Mayavi Maling 15th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Pranali and Chegu join hands

Mayavi Maling 15th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Angad falling over Pranali. His wife asks what’s happening. Pranali apologizes. Angad goes with his wife. Pranali thinks even this chance to tell him the truth went. Chegu comes to Angad’s room and calls him out. He gets shocked seeing Angad’s wife and asks who are you. She smiles and says I m Maharani Pranali. He says good joke, go and call them. She asks why are you shocked Chegu. He asks how do you know me, who are you, what are you doing here. She says everything is fair in love and war. Chegu thinks what’s happening here. Angad comes. She hides.

Angad asks who are you. She comes and says he is Chegu. He asks who Chegu. Chegu gets shocked. She says he is kalkivan’s tribal chief, he comes to give us secret info. Angad says really, so what’s the news, tell me. Chegu thinks Angad isn’t identifying me, something wrong is happening here, maybe this lady has done this. Chegu says everything is fine, I just came to see you. Angad says fine. She asks servant to take care of special guest.

Pranali says I will not leave that fraud. Angad’s wife comes to her and asks her to accept her defeat. Pranali says I don’t get scared of failure, truth always wins at the end. Angad’s wife says you give a lot of gyaan, I have saved you, else you would have died, when you see me with Angad, I like seeing you jealous. Pranali says I will kill you. Angad’s wife pushes her. Pranali pushes her too and sees her getting scared of fire. Angad’s wife says I will achieve my goals tomorrow night. Pranali says what will happen tomorrow. Chegu pulls her. She sees Chegu and Arak. He asks what’s happening here. She thanks Lord that they both are away from the curse. She tells them everything about Madhumali’s curse. She says we have to do something soon. Chegu nods.

They all check some books. Chegu doesn’t understand anything. Pranali says we won’t get the book here, we should leave. She sees a book and reads the solution that if they burn that girl’s hair, she will come to her true form. She says now we will see who stops us from exposing her. Angad thinks of Pranali. He then praises his wife. Pranali comes there and tries to hit his wife. Angad scolds Pranali. She apologizes. She thinks many problems are coming in front. Angad calls Pranali foolish and laughs on her. Pranali makes the drinks fall. She shows a mirror to Angad’s wife so that she can clean her face. Angad says how did this color come on my face. He gets angry on Pranali again. Angad’s wife slaps Pranali for spoiling their lunch. Pranali worries on her words. She says now there is just one way now, fire. She recalls Maharaj’s words and says Maling always makes the impossible possible.

Angad’s wife gets shocked seeing the fire. Pranali looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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