake up. Deepu says sorry for disturbing them. He asks them to give Iric info.

Ratan tells diya that he wants to live with her and asks her to tell Iric whereabouts. Diya agrees to tell him.

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  1. Yvonne Codner

    Okay Ratan, finally you have just realized what everyone knew. This Imposter is really getting on my nerves…maybe I do not understand what his motives are so I am not seeing the picture of this terrorism. It needs to end.

  2. Diya and RatN best Jodi hope this show will continue

  3. Love u dira

  4. I think terrorist theme is utterly rubbish why it has come to that I think it really spoils the serial

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