My Word is My Bond… Character Sketch

My Word is My Bond… Character Sketch:

Arjun Mehra: A handsome young man in his late twenties. He can give a tough competition to any high profiled models with his physique and style. He is a threat to any business rival. At the same time love of many little souls. His only family is his friends. He can take even life of anyone for their wellbeing.

Neil Malhotra: A handsome young man with a dimple smile, in his late twenties. He is a prince charm and dream boy of women of any age group. He is jovial in nature, but an actual threat to people who try to harm his loved ones. His family and friends are his first priority. Doesn’t let anything to overpower his mind.

Shivaay Singh Oberoi: A handsome young man with blue green eyes in his late twenties. He is love of family and inherit a strong belief of name, blood linage and family. He can do anything for his loved ones. He is a man with extra-ordinary business knowledge. His friends are his support system.

Omkara Singh Oberoi: A handsome young man with long, silky hair, younger brother of Shivaay, in his late twenties. He is a well-known artist. His sculptures and paintings speak loads. He has a love towards poetry and philosophy. He love his family and wants to change his brother’s belief.
Haider Ali Khan: A handsome young man in his late twenties. He has a touch of all his friends like person with good business knowledge, charming, strong and love towards poetry. He is all fit to be called as a friend of the four. In addition to it he is well known for his flirting skills. He is at times accompanied by Neil on rating the ladies.

The common factor in all five friends is they are scared of love. But never admits the truth of being scared to love and to be loved. They had masked their fear either with the emotionless face or the “I don’t believe in love” attitude.

Let’s see what happens when someone special cross their life… Will they be able to continue with their so called life or does it takes a 360 degree turn in their life…? To know the twists and turns of their life keep travelling along with me in this journey…

The characters of someone special will be introduced as we proceed with the story… And also many other characters who are reasons of their tough nature…

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    Nice story…..??

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    Uk what…..this will connect a little to me cuz actually I DONT BELIEVE IN LOVE……

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      Interesting… In my story, they’ll fall in love for sure, with so many twists and turns… I hope you like it…

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