May I Come in Madam 25th November 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 25th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju finding Sanjana’s cabin shut. He sees Sanjana tying knot to fan and runs to her, asking what are you doing, you can’t do this, you are my life. She says I m troubled by Papa, he has hidden black money, see there is more money. Sanju gets angry on Chedi and scolds. She says behave, he is my Papa, he wants you to convert this money, I will not tell you. I can’t take advantage of you. He says yes, but I can do this for you. She thanks him and gets down the table. She says this is the last time. She asks him to just go fast. She makes him wear a dupatta and bindi. She says this is secret, so I m doing this, go now.

Sanju calls Khiloni and asks what, you can’t do this, its fine. Bhupesh sees Sanju with bindi and dupatta. Sanju asks liftman to come to corner. Liftman refuses. Sanju throws dupatta and bindi. He asks liftman to deposit 2 lakhs in bank. Liftman says no, I won’t take this, Sanju says its madam’s money, not mine, take it. Sanjana calls liftman. Sanju says I will see her, you take this. Sanju goes to Sanjana and says I have sent liftman to bank. He manages the lift and plays radio. He imagines romancing with Sanjana, while money showers on them. His imagination ends. She goes.

Sanju comes home and calls out Kashmira. Kashmira gives money and says this is my saving, deposit it, Bhupesh told me everything. Sanju gets angry. Kashmira says whose money was it which you gave to liftman. Sanju says it was mummy’s money and you are doubting me, where is Bhupesh. Kashmira says we will go and see if there is more money. Sanju thinks what to do of this now.

Sanju thinks what to do of this money. Police comes there and arrests Sanju. Sanju gets shocked. Inspector gets him to police station and beats him, asking whose black money were he getting white. Sanju thinks he can’t say Sanjana’s name and says it was my money. Inspector beats him. Mummy, Kashmira and Bhupesh come and stop Inspector. Inspector beats Bhupesh. Kashmira says leave Sanju, he is innocent. Inspector says he is not innocent, he deposited much money.

Mummy says we just gave him 2 lakhs. Inspector says he was not culprit to just keep 2 lakhs, but he is putting much money. Inspector beats Sanju more. Sanju still says its his money. Kashmira says it was his boss Sanjana’s money. Sanju gets shocked. Inspector says you should have said it before.

Chedi talks to Julie and says I have a man to put black money, he has come and fallen in my feet. Inspector throws Sanju and says we caught him and got him here. Sanjana comes and asks whats happening, why did you get inspector here. Inspector says we got him. Chedi asks why. Inspector says Sanju said you did theft of income tax, Sanjana you are under arrest. Sanju says I was beaten up silently, Kashmira told him.

Sanjana says I came to earn name, fame and money, I did not get married, I can’t go. Inspector says you will be inside for 15 years, come. Chedi says wait, that black money was mine, I appointed Sanju, arrest me and Sanju, I will never do this. Sanjana laughs and thanks inspector. She says I m glad Papa changed. Inspector goes. Sanju says it means it was your acting, I got beaten up. Sanjana says I wanted to tell Papa that keeping black money is bad. Chedi says I promise I will not do this again. Chedi gets a call and says I take cash payments. Sanjana says go Sanju, get inspector. Chedi says I mean, I take payment in cheques.


Chedi says I will play basketball. Sanju says you go and rest, you got old.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. may I come in madam?this serial is really nice.I love this comedy sitcom and makes me laugh when I am sad.and in today episode and in today’s update,when money showers on both sanju and sanjana,I really used to laugh more and more.Hahahahaha haha.

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