Ishq Mein Marjawan 15th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Anjali is alive

Ishq Mein Marjawan 15th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi says I loved and married a beast. He is just like Tara.
Deep says let me get my charger. Tara says i will get it. SHe comes to the room where arohi is. The bracelet fell frmom her hand. Tara looks in the room. Arohi is hidden. Curtain falls. Tara says I knew you were here.

Deep says to virat so you are marrying her for wealth? Virat says you are saying this. We were always rich. You are the one who was picked from the road. You took our property. Shame on you. Deep says you love anjali? I didn’t know you a thug could love. Now you would say you did all that because of tara. Virat says enough. I will shove you on the street you are from. You ruined my mom and tara’s life but you can’t.

Arohi says I was looking for something. Tara laughs. SHe says I think we should stop this drama. You know I know what you were looking for. Arohi says what do you want?
Virat says anajli where are you? deep says worried for her. Do you think se is in trap of your love. Better don’t be late or she will go with someone else. virat says you play with girls. Are you still doing drama with your wife?
Tara says to Arohi I know what were you looking for? That precious thing. What are you looking for? Answers? You are risking your baby’s life as well. Virat loves you so much but you are more interested in my husband. You came here as Arohi. I want to tell you one thing better stay away from my husband. Virat says anjali where are you. Arohi goes downstairs.

Arohi comes downstairs. Mausi says when I came here she was fainted. surekha is fainted thhere. Tara recalls Surekha was outside the room stopping anyone from going in. She fainted her.
Arohi says call the doctor. Tara says she just fainted because she worked a lot. Relax.

Arohi says tara doubts me. I can’t go to deep’s room. I have seen that bracelet before.
Virat says Anjali please take this milk. She says I don’t like it. He says you did. She says I don’t like it anymore. Virat says anjali I was thinking we should get married this month. Everything that was my mom’s is yours. Tara didn’t like jewelry. She only wears bracelets. Arohi says in heart that bracelet was worn by tara. she killed anjali? But why. Virat says are you listening. She says just not feeling well. Virat says please rest. He leaves.
Arohi says who killed Anjali? deep or tara? Why would she kill Anjali? not for money she has too much money already. Arohi getsa call. She is dazed. She says I am coming.

Arohi comes to a hospital. Doctor says a girl was hit by a truck. she is still alive. People thought she is dead. Arohi says this means anjali is alive. She can tell me all the answers. Thank God. Aroi comes to the room. She takes off sheet from the face. Its a guy. She says who is this? Doctor says its someone else.She was on this bed. DEep is in hospital disguised as a doctor taking anjali somewhere else.
Precap-Nurse stops deep adn says doctor please come there is an emergency. arohi takes anjali from there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Don’t know what to say anyways
    Happy independent to u all my indian friends jai Hindi

  2. Not at all interesting… I think this week also we won’t get any answer.. not getting any thing what is going on.. how doctor knows about Nia to inform about anjali..

    1. Hi sravanthi. Ss we won’t get any answes.
      Same question here.

  3. Dare

    Is Alisha gonna play anjali’s role?

  4. Dare

    Too much confusions???

  5. Hello friends.
    Episode start with deep virat conversation.
    Deep talk about virat and anjali marriage. But why deep so involve virat marriage.what’s his plan? Deep and virat dialog are super.
    Tara and nia conversation. Tara wear same bracelet. I don’t think Tara kill anjali.Tara swag and bgm just awesome.
    Then nia virat conversation.nia can’t hear anything. How ? He talk about them marriage. Wt about chawani. Is he safe the large.
    Suddenly one phone call. Biggest shock and twist still anjali is alive.and deep kidnapped anjali from the hospital. In old doctor get up.looking nice.I like that avatar.before nia track Alisha play more avatars. Now it’s arjun turn.just enjoy it.In precap anjali is missing.who kidnapped.
    My doubt nia,Tara,virat.
    Today i feel Alisha will come back as arohi.I don’t know how.but she will come.
    Again am said don’t drag the story.revealed all the truth very soon.(for writers)
    Good night friends.

    1. Satya127

      Rhivanya everything is ok but why did u feel like alisha will be arohi again
      If it happens I will also be on cloud nine but u know I am also trying with my friends in fb like commenting and trending but did not receive any response… As a thought to ask u why did u feel like that by watching the episode

    2. Hi satya.
      Because real anjali is I think nia play a anjali role.and Alisha will come back as arohi.

    3. Satya127

      I hope so
      U will accept anything that can bring alisha back aa arohi….
      And I worry that now they don’t show a double role of nia
      Lets see

  6. How the doctor call nia.why he not informed the police about this show police can’t find out anything (including virat). He is a police officer. But he not wear police uniform.

  7. This Deep is the most annoying character ever

  8. Happy independence day everyone 🙂
    Coming to the episode there were just too many inconsistencies
    1. Virat again taunted deep that roma and tara had brought him from street and given him everything still he betrayed them. Have the writers completely forgotten the sequence where it was shown that roma in fact hadnt brought deep from the streets or brought him up? Instead deep came to them when he was an adult with a memory loss. But virat just went to his old taunt completely ignoring the backstory that deep had been given recently. Even deep didnt retort to virat that yiu are lying.
    2. Secondly, who is this doctor and why did he call nia of all people to talk about the accident victim
    3. Decide what to do with anjali plz… One episode police says the deceased face was completely damaged. Nxt epusode anjali is actually alive and her face is also completely recognizable. How stupid are the police?
    4. Bhai nia made the dinner but didnt eat anything at all lol. And she is still running squatting, not taking medicines… Tara had to remind her that she is pregnant
    Sincerely i liked only the tara scenes. Where she is making surekha senseless and the expression on tara’s face is so bored, like stop struggling girl and just drop. Lol… Dont knw why deep is insisting virat to marry nia soon…

    1. Hi dhara.agree with you.your first point is correct. Am already think about that.stupid writers.

  9. I think deep used arohi to get pregnant so him and Tara have a child cos Tara can’t have kids. Stupid arohi (nia) insists on living there with criminals and her and unborn baby’s life is in danger

  10. i loveeeee thissss show

  11. I think nia is anjali and its arohi is plan to introduce nia as arohi

    1. Then who is arohi?
      Alisha or nia

  12. I am also agreeing with u samiya that nia is anjali only and it is arohi plan to introduce her as arohi or maybe arohi is wearing nia mask ? I really wish this happens !

    1. Hi wish also.

    2. Satya127

      If it is like that that would be perfect…..

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