Shakti 15th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Shanno blackmails Shanno to appear as Kinnar and save Nani’s life

Shakti 15th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veeran coming to the doctor. She gets a medicine from him. He comes home and tells that he couldn’t find any kinnar. He asks Shanno to give medicine to Nani and says it happens whatever we want. Harak Singh comes and asks what they are conspiring against him in his house. Soumya calls Surbhi and tells that kinnars are needed and tells that Harman went to Saya’s house, but they were not at home. Veeran tells Harak Singh that he wants to make Soumya’s truth come out and that Harman is not having any problem. He says he is sure that Nani will not tell anyone, and says we are doing as you said. Harak Singh calls Maninder and asks him to do something. Surbhi says I will do the work. She is about to go, but Dadi asks to give her phone and locks her inside the room. Maninder says I won’t let kinnar’s reflection fall on you. Surbhi asks them to open the door. Nani comes and opens the door.

Dadi locks both of them and says she won’t let anyone help a kinnar. Soumya worries for Harman. Harman is kidnapped. Preeto and Soumya come out of house to search Harman. Preeto calls Harak Singh and asks him to find where to Harman. Harak Singh is drinking with Veeran and says he will find Harman. He asks Veeran if Harman will have any bad affect on him. Veeran says he is my nephew. Jeet comes home tensed. Raavi tries to talk to him. Jeet says he is tired and goes to room. Nani coughs and feels weak. Raavi asks Shanno to give water. Shanno gives her water mixed with medicine. She thinks once this old woman drinks water, then she has to have food and then the siyappa will be fun after that. Harak Singh sees Balwinder, Kishan Lal and Varun there and asks Veeran if the wine is of cheap brand as he is seeing his enemies. Veeran says they are here. Harak Singh asks them to go. Kishan Lal apologizes. Balwinder also apologizes to them. Veeran asks Harak Singh to forgive them on his sayings. Nani lie down on the sofa.

Shanno asks Raavi to bring blanket. Raavi calls Preeto and Harak Singh. They all come home. Soumya thinks what is happening and gets worried. She prays to God. Preeto says this is someone’s conspiracy. Varun, Kishan Lal and Balwinder think they never thought that their motive will be fulfilled. Veeran calls him and informs that Doctor came to see Bebe/Nani. Nani says I will make Kinnar have food first and then only will eat. Harak Singh asks Doctor to give some medicine. Doctor says medicine will work if she has something in her food. Nani tells that she will die, but will not break the fast without feeding kinnar. Shanno tells Soumya that she is selfish not to break Nani’s fast and is more worried for her own respect. Soumya goes to her room.

Preeto follows her and tells that it is a conspiracy. Soumya tells her that she has to do this, and tells about Nani’s condition. She says if I don’t do this, then I will not be a kinnar too. She asks her to let her do this. Preeto asks her to stop and goes. Soumya gets ready as a kinnar.

Soumya is dressed as a kinnar asks Preeto to let her save Nani if she can’t save her. Preeto is shocked. Nani looks at Soumya shockingly as she slaps and gets down the stairs.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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