Thahaan-a new start (episode-33)

Sorry guys for soo soo soo late actually I deleted this episode by mistake then I had to write it again sorry..

Let’s begin
The night was darker..the room lights were switched off..jigyasa comes in the room holding a cup of coffee as he loves to have it after dinner..she was holding her phone with its torch lights on in her other hand..

Jigyasa:manish r u here.she calls out his name for few times..the next moment the torch light of phone switches off n she looks at her phone..the battery was dead.
‘Aghhhh’..she was irritated..she saw a little light coming from the balcony area..she steps near the balcony carefully with out hurting herself with any obstacles..there he was sitting on their dream ride(u would remember it from manish’s love confession episode).he was deeply drowned in his thoughts..he was looking at the sky,the starts,probably the thahaan..she senses that he is in some very deep thoughts but what is it..

Jigyasa:manish what r u thinks.he nods no giving a hmmm gesture without looking at her..she knew this was not the answer..
Jigyasa:ok ur coffee..she passed the cup n he looks at her..instead of holding the cup he holds her hand.she looks at him.he takes the cup with his right hand n keeps it aside.he kept holing her hand with his left one.before she understands he pulls her onto him.her hairs were scattered at his face..he moved them to a side to get a clear view of her beauty..she is damn beautiful in a saree he thought..he made her sit properly on his lap n she puts her head on his chest listening to the rhythm of his heart..he wrapped her in his arms..
Jigyasa:what happen..
Manish:nothing..he holds her tighter..

Jigyasa:don’t try to hide if u can’t..I know u much better then u do urself..tell me what’s the problem..what is that ur thinking since a long..she was curious to know
Manish:I was thinking about the last night..she did not expected this..she moved away n he could not see her going away from him.he wraps her even more tighter.Jigyasa felt his hands on her bare waist..she smiled at his touch.she was shy to look at his eyes..she again placed her face at its place on his heart..
Jigyasa:what about the last night..

Manish:We came a long way in our relation..she looks at him
Manish:I never thought this night would ever come in my life..she gets shy..

Manish:we were once best friends n today we r soul mates.we can’t live with out eachother.she smiles..they hugged eachother..they hugged for a long time n soon it turned an intimate hug when he kisses her shoulder.she moans n holds him tighter..he kisses her neck..he nuzzles near her ear..he holds her leg n turns it towards him making her sit on him placing her legs at the either sides of him..they touched their foreheads n Manish brought her close.jigyasa smiled n pushed him back.he smirks n she bend near him..she kisses his cheek,his nose,his chin,his jawline.n trailed her hands on his neck..he grabbed her more tighter at her each touch..he opened her blouse Dori n one go n trailed his hands at her back.she moaned n moved back.they see eachother passionately n moved closer..she trailed her forefinger from his forehead to his chin n he enjoyed it..she saw his pleading lips n moved closer..he took her move as an yes n moved closer..their lips met again n they brushed it to eachother.manish tasted heaven..they kissed passionate..

manish tasted each bit of her mouth.she gave in..his passionate kiss was making her restless..he pinched her waist n she digged her nails in his skin near his neck.this made him turned on.he left her waist n cupped her cheeks..he kissed her even more passionately..after a while they stopped kissing n touched eachother forehead..he moved her sleeve from her shoulder n kissed her..she moaned n moved away..he kissed her other shoulder same way..she moaned..she trailed her fingers on his shirt n opened his shirt buttons..she takes out his shirt n it fells downs.manish touched her bare belly n she hugged him as quickly as she could.he smiled.she kissed his neck,his chest..he leaned back n she upon him.they see eachother n again moved close to capture eachothers lips they kissed eachother closing their eyes enjoying the moment to its fullest..then they moved back in a boomerang speed when the the lights switched open.they realized that the society is lit up with lights..she gets shy..she gets up from him n runs inside..he smiles n goes inside following her..she was standing near the bed turned to the other side..he comes near her n hugs her from back.she skies n touches his biceps.he fells on the bed with her n the slept cuddling each in a blanket..

Next morning
Jigyasa gets up n sees him.he was sleeping on his shoulder.she smiles n slowly detaches him.she kisses his forehead n goes to the bathroom.she comes out after a bath n sees that Manish is not in the room.she sees in the balcony but he was not there too

Jigyasa:where did he go n when did he woke up.
Jigyasa:I should also get ready soon n ho down.she stands near the mirror n gets ready..she opens her cupboard to take her mangalsutra n sindoor out but it was not there.she searches all the drawers but it was not there..she thing that she might have kept it in wardrobe n searches it there too but it was not there even.she was tensed.after all it was her marriage sigh,her husbands love,everything to her.

Jigyasa:may be any servant kept it somewhere I should go down n ask them,she moves towards the door but before she gets out some strong hands grab her Back holding her hand..she holds his shoulders n closes her eyes in a fear of falling but he holds her..she looks aT the person n it was Manish..he smiles at her giving his cute dimpled smile..but she was still tensed..
Manish:what happened to u now.
Jigyasa:manish my mangalsutra n sindoor box is missing..

Manish:so..jigyasa looks at him giving a confused look
Jigyasa:manish I’m not joking I seriously lost them n u must be angry for loosing it.
Manish:y should I be angry it was a simple one not a diamond.
Jigyasa:manish! would be simple for u but it was everything to me.its my marriage sing’s everything for a married women..I never thought that these thing have no value for u..she starts going but he holds her hand..
Jigyasa:leave my hand Manish plzz.

Manish:first listen to me..
Jigyasa:I don’t want to Manish,.leave me..she was disappointed by him today.
Jigyasa:manish plzz,he pulls her n this time her back brushed with his front.
Manish:no more lecturing now just listen to me..he raises his hand near her face n drops a mangalsutra..she sees it n his grip loosens a little.she holds the mangalsutra..
Jigyasa:this is my mangalsutra..
Manish:yes I know..

Jigyasa:but why was it with u..
Manish:it’s threads n the middle stone was getting loose so I thought to repair it..
Jigyasa:I’m sorry Manish I did not knew it n shouted a lot on u.
Manish:it’s ok..she sees the mangalsutra again n smiles..

Jigyasa:n u also changed the stone right..
Manish:no I did not do anything.what r u saying…
Jigyasa:don’t lie Manish this was not the stone earlier.this one is more shine n it’s a diamond..
Jigyasa:but y did u do this..don’t u have any value for simple antique things.he puts his hands around her neck n leans towards her

Manish:u have ur mamma papas star In the sky..n they r always with u..I also wanted to be with u always.but not like a star which stays away from u but still with u.i wanted to be with u always,near u,close to u,to protect u,to love this diamond shines just like a star n this is just not a diamond,it’s me always with u..she smiles..he takes the mangalsutra from her hand n ties it around her neck.he takes out a sindoor box from his pocket n fill her hairline.she smiles..
Jigyasa:what do u have to say about this sindoor now..

Manish:I wanted to do this myself today.she smiles widely.he holds her hands n kisses them..they hugged eachother(ranjha naa plays.)
The next moment they hear a voice from downstairs
‘Bhai…….the voice was stuttering a lot..seemed like someone is crying heavily..
Jigyasa:who is this..

Manish:I don’t know may be any servant..
Jigyasa:the voice is very painful looks like someone is in trouble.lets go n see who it is.he nods n they runs down..
All the family members came running to the hall n were damn shock to see the person..

Precap-rift between the families..

Guys I’m sooooo sooo soo sorry at the last moment the file got deleted n I had to type everything again.this episode is the shortest one..this episode would have lot more scenes but as I had to type again I thought to give a short update as I was already very late n then type the other part later.I’m so sorry will try to update u tc n don’t forget to comment:-)Juveria..

  1. epi was romantic I loved it my cute manna zee its ok juvi I understand waise manyasa pyar mai itna na kho jaye ki parda and light ka dhyan na rhe warna bkio ko maja ayega and apko sharminda hoNa pdega šŸ˜› šŸ˜› any way good morning J 4 juvi J 4 jadugar and can I request a scene I want a scene in which jiG got angry from mani and after so many tries mani goes toward ThahaAn photo and the cute talk between them like sasur g and sasu ma ur daughter is … Etc etc which made her laugh and she hug him . I just want this so will u or if u don’t so no worry I will always love ur ff

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    It’s OK di don’t feel sorry..
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  25. Sweetest and shortest.Loved it.Waiting for the next one.

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