Abhigya: Effects of love! (KKB) Episode 2

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It’s not a matter of a life but it’s the matter of love…. Whose love? His love or her love? Let’s see….

Abhi: I am sure that this plan will work out and every one will believe that we are husband and wife!
Pragya: Everyone would believe that’s for sure but for how long matters to me….
Abhi: I just want everyone to believe now and then I will be a free bird! If she wants she can continue acting and being a Rockstar’s wife is an added advantage to anyone’s life!
Pragya: He is thinking about freedom but how much does he know that he is playing with everyone’s feelings?

It was an unusual love between Abhigya that they themselves never realised it. They have an effect on each other through their touches…..It’s not just a touch but It’s their touches of touching each other’s feelings…..They are not married but they are acting as husband and wife in front of everyone. This was Abhi’s plan and Pragya is helping him in this with an expectation……

Abhigya at their room after the party,
Abhi “Phew! Finally this party was over!” Pragya “So how well did your plan went?” Abhi “Not bad….and especially with u! It’s going well!” Pragya with a witty smile asked “Then u will give me what I expect right?” Abhi “Of course yaar but until now u never tell me what u expect?” Pragya “Hmm…I will tell u when u finish your plan….” Abhi “Suspense ah?” Pragya “Ya ya! By the way tomorrow is a big day for me!” Abhi “Why is that so?” Pragya “I will tell u and u have to come with me too!” Abhi “What do u think of yourself? I am not so free! I am a Rockstar!” Pragya “Rockstar sir…it’s something important for u too!” Abhi “What’s that important to me that is a big day to u?” Pragya picked up a letter from the drawer and passed it to him. Abhi was very excited seeing the letter…. with so much excitement he carried Pragya and swirled her around. Pragya was keep on asking him to leave her down until he himself realized that he was carrying her!

Abhi felt very awkward and he let her down and ran to the closet. Pragya too felt weird of his sudden actions that make her feel uncomfortable……
Pragya: It’s better to go and sleep in the couch before he comes…If not it will be even more awkward….He is so unusual in his excitement…..
Abhi in the closet,
Abhi: Abhi! How can u just lift her up! She is not even your wife! I mean Yes she is my wife as in acting but for that u would carry her! That’s so bad Abhi! What will she be thinking about me now?

Some time back……
Abhi “I know u are helping me to act but this is not necessary…..I mean you don’t have to act too…” Pragya “I don’t feel this as acting but if u say we can act….to me we are husband and wife just that in a friendly way….not the real way….” Abhi “That’s cool! I like friends! So I like u in this friendly relation….” Pragya was filled with happiness within her when he said he liked her! But she was not able to express it the way she wants….She just smiled and gave him a friendly hand shake. Abhi “Now I can execute my plan peacefully….” Pragya “All the best Rockstar!” Abhi “Thank u Shining star!” Pragya “Shining star?” Abhi “Ya you are shining in your smile!” Pragya blushed hearing that and Abhi just walked passed her.

Pragya: He is unusual to me in every way…….
Abhi: She is unusual in accepting to act with me….but she is not unusual being with me…..She makes me feel complete for some strange reasons…..I am just acting with her but I can’t act any longer if she is not acting……Sometimes whenever I remember her words of being husband and wife in a friendly way it makes me feel, she really wants me to be her husband…..But why does she always say she is waiting for my plan to be completed? If my plan gets completed then she would have to go far away from me right?
Unusual love with its effect on both of them in an unusual way…..Their effect of love will have an unusual effect on them….That would affect their feelings for each other……

So why Abhigya are acting? What’s Abhi’s plan and Pragya’s expectation? It will be revealed in a few shots as I have decided this to be random shots!

Thank u all for the support! Keep reading and I hope I can make my scribblings better! By the way I have replied u all in the last update.

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