May I Come in Madam 31st July 2017 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 31st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjana proposing Sanju for marriage. Sanju gets shocked. He says sorry, I m already married, my ethics don’t permit me for this. She asks what did your ethics give you. She says I have everything, what do you have, tell me. He says I have principles. She laughs and says I was joking. He says I was also joking. She says get back to work. He goes.

Its night, Sanju comes home and takes Kashmira to room. She asks what are you doing. Sanju says I will not stop today even if Dadi comes today. Mummy acts and calls Kashmira for help. Kashmira goes. Mummy acts in front of Sanju and goes.

Sanju sits drinking with Khiloni. He says I got frustrated. He tells his problem. Khiloni asks him to die, I have would played with madam till now. Sanjana calls Sanju for help. She asks him to come and repair her bathroom tap. Sanju goes to her house. He repairs the tap and talks of his principles. He says I think this got fine. Sanjana checks the tap. She flirts with him. He runs away. She gets angry.

Its morning, Sanju comes office and sees Chedi crying for Sanjana. Sanju asks what happened to madam. Chedi says Sanjana took sanyas, she is going to Himalaya to do tapasya. Sanju says no, you should go there. Chedi wears goggles and argues. Sanjana sings O palan haare. Sanju gets shocked seeing her as Sanyasi.

Sanju asks the men to leave. He asks Sanjana why is she doing this, he is yours. She says you are of your family, I did not get anyone in this world. She gives him prasad. Sanju leaves. Kashmira says I can’t see Sanju like this, I m a woman, my heart is soft, Dadi is stopping me when I get attracted to Sanju. Dadi and Kashmira have a talk. Mummy looks on. Dadi permits Kashmira to romance Sanju. Kashmia gets glad. Sanju comes home. Kashmira comes to romance. He gets angry. She sings barsaat ka bahana…… He pushes her and goes.

Sanju rests in Khiloni’s lap and cries telling about Sanjana’s sanyasan. He asks him to give some idea. Khiloni jokes. Sanju goes and meets Sanjana. She asks him to leave. Sanju asks her not to become Sadhvi, there are people who respects you. She says no, I m not attractive now, you tried to go away when I was coming close. He says I was doing acting, you were talking to your friend, I heard you, I melt like ice when I come in front of you. She starts laughing and says I knew you were acting, so I also did this acting, all men are same. He says no, I m different. She says shut up.

Sanju sings le gai dil….. and dances with Sanjana.

Update Credit to: Amena

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